1. ratbastard says

    This part of the world is simply prone to experiencing bad tornados. And the climate is always changing. I wonder of the type of construction being utilized, the types of homes and businesses being built, contributes to the destruction.

  2. Chadd says

    @rat: very few structures can withstand 200+ mph winds. If it were even possible to build, it would be too expensive for the average person.

  3. RWG says

    @Chadd: Perhaps the Congress could divert some of those ExxonMobil subsidies into a program to assist homeowners, small business and civic organizations with the cost of installing shelters.

  4. Roxie says

    How about “I’m very happy that this family survived and made it out alive and intact.” Anyone… anyone???

  5. J. Alan says

    My heart goes out to the people affected by this. I wonder when the NRA will make a crazy-ass statement about this storm though. Tragedies seem to bring out the crazies.

  6. says

    I really don’t think that Oklahoma wants any of the heathen gay money. In addition, Oklahoma Sens. Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn, both Republicans, have repeatedly voted against funding disaster aid for other parts of the country. They also have opposed increased funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which administers federal disaster relief.

  7. RBearSAT says

    Ah CB, I see you are still posting insane political statements after this horrific tragedy. How about you keep your small minded comments to yourself and stop demonstrating how little you really care about those that suffered.

  8. yuninv says

    CB… I couldn’t agree more. Suddenly they’ll find it in their hearts to support Socialism.

  9. Chrisme says

    Tornadoes exist regardless of man so to say this is because of “climate change” (OR because of the “gays”) is beyond silly.

  10. UFFDA says

    Roxie. Compassion is implicit, rote phrases on a web site add no more than does your eagerness to find fault.

  11. Luke says

    I really don’t get it. The God did ruin their lives and they say Thank you God.
    That said, I’m very glad they came out of the storm safe.

  12. Randy says

    Chrimse, denying scientific evidence is what’s silly (and costly).

    The science overwhelmingly points to human-accelerated climate change, which in turn results in unpredictable weather, including tornado disasters.

    Of course, this one being where it is was entirely predictable.

  13. anon says

    Helpful hint: change the building codes to require A-frame construction and 2×10 beams bolted to the foundation. It’s like building for hurricanes only even sturdier.