“If I don’t mention those things also, to tell you the truth, you don’t invite me on.” BINGO!

  2. Esteban says

    What is wrong with polygamy. You should be allowed to have as many spouses and children as YOU CAN AFFORD. No government assistance. It would better than the current situation where they marry in the ‘church’ and taxpayers foot the bill for the children.

  3. Keppler says

    Why else would Piers Morgan invite Michael Reagan onto his show??? Is he known for any other distinction besides bigotry and being Ronny’s kid?

  4. disgusted american says

    he invited you on – so america could see what a real douchbag looks and sounds like

  5. Science says

    Between Michelle Shocked and Michael Reagan, if you think about, Piers Morgan is REWARDING people for being homophobic. Not good.

  6. Moz's says

    he overcompensates for being the ADOPTED reagan child, making him more reactionary conservative than Ronald Reagan himself

    its sad, really. He should seek therapy about his inferiority complex over being adopted and having to still try to prove himself as a son of reagan

  7. Bart says

    I think the real reason Morgan doesn’t invite this Reagan on is that he’s dull, dunderheaded, unappealing and there are bigots who are far more interesting. What’s interesting about a bigot trying desperately and with a trail of slimy sweat trying to trade off the family name? It’s just sort of sad and too easy to mock.

  8. RMc says

    His brother, Ron Reagan Jr. (Reagan’s bio-son) thinks his arguments are bullshite. And so does his sister (Reagan’s bio-duaghter).

  9. Rickie says

    Well, everbody already knew it’s true, many of the opponents to same sex marriage DO NOT believe the things they say. They’re doing it because the media hookers that control access to the public are scumbags that don’t really care about the issues. All they care about are the (mostly fake) headlines.

    Peers Morgan is an insufferable twit anyway. Peers didn’t “take the bait”. This is HOW the media works in America. Wake up and smell the cat pee.

  10. Bernie says

    and here again we have another illogical, irrational and totally stupid view on marriage equality… does asking for marriage equality start a slippery slope to murder and sex with animals?!?!?….I guess he might be referring to the gerbils we supposedly shove up our rear end…………