Gay Man Killed In Greenwich Village Hate Crime


Tragic murder committed in the early hours of the day.

CarsonNew York's CBS 2 reports:

A gunman used anti-gay slurs before he shot and killed a man in fashionable Greenwich Village early Saturday, police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

Police were dispatched to the corner of 8th Street and Sixth Avenue just after midnight Saturday. They found the victim, an unidentified 32-year-old man, on the ground with a gunshot wound to the head, police said.

Kelly said the gunman…first urinated on the street outside a bar, then walked into the bar, according to an Associated Press report. The man proceeded to make anti-gay remarks to the bartender and show that he had a silver pistol in his holster, the wire service reported.

Kelly then said the gunman came up to the victim and his companion outside, asked if they were “gay wrestlers,” and shot the victim in the face, the wire service reported.

According to the NY Post, a suspect was apprehended shortly after the shooting: "The gunman ran five blocks before cops collared him at West Third Street and MacDougal Street."

NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn released a statement condemming the attack:

"I am horrified to learn that last night, a gay man was murdered in my district after being chased out of a Greenwich Village restaurant and assailed by homophobic slurs….There was a time in New York City when two people of the same gender could not walk the street arm-in-arm without fear of violence and harassment. We refuse to go back to that time.”

Also speaking out this morning is State Senator Brad Hoylman:

"I am outraged by the recent wave of anti-LGBT violence in our city and it is shocking and extremely distressing that a man was shot to death just this morning apparently because he was gay. Nobody anywhere should have to live with fear of harm because of his or her sexual orientation…. I applaud the NYPD for making a swift arrest in this case and call on all New Yorkers to unite against hate and gun violence."

Neither the victim or the suspect have been identified. Updates as they come in.

Update: Victim has been ID'd as Marc Carson, according to a NYT police source. Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly: “This clearly looks to be a hate crime.”


  1. says

    the question people keep asking is “what is going ON in new york?”

    what’s going on? the crazies are furious that their side is losing, and they’re listening to Their Leaders – who’s to blame for these attacks?

    every single grown adult in politics and religion who continues to condone, promote and espouse anti-LGBT prejudice and hate. that’s who.

    trickle-down economics may be B.S., but trickle-down bigotry is a cold hard reality.

    this young man’s blood is on the hands of every politician, religious leader, and pathetic excuse for a parent who has spent their time and energy voicing anti-gay prejudice and hatred.

  2. jaragon says

    Scary! I have walked by the corners a million times- the West Village is not what is use to be. Christopher street has become a gentrified block long tourist trap. Maybe gay men should start carrying guns- yes I know violence doesn’t solve anything but obviously our enemies are not armed and looking for gay blood to spill.

  3. JONES says

    Will even one voice from all those espousing vitriol against LGBT come forward to own their part in this senseless murder?

    Catholic Church? AFA? NOM? FRC?

    Obsessed, armed and fueled by your steady stream of hate speech.

  4. ROGER B says

    Aside from how horrifying this is, I can’t help but wonder if the victim would’ve stood a chance to survive if he could’ve been take 3 blocks to St. Vincent’s. Beth Israel?! Seriously?. Don’t really want to hear it from Christine Quinn.

  5. says

    @JONES – they don’t care. As Rick Warren has made very clear, he’d rather a dead son than an openly-gay one.

    They probably, in their preposterously warped minds, think that if enough of us die there won’t be any “new gays” to take our place.

    They don’t care that we get attacked and murdered. They’re far too busy insisting that they’re the ones who are the victims.

  6. Lars says

    @Roger B, it is infuriating that we no longer have a hospital in the neighborhood, though I don’t know what difference it would have made here.

    There are conflicting stories in some of the press accounts. Did this happen at 8th and 6th, or 4th and Barrow??

    It bears mentioning that the immediate blocks around the West 4th subway are kind of a pit. Porn shops, tattoo parlors, etc. That McDonald’s on 3rd is a particular magnet for low-lifes.

