1. jennifer says

    I dont hate gay people, I love you just like jesus love you. but i feel that this is not right and have to be stop. Because you just trying to follow devil’s plan. Today gay wants their rights, next year poligami, incest wants to have their right too.

  2. Chris says

    “You’re representing us” Yeah, on an issue that has no impact on you. Now the countless LGBT Minnesotans? This issue does affect them, they are tax-paying citizens, and deserve representation. They deserve their rights. The only impact that this will have on family and societies is a positive one. Bigots.

  3. Kevin says

    Who would protest gay people in front of an “Antique Mall?”

    Not to drag out a tired stereotype.

  4. Ryan says

    Jennifer, does a man know you’re using his computer? You should probably get back in the kitchen and leave the complexities of politics to the menfolk.

  5. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Again with the stupid idea that allowing same sex marriage will “erase mom-and-dad” marriages. So, which is it? Gays are just a tiny portion of the population and it is silly to change tradition just to please them, OR homosexuality is so seductive and preferable to heterosexuality, that everyone will *choose* it?

  6. thankthesnake says

    Jennifer, you need to go back and read your bible. Polygamy and incest are two life styles that are okay and even encouraged in the bible. God expressed no problem with them. Jesus would even approve. Surely you are not against something that comes out of the bible and has nothing to do with homosexuality.

  7. Craig says

    Forget the Bible, Jennifer needs basic English classes. At the least a “Christian” would know to capitalize the “J” in Jesus.

  8. JJ says

    So @jennifer, it sounds like you don’t have anything against gay marriage specifically, you just want to prevent some *other* practices that are *not* gay marriage. So we agree that there’s nothing wrong with gay couples who love each other deserve the same rights as straight couples who love each other, right? Do you have faith in Love, as Jesus commanded?

  9. jleo71 says

    Woman in the background say , “But you are representing us….”.

    And everyone else in the state as well. Not just the 10 people that came to that rally. If you can call it that. He is representing all the GLBT people in the state, their families, their friends, and their supporters and allies.

  10. Rey says

    I’ll bet Michael is right. “Jennifer” is likely some poor, lonely, self-hating, illiterate guy who spends all of his time fap-fap-fapping away to Bel Ami bootlegs while living in his mother’s basement.

  11. DickZInya says

    How many clergy have been ‘forced’ to perform same sex marriages in Massachusetts since it became legal there in 2004? Absolutely none. Zero. There’s not a case on record in any state where it is legal where clergy has been forced to perform a marriage against their will. That has never happened. Not once. Methinks someone is bearing false witness here. Big time. And they’re going to burn in hell for it. Hopefully, soon. (NOT A THREAT, merely wishful thinking)

  12. Jimcracky says

    So according to the loon from Focus on The Family the only marriage God blesses is a man and a woman joined wedded to procreate children. I guess he believes God didn’t approve of the marriage between my 60+ mother and my 60+ stepfather. I can tell you for a fact, no kids were possible nor did any come from that marriage! Idiots.

  13. JJ says

    I love love love that the news editor started with the bedazzlingly closeted gay minister.

  14. PAUL B. says

    Ok,Jennifer has to be a joke right? Please, nobody could be that ignorant. Tell me I’m right…expose yourself Jennifer. Restore my faith in evolution…please!

  15. Hey Darlin' says

    It was nice of those very very few parishoners to turn up to support “Local Pastor Steve Anderson of St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church”. Either that’s a mighty small church or not everyone within it shares his viewpoint. You would think that a church pastor would be able to organize a better turn out, even through shame or bribery perhaps. At least they got a free shirt, a cup of nice lukewarm coffee would have been more valuable.

  16. Victor says

    @ JJ

    As I was skimming the messages, I could not believe that nobody made that comment. I wanted to make it, but you bested me :)

  17. SC David says

    I always love that “On Knees for Jesus” logo.

    I get a mental image of some old white guy on his knees for a South American escort named hey-zeus…

  18. Jim says

    I’ve seen more people at a bus stop. The anti-gay hate movement is shriveling in front of our eyes. Born in hate, dying in farce. Sounds like justice to me.

  19. chris says

    I posted a comment on Tobie’s Facebook page which, predictably, has been taken down. But so, I think has their entire Facebook page — anyway, it was easy to find earlier today and I can’t find it now. Hopefully, that means there was pushback for Tobie’s hosting this idiotic event.

  20. Darrell says


    Rather than posting bigoted opposition “comments” in regards to marriage equality for gays how about going back to elementary school to learn to spell and use grammer correctly!

  21. Ted says

    I am going to sum it up for those of you not oppose to gays but regarding “gay rights.” Think about this global, for it is incredibly simple…everything you have observed over the years involving gays isn’t a “gay” thing…it is simply a civil thing…something that is outright and natural to the freedoms as Americans that we so cherish. So, with that said…again, this is a civil issue, not a gay issue…

  22. olympiasepiriot says

    1) The weather isn’t to blame. This is Hinkley MINNESOTA fer cryin’ out loud! Unless something has radically changed since I lived in Minnesota as a kid, a little snow doesn’t stop anyone. Me and my friends preferred winter as there were no mosquitos!

    2) St. Stephen’s Lutheran, in Braham, not Hinkley — although for dedicated members of the congregation, I guess that’d be no distance at all — is Missouri Synod. Those readers here who have connections with Lutherans will recognize that Synod/Sect as fairly far to the right. It was having contact with the Missouri Synod as a child that made my father an atheist.

    3) Boy, that scene of so few makes me smile.

  23. mmike1969 says

    To be fair, these nutballs advertised their protest in newspapers…

    The problem was the nutballs could not read!