1. TampaZeke says

    Congratulations France! Germany, you’re sticking out like a sore thumb!

    And Brazil should probably be turned mustard colored after the events there earlier this week.

  2. simon says

    The opposition said they will turn back the clock if they win the next election in 2017. It is easier said than done. So far it has only happened in California and is probably unconstitutional. They will quietly accept reality even if they return to power, just as they did regarding the PACS (civil union).

  3. simon says

    Game over. The protesters should spend more time looking for some real jobs rather than blaming the government for the dire employment situation.

  4. SRB says

    @Chris, I was also wondering about Greenland’s status. I gather since it is an autonomous nation within the Kingdom its parliament governs civil law.

  5. jamal49 says

    “One police officer was injured after a flammable liquid was thrown in his face.”

    So it is with French anti-marriage equality protesters, most of whom are undoubtedly Christian (Catholic) and/or muslim along with the usual right-wing reactionary rabble.

    At least, so far, our evangelical, reactionary right-wing rabble have confined themselves to incendiary vitriol with occasional gay-bashing by thug punk assholes.

    No one ever said equality would be easy.

  6. LCR Jay says

    I like that the citizens of France aren’t willing to be told how to feel about social issues like this, and are willing to rebel over something that is forced upon them that they don’t approve of to get their point across. It may be signed into law, but the citizens are letting it be know that they still don’t approve.

  7. Chris says

    @LCR Jay. 1) The majority of people in France approve of same-sex marriage. 2) The French would take to the streets if the sky wasn’t blue enough. They love protesting. 3) It’s democracy. The government that France elected, told them from the beginning they planned on doing this should they be elected. They are using a democratic method to GIVE Gay French people, law abiding, tax paying, Citizens of France, a secular nation, their CIVIL RIGHTS. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is being ‘forced’ onto anyone. The only thing that has changed is that Gay people are now equal in France. The protestors exerciced their democratic right to protest democracy (ironic huh?). You can love these protesters all you want, it doesn’t change the fact that what you love is undemocratic, theocratic, discriminative, failure. Because ultimately, the bigoted were unable to stop the inevitable reality of Gay equality.

  8. Jols says

    @ LCR: The “citizens of France” have voted for th election of a President that promised marriage equality, then voted again to give majority in both houses of the Parliament to the party that promised marriage equality.

    So the real citizens have voted and have chosen. The disgruntled ones, well they didn’t want it then, they don’t want it now, but obviously they’re not the majority.

  9. Merv says

    Wait, I thought the Log Cabin Republicans supported marriage equality. Now, LCR Jay seems to be speaking out against it. Log Cabinettes, make up your minds!

  10. candide001 says

    marriages won’t start before the middle of june at the earliest. the law has to have been published for 2 weeks and then marriage bans have to be published for 10 days before the wedding.

  11. oakpope says

    The law has been signed by the President today. The first gay couple to be married should do it the 29th of May. It’s the earliest possible.

  12. Krajci says

    There is a big protest rally against this decision scheduled for May 26. Hope it’s loud, violent and gets the point across that homosexual marriage is wrong.

  13. James McBride says

    “Let’s hope it is Violent and gets the point across that homoseual marriage is wrong…”

    Dude! Put your crack pipe down. Read your own words! People like YOU are the problem, NOT me and my husband who plan to spend the day looking for plants at Home Depot – Not trying to KILL people…like you and your ilk.

    Get down off your freaking cross, Faux-Jesus, the poor and hungry need the wood.

  14. Francis says

    France has a very large devout Muslim population who are freaked out. they and the dwindling devout Catholics population are just going to have to learn to accept other people or they will be regarded as barbarians.

  15. ratbastard says

    Hollande got in mostly because voters were tired Sarkozy. This is repeated in democracies around the world, especially fickle advanced western nations. The average French voter didn’t vote for gay marriage when they voted for Hollande, most are far more concerned with economic issues and political scandals. Although no doubt most French don’t have an issue with legalizing gay marriage, it’s clear a substantial number do. And democracy allows them to protest and complain, just like it allows those on the left and far left to protest and complain.

    Some true believers take read too much into many political decisions made in France and elsewhere, and they’re of course egged on by shills. The truth is far more mundane than noble.

  16. Gary Harryman says

    France takes a bold step in civilization’s slow march towards full equality for all human beings. The French have good reason to be very proud of their government today.

  17. andrew says

    One more outstanding example of what little real influence the Roman Catholic Hierarchy has in Western Europe, where the overwhelming majority of the people are nominal Roman Catholics. Now if we could only get the majority of Muslims to so ignore their primitive leaders. Christianity and Judaism have been largely defanged. It will probably take centuries and much upheaval to defang the still dangerous religion of Mohammed.

  18. Keith says

    I welcome the determination of the First citizen of the French Republic to apply the Laws and to enforce the Civil Rights of the public.

    The right should find something useful to do. If they had any useful policies they would be doing something else rather then fermenting public disorder.

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