  7. says

    Oh GOD – you couldn’t pay me to enter the McD’s on 3rd. You gotta love a McDonald’s with a reputation so bad that the bathrooms are perpetually padlocked and out of service.

    It’s worse that the Greenpoint McD’s near Blackout Bar, as if that was even possible….

  8. Lars says

    @Kiwi, tell me about it. Total blight. I walk past it nearly every day, and don’t infrequently get harassed. Andy’s posted about other crap that has happened there (including the gay guy who was beaten up for wearing neon shoelaces). I’m sympathetic to the fact that, for many people, it’s the only affordable option around — but management needs to police its clientele, or be shut down as a public nuisance.

  9. Yeek says

    Wow. I hang out at Gray’s all the time.

    Executed right on the street. Wow. Jaragon, I actually sort of agree with you. Some gay men would be just as irresponsible with guns as straight men…but when I see a story like this, I can’t help but it think it might help our cause to be a little more dangerous.

  10. Eddie says

    Isn’t that literally across the avenue from where the gay man was beaten last week? Any chance it was the same perpetrator?

    Hard to believe this is happening in Greenwich Village.

  11. Setting the Record Straight says

    Hopefully, this will help ignorant people who don’t live here in New York to see that this kind of thing happens all the time, but just doesn’t get the publicity. The same people who scream “GAY BASHING!” whenever a gay couple gets looked at cross-eyed in Texas somehow seem to think that New Yorkers (especially Manhattanites) live in a world that’s all rainbows and unicorns when it comes to anti-gay violence. And that just ain’t so.

  12. RMc says

    “I applaud the NYPD for making a swift arrest in this case and call on all New Yorkers to unite against hate and gun violence.”

    Except NY Senator Ruben Diaz’s thug friends called FOR this violence by publicly saying that “homosexuals are worthy of death” at the NOM sponsored hate rally. This man’s blood in on their parasitic hands.

  13. Tony says

    So many out-of-town gays are under the impression that New York is some kind of mecca where gays can come and just bask in themselves because of things like gay marriage and heightened visibility — but with more visibility comes more scrutiny. There have been countless hate crimes in NYC that continue to happen on a regular enough basis, instances of harassment/public jeering and there are quite a few areas where two guys probably shouldn’t walk hand-in-hand or even have body language that suggests that they might be coupled. Quite frankly, New York is not an east coast version of San Francisco.

  14. GB says

    Are we shocked and saddened by this? Gay is everywhere and unfortunately so is gay hate. This is a real consequence. What can be done?

  15. Daya says

    What if gay men were to start carrying guns? Most of my friends don’t like the idea of guys but they also are fanatic about things. So, believe me if we were to start carrying guns the NRA-card carrying members will be scared. Think in terms of ACT-UP! When the political leaders were not raising a finger, gay people took action into their own hands. Do the political leader want us to start to carry guns?

  16. Francis #1 says

    I come home from work to read this. Damn. I knew that LGBT people are still being beaten and murdered but this really hits close to home. So sad. For all the talk about how much things are progressing, hate crimes and hate speech against us sure isn’t abating. It’s getting worse throughout most of the world.

    I’m just…….WOW. Terrible. My heart goes out to the victim’s friends and family.

  17. says

    the solution is not for us to carry guns.

    the solution is for proactive LGBT-inclusivity dialogues and education. starting in elementary school.

    these violent bigots were taught to hate. every time a politician or adult in a position of power condones and promotes anti-gay sentiments, they are responsible for acts like this.

  18. EnRanc says

    Advocating homosexuality being taught to elementary school kids. SMH. But homosexuals want to play dumb and pretend to not know what people are talking about when they speak of the “gay agenda” indoctrinating kids. If that gets put into the curriculum at public schools, responsible parents should send their kids to a private school instead.

  19. says

    its not “advocating homosexuality”, as there’s no such thing. there is only teaching children not to hate.

    which you will never learn, you typically anonymous cowardly sack of S**t.


  20. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    Dialog and education? Dialog with my gun while I educate you about the Constitution.

