1. Michael says

    Give me a break. I know asses probably better than anyone else I know and that is definitely the butt of a bottom.

  2. Isaac says

    The last wolverine movie was terrible. Unless he is showing full frontal I’ll be watching this movie on cable. Thanks for ruining my childhood comic heroes Hollywood!

  3. Jon says

    look up the youtube video where HJ gets hit in the balls playing cricket and gets a stiffie. It’s impressive.

  4. disgusted american says

    he looks damm sexy – but lets admit – if we had a job that paid us to wrkout and get in shape – and have a nutritionist make your meals…there’d be no excuse to be fat or outa shape

  5. Will says

    Alternate caption: “Hugh Jackman demonstrates how he really felt about not winning that Academy Award.”

  6. Unicorn says


    Ditto. While Hugh Jackman is easy on the eyes, I never could get used to him as Wolverine because of his height. That, and not enough body hair. Good luck finding actors with shoulder hair on screen though.

  7. Maleka says

    Great upper body, but let’s see his legs. Last time I saw them they were pretty skinny.

  8. says

    @Unicorn: I’m kinda bummed that they didn’t get a shorter, hairier guy to portray Wolvie, but I’d still lick Hugh in places even his doctor hasn’t seen.

  9. says

    All they gotta do is camera magic the other to appear taller! Which now that I think about it, they may be doing just that.

  10. says

    @Maleka: I have to agree. While his upper body is very impressive in terms of muscle mass and leanness, his lower body is definitely lacking in mass…but the majority of men who work out focus on their upper body, so I’m not surprised.

  11. HA! says

    GHB and roids—- so pretty. His genital are probably like a baby thumb and two raisins.

    The sad part is, it provides those with a predisposition to BDD. a very unrealistic image to attempt to attain