NFL MVP Adrian Peterson ‘Not With’ Gay Marriage

Amani Toomer and Bruce Murray interviewed Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, the reigning NFL MVP on Thursday, asking him what his feelings are about same-sex marriage:

Peterson"To each his own, (but) I’m not with it. I have relatives that are gay. I’m not biased towards them. I still treat them the same. I love them. But, again, I’m not with that. That’s not something I believe in. But to each his own."

Peterson also commented on the recent loss of his teammate, outspoken punter Chris Kluwe, and said that he didn't believe it was Kluwe's views which led to his dismissal:

"It hurt me to see him leave. He was a good friend of mine and a really cool guy – probably one of the smartest guys I’ve ever been around. (He’s) different. I’m sure the Vikings organization didn’t release him based on [his gay rights advocacy]. They’ve been knowing him for a long time. They know he’s outspoken."


  1. says

    Those types of answers make no sense whatsoever. Sorry, but it just sounds like the kind of nonsensical ramble that one makes because they’re worried about….well…people thinking that they’re gay.

    you’re not with it. you’re not with it. it’s not something you believe in. you have gay relatives that you’re not biased (?) towards. you’re not with it.

    you’re right. you’re not with it, at all.

    and by IT i mean the 21st Century. Or even the late-20th.

  2. Jeff Atwood says

    This is the “some of my best friends are black” argument recycled. How clueless are these guys? Maybe this is a good example why even professional athletes need to complete their educations.

  3. says

    Sadly Ironic – Kluwe has done more for Peterson’s gay relatives than Peterson himself has.

    I think what’s sad is that some guys still think that being supportive will make folks think that they’re gay, themselves. Which is odd, considering we all know that the Outfit of Choice for Closet-Cases is the “Anti-Gay Male Who’s Grossed Out by Gayness.”

    People have been so conditioned to have a knee-jerk negative response to “gay” anything – and it is indeed a conditioned response.

    Thankfully, the more folks that come out as lgbt and the more folks that come out as our ALLIES – the sooner this nonsense will fade away.

    Shame, though. He’s a very handsome man. But ignorance is a boner-killer.

  4. helen says

    Firstly let me say happy Memorial day to everyone. Secondly, I will be starting my own blog on August 28th (my wedding annversary). It will be about a young Christian mother and wife, and my daily struggles of trying to live up to Christian ideals in the deep-blue state of MA. It will be called Blue State Mom for Christ. I hope everyone on this site will read it. Jesus is the only answer. I will post a link here as soon as possible.

  5. helen says

    That is, if my husband lets me. He beats me terribly every day if I don’t please him as the Lord commands me to do. But it’s ok. Because with every punch in the snatch that I take I know it’s bringing me closer to God.

  6. JONES says

    Read this a few days ago (Out sports, maybe) and was again upset at the way these interviewers are approaching LGBT civil rights.

    ‘Do you believe in SSM?’ will get an entirely different response that ‘Do you believe in equality under law for LGBT citizens?’

    Peterson’s ‘I’m not with that’ sounds like an affirmation of his own heterosexuality; as though the issue was resonating to him solely about the sex act(s) itself and not about the legal issues of discrimination.

  7. says

    Maybe someone should remind Mr. Peterson of the days when African American males weren’t allowed to vote or marry a white woman. His current mindset goes right along with those long outdated beliefs.

  8. says

    He may not be into gay marriage but he’s sure into non sequiturs and nonsensical contradictory statements.

    helen, girl, we’re counting down the days till we have access to your blog insights! Maybe Jesus will guest blog?

  9. OP says

    Do we ask plumbers their opinion on health concerns? Do we consult auto mechanics about filing tax returns? Do we request that our congressional representative offer his opinion on whether to go with matte or gloss paint in the kitchen? No. Why do we care what people whose likely sole talent is a sport think about public policy and civil rights? They’re not paid to think.

  10. says

    I agree! I’m just not with this whole gay marriage thing. And while we’re at it, I’m really not with this whole colored-people-everywhere-you-look thing. America was so much better when Negroes knew their place. And now it’s the Mexicans! I’m just not with it.

  11. says

    We care because like it or not there are a lot of kids and young adults out there who look at these people as role models. If I was a young teen who was struggling with my orientation and I was a fan of Peterson’s, I’d like to know how he feels about gay people and gay marriage.