    You’re allowed to protect yourself…in Texas.

  21. Kev C says

    Another death due to liberal gun control keeping citizens unarmed and defenseless. So unamerican.

  22. Adam says

    Not even Greenwich Village is safe now. Wasn’t I telling you guys that New York is anti-gay at the street level?

    Who’s to blame? Women and liberals in general. Women fear the power of the male homosexual act. It takes away their ability to control men through sex. Women often incite men to commit violence against gay men.

  23. jaragon says

    Yes I know guns don’t solve anything but trust me these bigots would think twice if gay men were armed.

  24. jaragon says

    New York City is not more dangerous than any other large urban area. It’s shocking that a few of these recent attacks have taken place in what used to be considered a gay area.

  25. Kev C says

    David Ehrenstein, why would you entrust your safety and your life to someone who isn’t there when you need them? Who doesn’t even like gays? I’ve had cops call me a faggot to me face. And I expect them to protect me? Why?

  26. Adam says


    There is no such thing as a gay area. Unless you segregate an area by building a wall and regulating entry, it is open to everybody.

    Gay men need to stop kidding themselves about their “gay areas”.

  27. gomez says

    sad. expect violence, esp against gay men, to increase worldwide. this is going to be a long ugly backlash.

  28. Adam says

    The police have caught a Hispanic guy. This case shows that New York’s gay men need to arm themselves. By the time you call the police, the deed is well and truly done.

  29. Jeff says

    The shooting was just a quick one-avenue ride from the now-demolished St Vincent’s, a hospital our LGBT mayoral candidate Christine Quinn failed to protect from closing… right before she took big campaign donations from the developers of a new property on the site. Maybe if St Vincent’s was still open, the victim wouldn’t have had to wait for an ambulance from Beth Israel on 16th & 1st, and travel so long to get there, and he might be alive now. This is just another reason why sellout Bloomberg clone Christine Quinn shouldn’t get our votes just because she’s LGBT.

  30. aneas taint says

    I’m also really sick of Christine Quinn being the go-to media darling for these issues. She is a vile turncoat DINO who needs to GO AWAY.

    And GV needs to stop gentrifying – it invites these homophobic outsiders to come around with their entitlement complexes and guns.

  31. FunMe says

    This part of the backlash of the MINORITY of people who are detesting the fact that their hate toward others is no longer acceptable. Horrible that this has to happen. I hope they keep him in jail and make him suffer forever.

    I think it’s time to fight back and be on the OFFENSE to ensure this never happens again.

    ALL bar owners and GLBT organizations should be meeting to device a plan on how to defend themselves against this ever happening again. This is a CRISIS that needs to be addressed with solutions. Now. This cannot happen again!

    Come on New York. Get organized with ALL GLBT organizations and bar owners and get a plan going to fight back. Meet with police. Device a plan of action. Then meet with City officials & police. Never again let someone with a gun just be thrown out of a bar without calling the police.

    Again, this is a CRISIS in GLBT New York. Enough is enough!

  32. Francis #1 says

    Homophobia is still, actually, quite clearly, acceptable. It’s still acceptable and accepted hence we’re still the only group that is publicly bashed and smeared on a daily basis, with figures from athletes to actors who use gay slurs without even considering the consequences in advance. That’s why we still don’t have rights, and that’s why we still are seen as, at the very least, a nuisance to Congress. I mean, let’s get real. Things have progressed, but we’re still right at the bottom of the totem poll.

    It’s going to take organization, passion and anger to fix things. I think way too many LGBTQ people these days are complacent, thinking our work is finished because marriage equality support has risen (no matter how soft much of that is). They’re not willing nor see the need to truly fight. But incidents like this and the many in NYC this year prove our fight hasn’t come close to ending.

  33. Happy To Oblige says

    He showed the bartender his gun during that confrontation. It would have been nice if the bartender called the police as soon as the man left. There was a police presence in the area according to the NYT article. This may have been prevented. The report suggests there were several minutes between the bar confrontation and the shooting. Those few minutes could have made a difference.

