Towleroad Talking Points: Michelle Shocked Tries to Backtrack



A look back at today's top stories


Michelle Shocked appeared on Piers Morgan last night and attempted to do some damage control on her anti-gay rant. Her defense really doesn't make her seem any less crazy. Ronald Reagan's son isn't happy about the surge in support for gay marriage and wants more religious leaders to be shouting about it. The Seattle Seahawks have finally spoken up about their player's anti-gay remarks from last week and their comment is that they have no comment

A gay couple who own a restaurant in Manitoba, Canada have been essentially forced to flee town due to unending homophobic attacks. And it turns out that the little boy who spouted hate at an LGBT-friendly church over Easter was born into an anti-gay street preacher family that indoctrinated him very young



With two more Senators (Tom Carper of Delaware and Mark Kirk of Illinois) coming out in support of same-sex marriage today, there is a working majority in the Senate (with VP Joe Biden's tiebreaker vote) that supports marriage equality for the first time in U.S. history

Take a look at this powerful video featuring some of the thousands of undocumented LGBT immigrants in America. Also there was good news in South America where Uruguay's Senate has approved a marriage equality bill




It has been a long wait, but Ellen DeGeneres is finally getting her Dory-centric Finding Nemo sequel. And Shirley Manson recently facilitated a gay marriage proposal at a Garbage concert



Last night Lawrence O'Donnell laid into Bill Kristol and Cardinal Dolan for their recent ridiculous and bigoted remarks. And TMZ catches up with Magic Johnson's gay son, who is also my neighbor, with his boyfriend while strolling around LA


  1. PDQ says

    Prior to a week or so ago I had never heard of this shocked dude (looks like a dude at least). Is he/she famous for something other than making homophobic remarks?

  2. millerbeach says

    Goodbye, Michelle. You got your 15 minutes, twice now. You had one, nominal hit in the mid-1990’s. I am more of a celebrity than you are. Go away. You are as ugly inside as you are outside. Wither through the rest of your ugly life all alone. That’s what happens to haters.

  3. says

    Her time in the spotlight was over. Pissing off the gays is the only way a washed-up ex-famous person can get attention these days.

    Her next appearances will likely be on conservative and/or religious shows, telling how the LGBT community is bullying her. Then, she’ll hire a pro, crank out a quick book to hawk, and get another five minutes.

  4. JimmyD says

    I’m sensing some real mental illness with Shocked. This came from out of the blue. Sad that she’s immediately being scorned without any factual information. But, that’s how we role.

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