    Also I’m really tired of people trying to treat athletes like complete idiots. A lot of those who are in the major leagues were sought out in college, which means they do have some college education. I mean look at Chris Kluwe and Brendon Ayanbadejo, why is it when they speak there opinion is accepted but if we hear something we don’t like, they should just keep their mouths shut. It’s rather hypocritical if you ask me.

  12. david from Edmonton says

    Seriously – who really gives a crap what he thinks? He is entitled to his opinion and that he has one is better than most who stay silent. So he’s not down with that, I honestly thing that the more of a big deal we makle of things the worse it gets and yes I am at the point where even I am uncomfortable with the commentary on gay and ant-gay, and I am gay. Makes me feel like we have gone WAYYYYYYY beyond what is acceptable and tolerable by eve tne more liberal folks. Where do we draw the line between fighting for rights and being just a bunch of annoying gay people?

  13. says

    aaaaand, cue the cowards with no spines who worry about angering anti-gay folks.

    you guys need to grow a pair of orbs. STAT.

    nobody is saying that he isn’t “entitled to his opinion”, you wimps – it’s that his “opinion” is so categorically stupid that trying to figure out what the heck he actually means is a waste of my thought process

  14. JONES says

    Shout out to Chris Kluwe:

    Time to give your good buddy Adrian a call.

    Explain to him how marriage equality is not about ‘personal opinion’ but is instead about civil rights. He’s living under the delusion that he’s not ‘biased’ against his own relations.

    Side note
    Read comments about Peterson’s statement at ESPN or CBSSports.
    Whew! Crap on a stick.

  15. Chance says

    He was asked a question, and he answered it honestly. Period. I’m so tired of people getting bent out of shape when athletes/celebrities are ***ASKED*** about gay marriage, or gay teammates, and they give an answer that isn’t 100% compliant, surrendering or allying. If Peterson had went out of his way to bring the subject up just to slam it, that would have been different…but he was asked a question. Hell, his comments weren’t even antagonizing or hateful.

    I hope he doesn’t apologize, or “clarify” his comments to sound more moderate or friendly. People need to pull up their big boy pants, develop thicker skins and realize that not everyone is going to be their supporter…nor do they have to. And in the meantime, Peterson’s not being a gay marriage ally doesn’t automatically make him an oppresser by default. The “you’re either with us, or against us” mentality is obnoxious.

  16. danswon says

    “I’m not into interracial marriage, y’know. Why? I don’t know I’m just, y’know, not with that.”

    An ignorant uneducated sportsman? Holy mackerel! Whatever next??

  17. JONES says

    Adrian Peterson is the NFL MVP.
    People follow and look up to him. Young people emulate him.

    His statement is all over the web today being praised for ‘standing up to the liberals, and the gay fascists’. Whether he meant it that way or not. When these things are presented to him he may in fact realize how something he said and may not have meant to be harmful can get used badly by haters.

    And. His is a statement that needs clarifying. The way it was asked was frivolous. The underlying issues were never mentioned. The interviewers themselves need educating to take their job to a higher standard.

  18. anon says

    @Chance…… You say:

    “Peterson’s not being a gay marriage ally doesn’t automatically make him an oppresser by default.”

    Yes, it does. Being against legal equality is kind of the definition of bigoted and oppressive.

  19. says

    @ CHANCE :

    And I’m sick of reading garbage about how he is entitled to his opinions when clearly he has conveniently forgotten the very basic principles of equal treatment and doesn’t even bother now to think of such issues.
    It’s an attitude of , ‘I’m successful, phuck everyone else’.
    He can have his putrid opinions, but they are contemptible and a disgrace to the struggle for equal rights which have allowed him climb to the top of his game.

  20. Ziemba says

    Why do people bring up opposition to interracial marriage to make some random analogy every time a black person says that they aren’t in favor of SSM. Is Adrian Peterson married, or engaged, to a white woman? If the answer is no, then why would he care if someone is against it?

  21. Rexford says

    Is he “with” any kind of marriage? He’s reportedly fathered two kids, but remains single. Not a glowing example for traditionalists either.

  22. jamal49 says

    Fine, Peterson, you’re “not with it”, fine. Just don’t go and use your influence to keep me and my people from getting what is their birthright: civil equality, including civil marriage. This b.s. that’s going on at the right-wing websites and blog-sites praising Peterson for “standing up to the liberals” and “destroyers of traditional marriage” is what makes such a public statement from someone influential and saying “to each his own” but ….I’m not with it” so dangerous. I don’t care if you’re “with it” or not, Peterson, but at this point watch what you say and how you say it. Millions of people have a stake in civil equality.