  34. MichaelJ says

    For those of us who live and hang out in or near the Village or Chelsea this is very scary. My partner and I were having a night cap at a side-street cafe when this happened a few blocks away, not knowing why a cop car sped past us, as fast as I’ve ever seen a cop car race. Has we been walking to the subway station to go home about 15 minutes earlier, we would have seen this, or we would have been the victims,

    While NYC has for many years had the lowest violent crime rate among large US cities, there has always been a anti-gay violence. And many of the attacks are in places like the Village where there are a lot of gay people because that it where people who are so full of hatred know to go to find their victims.

    Yes, children need to be brought up right and learn to respect others and not be homophobic — more important than guns in the long run. But it would be really great if in one or more instance a target of a violent homophobe were able to turn the tables during an attack and do some serious damage to his or her attacker.

  35. EchtKultig says

    This will seem politically incorrect, but unfortunately I truly this believe this is the dark side to recent advances in gay rights. The psychopathic closet cases are _totally_ freaking out. Their entire belief structure is literally falling apart. You can see it everywhere on the net where pseudo-anonymity allows certain people to say what’s “really” on their mind. Just yesterday I was thinking of a youtube comment I’d seen that was so ridiculously homophobic I meant to try to remember it to share the next time I posted here. It also revealed the poster’s baldly obvious internal struggles with their own sexuality. It was pretty classic, I wish I hadn’t forgetten it.
    It will get worse before it gets better, but it will get better. Stay safe out there.

  36. Mario says

    This place saved my ass while I was living in NYC. Please gents. Do yourselves a favor and Learn how to defend yourselves.

  37. Jeff says

    … or just buy some pepper spray to get some of these attackers. They sell it just a half block from where this guy was shot – at the Army/Navy on 8th St bet. 5th & 6th Ave.

  38. Gregoire says

    How would pepper spray help you when you are shot — killed instantly — in the head?

  39. Jeff says

    Pepper spray wouldn’t help with the shooting, but it might have blinded a few of those thugs in the three midtown attacks. Also carries the advantage of not potentially getting you charged with vigilante murder like Bernard Goetz, so there’s that.

  40. GB says

    People are shot in the face, no less, and we sing the “woe is me” bigot song. Now you can at least — if the Supreme Court approves– find solace and salvation by marrying one individual. Then you’ll be bigot-proof.

  41. Polyboy says

    All of these wannabe cowboys:

    Shot in the face generally means no time to pull a gun in self defense.

    So unless you can somehow manufacture precognitive speed draw skills, being armed is NOT going to stop an insane person who wants to kill people.

    It wasn’t a deterrent in the old west, it sure as hell won’t be a deterrent to a dedicated criminal now.

  42. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    @Poly — The deterrent is that your attacker knows he COULD die. As it stands (in New York) your attacker is certain he won’t.

    By the way, you’re presenting presumed and fictitious “facts” then building a case upon those imaginary facts. You’re off the debate squad.

  43. Jeton Ademaj says

    these attacks will continue. it’s time for Queers who can afford to do so to arm ourselves with whatever weaponry works for us…including guns.

    weaponry and weapons-skills are not THE answer. raising awareness is not THE answer. vigilance is not THE answer. conflict-deescalation is not THE answer.

    we must have ALL of these options, and the time to face that is NOW.

    i will not cut off my nose to spite Wayne Lapierre’s face. anyone who feels otherwise should limit that foolishness to themselves.

    as for guns in this encounter, we dont actually know the play-by-play in detail. vigilance and weaponry would have been needed by Marc(k?) Carson, and publicized incidents of armed queers shooting their attackers would be quite effective at scaring off other attacks.

    rest assured, it will take awhile to change NY’s despicable gun laws. rest assured, those of you who hate guns will have plenty of future chances to tell us how “raising awareness” will solve the problem…because there will be more gay victims killed by gaybashers.

    some of those bashers should and must _die_ at the hands of their intended victims.

