Illinois Marriage Equality Vote Expected Any Time Now

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With just two days left in the session, lawmakers are under tremendous pressure to pass the marriage equality bill pending in the Illinois House.

HarrisThe Windy City Times reports that "LGBT activists, advocates and community members have begun filtering into the capitol" in anticipation of a vote, possibly this afternoon:

Chief sponsor Greg Harris (pictured) has said he will "absolutely" call for a vote on the bill by session's end May 31. He has also stated that the bill will pass.

Multiple sources connected with organizing efforts around the bill have stated that a vote is expected this afternoon, evening or early in the day on Friday. That timeline will partially depend on other business in Springfield as spring session wraps up.

Advocates with Equality Illinois, Lambda Legal, the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, The Civil Rights Agenda, Human Rights Campaign, Gay Liberation Network and other groups are already in the capitol. Sources say that the families of some reps. are also headed for Springfield.

The Illinois Observer added, in an article published this morning:

"A top Democrat told The Illinois Observer on Wednesday night, 'The roll call is in the high 50s. It’s close; it’s almost there.' The magic number to pass the House is 60."

The Chicago Phoenix reports on its Facebook page that there is increased activity in the House chamber, including the removal of activist Andy Thayer (top), for reportedly "draping rainbow flags from gallery seating."

UPDATE: The Windy City Times tweets that the House has now gone into recess until 4 pm CT, but the vote could still happen this evening.


  1. Terry says

    I’m not in the legislature, I’m don’t have any concrete knowledge or information, but this Illinoisan is convinced it’s going to pass. Just my opinion. Thanks in advance to all the activists, legislators and people working hard to get this far.

  2. Francis #1 says

    Well, they are there, so they must know something. I wonder why these groups haven’t been there petitioning legislators these past few days.

    Excited! I hope my Illinois brothers and sisters see marriage equality by the end of the week. This entire process has been annoying, drawn out and stressful for LGBT citizens in Illinois, considering the vote was “expected to pass” as far back as February, and then again just last week it was expected to be brought up and pass, or so said equality groups in Illinois. Hopefully it gets done this afternoon.

  3. Belthazar says

    It indeed has been a roller-coaster ride for the past few months (still is). But, anyone that knows Illinois politics will not be surprised. Let’s hope the vote comes later this afternoon or early Friday. Still Optimistic!!

  4. RMB says

    Greg Harris did this with Civil Unions, though. He said, the first time it was in the house, “it will pass, we will do this, I will call it up for a vote”, etc. etc., it got an extended deadline… and then nadda.

    It wasn’t until the NEXT time, what was it, the FOLLOWING YEAR or TWO? that it was able to pass.

    It just feels like he’s doing the same thing, again, and it pisses me off, personally. If you don’t have the votes, then don’t go around saying you do and it’ll pass. I’m not convinced it’s going to be put up for a vote yet until it happens. I’d love to be wrong, but he did this cherade before.