Outspoken Marriage Equality Ally Scott Fujita Retires from New Orleans Saints: PHOTOS


NFL linebacker and Super Bowl champ Scott Fujita, who has been speaking out since 2009 for marriage equality and has appeared in videos for Americans for Marriage Equality, among others, retired from the New Orleans Saints yesterday, making the announcement with photos from Peru he posted to Twitter.

FujitaESPN reports:

Linebacker Scott Fujita signed a one-day contract with the New Orleans Saints on Monday and then announced his retirement after 11 seasons in the NFL. Fujita signed his contract in Machu Picchu, which is located in the Andes Mountains in Peru. He's there with former Saints teammate Steve Gleason, who is battling Lou Gehrig's Disease.

In a statement from the team, Fujita said he couldn't think of a better place to be to announce his retirement.

"What better place to reach the end of the road than here at 10,000 feet above sea level, in the Peruvian Andes overlooking Machu Picchu with my dear friend Steve Gleason?"

Said Fujita in a NYT column earlier this year:

I support marriage equality for so many reasons: my father’s experience in an internment camp and the racial intolerance his family experienced during and after the war, the gay friends I have who are really not all that different from me, and also because of a story I read a few years back about a woman who was denied the right to visit her partner of 15 years when she was stuck in a hospital bed…

…Believe it or not, conversations about issues like gay marriage take place in locker rooms every day. In many respects, the football locker room is a microcosm of society. While there is certainly an element of bravado in our sport, football players are not the meatheads many think we are. For some of my friends who raise personal objections to marriage equality, they still recognize the importance of being accepting. And many of them also recognize that regardless of what they choose to believe or practice at home or at their church, that doesn’t give them the right to discriminate.



  1. Rick says

    Thanks, Scott, for retiring as a Saint, making it clear to all Saints fans where your heart will always be.

    Also, I think it is instructive to note that Scott is on a trip with one of his close male friends (apparently without his wife accompanying him)…..who he refers to as one of his “dearest” friends…..the point being that the straight men who are advocating for the elimination of homophobia are generally those who are capable of and desirous of emotional intimacy with other men and who are not overly dependent on women, even if they still have relationships with women and marry them (as Scott has done).


    “Wow — he is The Total Package”

    Making objectifying comments like that about straight men who have gone out of their way to support gay rights is really pretty offensive, you know, particularly when that is ALL you have to say about them.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    “…ALL you have to say about them.”

    Randy said, “TOTAL”, Rick. That means that he’s not just talking about the physical but also Mr Fujita’s intellect and personality.

    I see, you’re trying to pick fights today. Why don’t you go fight with ol’ lady Hearne?

  3. Rich F. says

    @ Rick: you’re in idiot. He IS the “total package.” He’s a Super Bowl winning athlete, intelligent, well-rounded, well-spoken, and yes: handsome. Get the hell over yourself.

    Oh, and I’m not even going to mention your usual misogynistic clap-trap. We get it: you hate your mother. Get the hell over it.

  4. Not that Rob says

    Rick, you’re offensive. You wouldn’t know what a Total Package is if it smacked you in the face.

  5. Rick says

    “Randy said, “TOTAL”, Rick. That means that he’s not just talking about the physical but also Mr Fujita’s intellect and personality.”

    Maybe he meant that, maybe not. When gay men talk about “package” they usually are not talking about intellect or personality…..and every time there is a story on this site about an attractive straight guy who is supporting us, you can count on at least half of the comments in the thread being about his “hotness” rather than anything substantive about him, including any expression of appreciation for his support.

    So, given that history, I suspect my interpretation was the right one, but if not, I apologize to Randy….

    (P.S. Derrick….I read a story on the MSNBC website this morning about some guy stealing 102 bottles of nail polish from a department store…..Was that you, by any chance? LOL)

  6. David Hearne says

    Derrick- Do you miss me so terribly that you have to mention me in threads in which I haven’t even participated? It’s flattering, but somehow inappropriate.

  7. Michel says

    nothing but bickering here?

    Well I am saluting the fact that Scott is taking care of a good friend. End of (beautiful) story.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    Hey, Rich F, Rick doesn’t phase me. We’ve written much worse things to each other. And he’s terrified of Little Kiwi. But ol’ David Hagatha Hearne’s comment does strike a nerve with me–a funny nerve:

    LOL@ “It’s flattering, but somehow inappropriate.”

    “…inappropriate”? What? HA!…are you trying to turn into a proper old broad now? Hell, you’re one of the meanest b.tches to ever comment on this blog or walk the earth. LOL!

    “inappropriate” HA! That’s a laugh.

  9. Thomas says

    Rick–I bet that Gleason and Fujita aren’t thinking about how their bonding experience fulfills their desire for emotional intimacy with other males. They’re just human beings who care about each other and are trying to figure a way to navigate the sh*tstorm this world often is. And I bet that neither man really has the energy or desire to care about how other men act or express themselves. I doubt that Scott had to think about whether gay men were “manly” enough for him to support their cause. It’s called being a good human being, and he knows how to be one, and that is what makes him a good man.

    Friendship and love and empathy are gender-less and apolitical. If more people stopped making their acceptance and caring for people conditional on those people acting/being a certain way (whether straight, or masculine, or white, or rich, or whatever), we’d be better off. Why not spend your time setting that example?

  10. will says

    This guy IS a saint. His friend has a debilitating (irreversible) disease, has great trouble walking, and Scott has taken him with him to Peru. THAT is a friend.

  11. Rick says

    @Thomas Maybe YOU should ask YOURSELF why so many GAY men seem so deeply threatened by the idea of emotional intimacy between two men?

    And whether their fear of it is the underlying cause of not only their out-of-control promiscuity and all the consequences that result from it…..but of the obsession many of them have with women.

  12. Dillin says

    Rick, your are projecting the way YOU lead YOUR gaylife onto everyone else. It is just not that way.

    I clearly understood Randy’s intent when he said ‘Total Package’ Handsome, Intellectual, Fair, Honest…

    YOUR ‘Brain’ dragged his excellent comment into the gutter.

    YOU did that.


    There. Did this post give you the attention you so dearly crave? No?



  13. Thomas says

    ArkArk–Um, maybe on one story a day at most? And only for a few months now? But ok. LOL.

    Rick–Wow, spectacularly missed the point there. But congratulations on your awesome ALL CAPS skills, bro.

  14. AriesMatt says

    Aside from the fact that Scott is a great man, that is a beautiful photograph. Great composition. Wow… Bummed he won’t be playing for the Saints, but we sure enjoyed him while we had him!

  15. UFFDA says

    Hey Rick, have you heard about the gaybro movement? It’s all about gay guys that act like real men and disdain both the “culture of effeminancy” and “gender non-confomity.” I repeat, these are gay guys. They get together to drink beer and watch sports etc. They totally embrace “straight acting.”

    Boy do I see a s**t storm coming.

  16. DannyEastVillage says

    Rick never had a “total package” which is probably the main reason he comes here and takes his morning dumps day after day.