  44. Kev C says

    Jeton, Democrats don’t want any crazed bigots getting killed by guns because it lowers their voting population. That’s the main reason why Dems support gun control to disarm lawful citizens.

  45. TRAVIS HARVEY says

    I lived in NYC, for thirteen years, West 4th and 8th street was the only part of town I felt unsafe in. It’s the worst of B/T, so sad.

  46. says


    There that should get rid of the white racists who flood this site like picnic ants.

    Do you pinheads have ANY idea of who most of the gay men who go to the West Village are?

  47. ratbastard says

    The trolls and shills on this site are repulsive. They flood out of the woodwork when sh*t like this happens. ANY opportunity to extrapolate a story or incident to fit their political/ideological narrative. Shills trolling, then responding to their own trolls. Rinse, repeat.

    How many times does it have to be said, when you’re out and about, especially if you’ve been drinking, BE CAREFUL. Try to AVOID fights and arguments if at all possible. DON’T respond to taunts from guy[s] who look genuinely sketchy. And that means VERBALLY, too. IF YOU CAN’T OR WON’T BE ABLE TO DEFEND YOURSELF FROM A PHYSICAL ASSAULT, DON’T TRASH TALK. Talking smack will almost always escalate a situation.

    Police can’t be everywhere to help you. That’s impossible. And there are crazy people, just plain bad people, of all ‘races’, ethnicities, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, ages, etc., etc., looking to go out and cause trouble.


    @David Ehrenstein:

    How many of those ‘white racist’ are trolls on here? My estimation is roughly 95% of ‘white racist’ posts on TR are really ‘progressive’ trolls looking to stir the sh*t.

  48. ratbastard says

    The trolls and shills on this site are repulsive. They flood out of the woodwork when sh*t like this happens. ANY opportunity to extrapolate a story or incident to fit their political/ideological narrative. Shills trolling, then responding to their own trolls. Rinse, repeat.

    How many times does it have to be said, when you’re out and about, especially if you’ve been drinking, BE CAREFUL. Try to AVOID fights and arguments if at all possible. DON’T respond to taunts from guy[s] who look genuinely sketchy. And that means VERBALLY, too. IF YOU CAN’T OR WON’T BE ABLE TO DEFEND YOURSELF FROM A PHYSICAL ASSAULT, DON’T TRASH TALK. Talking smack will almost always escalate a situation.

    Police can’t be everywhere to help you. That’s impossible. And there are crazy people, just plain bad people, of all ‘races’, ethnicities, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, ages, etc., etc., looking to go out and cause trouble.


    @David Ehrenstein:

    How many of those ‘white racist’ are trolls on here? My estimation is roughly 95% of ‘white racist’ posts on TR are really ‘progressive’ trolls looking to stir the sh*t.

  49. Jeton Ademaj says

    to all the militant pacifists here: don’t you dare blame the victim. the NYPD says the victims did no “trash talking”.

    to all the anti-gun/anti-self-defense people here: people of color and other disempowered and disenfranchised people deserve the choice of realistic weaponry to defend themselves.

    someday soon in NYC that will and must include concealed-carry.

  50. ratbastard says

    There’s a picture of the alleged perp being taken in by cops on the Daily News. He looks like a white Hispanic guy. From his actions and things he said, he also appears to be batsh*t crazy. Drugs? Psychiatric issues? When as a society and country are we going to get serious regarding the p*ss poor state of our mental health infrastructure? Laws, facilities, and access are all in dire need of major change. Many of the so-called reforms of the 60s, 70s, and 80s that we still operate under have failed. The only people happy with the current situation are the big pharmaceutical companies, their sales reps, stock holders, and a few others who get some sort of political and/or financial gain from the status quo. SO MANY violence incidents could have been and could be nipped in the bud if the mental health of the perps were taken more seriously and dealt with, for both their sake and societies, in a more efficient and comprehensive manner.

  51. ratbastard says

    @Jeton Ademaj,

    Correction. The poor man killed, Mr. Carson, and his friend, did verbally respond to the crazy guy. I’m not saying they trash talked, but a verbal exchange did occur.

