1. BLEH says

    Stupid ass, smartass, vulgar project, the very good reason why many gay people will have nothing to do with “gay community”. These guys are a bunch of pukes.

  2. QJ201 says

    Homeless gay kids that have no where to sleep and these idiots want me to donate money so they can build a big sheep to drive into the desert to party and have bareback orgies.

    Anyone who donates is an *SS.

  3. ratbastard says

    Don’t do burning man. Don’t do gay circuit parties, either. These things are for the beautiful people, and by that I’m not necessarily referencing physical attractiveness.

  4. says

    thanks for all the feedback. many of us on this project are activists in the GLBTQ Community and donate not just hours, days, but rather months of our time. this is an activist project we pulled together to help get raise awareness for the queer community and have some fun. If you read the intent of the project we plan for BAAAHS to have a life beyond burning man. it is planned to be a unique platform for queer artists at street festivals and pride events after our debut this year. in addition, many of us working on this project are sober and wanted a way to contributed and interact with the burning man community and the GLBTQ community at large in a unique way. the goal here is to not create a rolling bathhouse. this vehicle is a rolling disco that will provide us an opportunity to give the gift of music and dancing.

  5. UFFDA says

    Pigs make sheep for the Sheep Raunch! Oh and we’ll just “slide down the anus into the insides”…no wonder so many straights hate us…these guys, lost in their fecal Frisco fantasy, think they’re funny when all they and their idea are is repulsive. BLEH is right. I am much encouraged by the other decliners here who won’t follow the sheep. Thank you.

  6. Mike says

    So much self loathing. So let me get this straight, so to speak. If I’m hetero I’m free to be who I am and no one says, “Pigs, that’s why the homos hate us.” But if I’m a homo, I have to define myself based on what straight people think? We’ve come so far to go back to that.

  7. JRod says

    The anonymity of the internet allows you to sit there and share your every thought, whatever it may be, without any consequence. To just sit there, and do nothing. I applaud anyone who goes out there and actually does stuff, gets out of their chair and creates or inspires or builds or designs or entertains or enjoys. I’m sure this project will bring smiles to a lot of people, and hopefully a sense of humor to those that have completely lost theirs. Why you haters gotta hate? It’s much easier, and better for you, to laugh.

  8. skylark says

    I’ve been to burning man a few times and over the years experienced three straight camps that had giant fake anuses, or “anai” that you had to pass through in order to experience something amazing. i hate all straights because of it. Oh, and Rosario Dawson had her “misting vagina” a few years ago. Everybody “hated” walking through her steaming coochie LOL

  9. David says

    @JackJake, Really? These are some of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

    I love this time of year in SF when everyone is having fun fundraisers to raise money for their camps or whatever big ass awesome art project they are doing.

    There’s a time and a place for giving money to charities and LGBT groups. And then there are times to give a little money to help people do something totally silly and weird. This is the later. There’s room for both in this world.

    Like Mike said, lighten up Girls.
    It’s Burning Man. Don’t judge if you’ve never been.

  10. skylark says

    Most likely that roving BAAAHd-ass of a sheep is gonna be filled with straight people anyway that won’t give a damn about who or what its for and appreciate the HELL out of it!

  11. says

    Amazing. Even here, haters will find any reason to hate. Only thing I can figure is that people like JackJake, ratbastard and especially QJ201 (who hates this project so much he takes time out of his day to comment on it on every site it shows up), they must be jealous. They obviously don’t have joy in their lives and feel they must lash out at anyone who makes the effort to bring joy to others. Otherwise, why bother to comment? No amount of negativity that they spew will keep BAAAHS from happily roaming the playa.

  12. Jonathan OZ says

    I give regularly to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and mend the environment. That said, the critics of this should get off their high horses. The world desperately needs whimsy and joy. As Emma Goldman, apocryphally, said “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.”

  13. ratbastard says


    Don’t worry, I have plenty of joy in my life. I am in person nothing like you seem to think I am. I just have this annoying thing about analyzing my world, and not be dishonest with myself or others. You could say I have very artistic sensibilities. But you know what they say about the gays.

  14. Jack says

    Why the hate for Burning Man generally in these comments? Have any of you people poo-pooing it ever bothered to go to see what it’s about?

    You sound about as ignorant as, say, those people who decry Pride parades as nothing more than licentious debauchery.

  15. The Giver says

    Inspired by the trollumists lurking in the comments here I pledged towards this project. A note to negative Nellys: your snarky posts & persnicketiness are the main factors that inspired me to donate. Bravo to you!

  16. RexT says

    Hey BAAAHS Crew,
    You’ve done a great job kicking off Burning Man 2013 – for yourselves and those who will enjoy having you there! Thanks for sharing your creative plans for this years event. Have tons of fun!

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