Lance Bass Gave Coming Out Advice to Jason Collins: AUDIO

On his SiriusXM OutQ radio show Dirty Pop last night, Lance Bass revealed that he and Collins share a mutual friend — actress JoAnna Garcia Swisher — who urged Collins to call Bass for advice on coming out to the public.

BassSaid Bass:

I told him, look, this is what I wish would have happened when I came out…because when I came out I had 24 hours to decide what was going to happen, because basically the magazine [People] said ‘We’re doing it with or without you.’ So I had 24 hours to decide to do this interview and I did – with People magazine, and I thought it went great.  But what I wish I could have done back then was to have a couple of days to sit down with HRC, sit down with GLAAD…get downloaded [on how to handle this]…because back then…[it was just] like Jason told me today ‘I don’t know many gay people because all my life has been is sports, [and] I’ve had such a crazy schedule I never had to think about my private life.’

Listen below.

Bass shares the coming out advice he gave to Collins:

On their respective coming out experiences:

On how America's going to respond to Jason Collins:


  1. LadyInNYC says

    I met Lance at a charity function last summer. Didn’t know much about him other than being in a boy band and being gay. He was sincerely the most genuine, and approachable celebrity I had the honor of working with. And through this prominent charity of ours, we work with a great deal of celebs. He was kind to everyone, stayed for the whole function, had no posse. Was just a very sincere guy.

    What made him extra special was that he came back to visit our non profit when the cameras were gone and made a point of requesting we not tell press that he was helping us. Total class act and he’s yet another person I believe our community should be proud to have in it.

  2. USC Trojans Fan says

    I’ve always liked Lance. I’ve also had a few friends who ran in to him and all said he was really sweet. He just seems like he’d be a fun guy to hang out with and get to know.

  3. THurts says

    This is interesting behind the scenes look at Jason’s process. It has changed a lot for public figures. At least now, there are out individuals in the public eye that can help you navigate this terrain.

  4. Steve-ATL says

    Anyone else loving that public gay figures are turning to each other for support? It’s like this family between them. I mean we’re all family as an LGBT but it’s like LGBT celebs are so scrutinized that they can bond and support each other over it and I kina love that!
    Something tells me Jason and Lance will stay friends.

  5. Jay says

    David Herne, please re-read the statement:
    “I don’t know many gay people because all my life has been is sports, [and] I’ve had such a crazy schedule I never had to think about my private life.”

    Mr. Collins doesn’t equate being gay with a private life. He is saying living in the closet within professional supports, he hasn’t had much of an opportunity to seek out LGBT connections that would have allowed him to remain in the closet and feel safe…and who would still be around when he came out of the closet to help him through the transition.

  6. Chris G says

    Said Bass “If you want to get thrust back into relevancy then come on out of the closet. Oh wait, you did not fade away into nothing. Hummm, well maybe coming out can get you more deals or at least more magazine covers.”

  7. ty says

    I like Lance allot, however his show is a bit hard to follow, there are several people talking at the same time, and the topics are all over the place. i also want to hear more about his personal stuff, who he is dating, where he vacationed lately etc….are you listening Lance??

  8. Bill says

    Hopefully the only basketball players who would hope that Mr. Collins stops playing as a result of his announcement are those on other teams who would rather play against someone less talented!

    It’s nice that Mr. Collins is getting favorable statements from our president, among others, and I’d hope that this would go a long way towards eliminating any unfavorable reaction.

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