    And I’m no pacifist, not by any stretch. I believe all law abiding people in the U.S., no matter where they live, should have the right to legally own a firearm[s] for whatever reason, to protect themselves, target practice, hunting, collecting, whatever. And I believe gay/bi men, lesbians need to learn if they don’t already know to adequately defend themselves if at all possible, and to be pro-active in regards to their safety. This is true of ALL people, regardless of their ‘race’, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation. As far as race is concerned, in an urban area, Jeton Ademaj, a person is MORE likely to be jumped and assaulted for being white than for being black. This is a far more common type of ‘hate’ crime. For some reason ‘progressives’ really hate talking or acknowledging this.

  52. Jeton Ademaj says

    to ratbastard: your “correction” is no such thing. by your own admission there’s no hint the victim or his friend “trashtalked”…and the murderer who killed him could just as easily have been “offended” by the victim choosing not to respond at all.

    your call for personal vigilance is laudable, your attempt to construct that call in a manner which blames the victim is clumsy and detestable…but the truth is that we dont always have a choice to avoid violence when it finds us. better to be armed and alive than PC and dead.

    here i referred to “people of color” because clearly some anti-gun types here want to equate weapons ownership with white power or right wing thinking…

    …but when i handed out 1000 Pink Pistols gay shooting group flyers at the 2003 Pride fest (the area at the end of the parade), the smaller, darker-skinned, more working class and more femme the persons i approached, the more they were interested. this refutes the “white privilege” theory of gun rights advocacy fully.

    incidentally, i happen to be white and have been the victim of racial violence several times in my life. i need no lessons on the dangers i face.

  53. David Hearne says

    Daya – What kind of stupid hole are you? The people attacking gay people in New York are not NRA card holders. They are usually common street …….

  54. David Hearne says

    Carrying pepper spray is just as illegal as carrying a gun in some places. Even in some enlightened states where you must be issued a carry permit, that permit only entitles you to carry a gun, not a baton, a knife, or chemical weapon.

  55. Mike says

    Why is this cold blooded butcher charged with second degree rather then first degree murder? Seems like there was ample premeditation in this ghastly killing where a man was shot in the face for ONLY being gay. Also in the eyes of police and absolutely everyone else it was most definitely a HATE crime! According to the New York Times account Mark Carson was “STALKED” by the gunman after yelling antigay slurs at him. The thoughtful act of stalking the victim alone seems much more then enough evidence of premeditation. True as gays we ESPECIALLY feel the sting. However, as human beings and as part of society in general we can never afford to be ethically complacent! Regrettably nothing can bring tihis man back to life, so as the death penalty is seldom used we are now only talking about how long we can keep his murderer off the streets and what type of signal this sends to other hateful bigots who would take the law into their own hands . . .

  56. andrew says

    I am a lifelong liberal democrat and Navy Vet. I live in a big city. When I go out at night to visit friends or go to clubs, I carry either pepper spray or my little 25 caliber Beretta. Never had to use either yet, but if someone is going to fu@k with me they won’t get away unharmed.

  57. Bill says

    One thing not reported is the gunman’s blood alcohol/drug level. It’s rare to be able to catch people as quickly as in this case,so it would have been useful information to get. Is it homophobia alone or is it homophobia fueling the behavior of a nasty, violent drunk? The New York Post article stated that the gunman appeared “crazed” but did not give any further details.

  58. David Hearne says

    The solution is indeed for us to carry guns. These crimes are committed against the gay community, often with impunity, because we have a reputation for being unarmed and incapable of defending ourselves.

    For whatever reason we might find ourselves less experienced in street fighting and hand to hand combat, we have no excuse to be unarmed and defenseless. That’s what guns are for.

    Guns are for law abiding people to defend themselves against people who are bigger, stronger, more numerous, or crazy.

    People who oppose decent people carrying weapons are in essence advocating for the law of the jungle. The Progressives support this because it their hearts they believe that successful people deserve to be robbed by criminals.