  23. jjose712 says

    Derrick: Maybe because Kluwe and Ayanbadejo are inteligent men who are able to explain clearly their position.
    Frankly, i didn’t hear yet a pro athlete opposed to gay marriage able to give some inteligent reasoning. Something that makes me feel, i don’t agree with him but i can see his point.
    That don’t happens because most of them don’t even know because they oppose to ssm, or they simply say what their pastors tell him to say

  24. Tony says

    Until I hear that out he’s physically or verbally bashing gays, then I don’t care. He’s entitled to his opinion about marriage, it isn’t as if he’s a politician who has any clout in passing laws. Just like gay marriage doesn’t affect anyone else, his not being “with” gay marriage doesn’t effect anyone either.

  25. JONES says

    @Jamal 49
    Millions of gay kids lives are affected.

    Take a few moments and google ‘Adrian Peterson gay marriage equality’ and see how much influence (intended by him or not) this statement has. What he may have thought as just personal opinion is now being turned into a weapon to bludgeon the evil gay. At the very least he needs to be made aware of this.

  26. says

    every time someone, anyone, supports discrimination or opposes Equality for LGBT people, it only validates the hatred of those who actively seek us out to harm us.

    but hey, that’s why the cowards came on here to defend this guy.

  27. NewGay says

    All the platitudes. Bashing and equality are going hand in hand. I doubt that was what the marriage mavens had in mind when they created the strategy. But hey….

  28. NewGay says

    “This grand struggle over one word has ever put symbolism over substance, sentiment over sense, “respectability” over true self-respect. What might have been an effort to win legal respect for a range of human relationships was instead made a “gay issue.” By gay people themselves — finding it “strategic” to play oppressed victims.” RCB Canadian Citizen

  29. says

    What’s with all the duplicate, useless “he’s entitled to his opinion” apologists-for-idiocy comments? Duh. No one’s keeping him–or anyone else–from having one (his just happens to be incoherent). It’s like saying he’s entitled to have and be an a$$hole. It goes without saying.

  30. JONES says

    You post commentary laced with derisive phrases and then act the victim when you’re challenged.

    Queer Quisinart, marriage mavens? playing the oppressed victim, struggle over one word.

    Where does one begin? Stephen Fry

    We’re not fighting for gay marriage. ‘Gay marriage’ is the label the right wing uses to rile and attract the religious zealots to their side.

    Our fight is for civil rights equality under law for LGBT citizens. It includes the 1200+ rights associated with marriage but also includes access for jobs, housing, schooling, public accommodation, workplace non-discrimination. All these at city, state, and federal level. To protect our loved ones, our children, our friends, and ourselves.

    You may personally face few or any of these problems but if you ever do you’ll possibly be thankful that there were those that undertook this fight on your behalf.

  31. JONES says

    When Adrian Peterson or anyone says ‘I’m against gay marriage’ do you think they realize they’re actually talking about all the 1200+ legal rights that come with the word marriage?

    If someone were to point this out to him do you think his answer would still be the same?

    ‘Grand struggle over one word’ my a**.
    That’s the argument of Scalia and his ilk to find any way possible to maintain a legal separation from those ‘teh gays’ they want to vilify.

  32. P says

    The problem with the “to each his own” argument is that that’s exactly what they will not concede to LGBT people. It’s more like “to each my own” because they are unwilling to let LGBT live their own lives. The fact that we even have to render up our marriages to the opinions of others is galling enough without people trying to duck responsibility for being enablers of discrimination.

  33. Zeta says

    Golden White Boy takes the “first” title from the many non-white athletes who came before; it’s about the money.

    Scary Black Boy is set up to be the Ignorant One; it’s about the politics.

    I see what’s going on this week, and I’m not surprised at all.

  34. Kevin says

    I’d feel differently about this if we had the right to marry in all 50 states and DOMA was no longer around.
    But we don’t and even if Section 3 of DOMA is struck down,the other ones will remain.
    And if the Supreme Court tosses Prop 8 on standing,gay marriage might not return to California until another ballot next year.
    Sorry,as long as we are still second class citizens,people like him need to get called out.

  35. Mark says

    Sorry but I’ll go there.

    It was a mistake for our forefathers to bring over Africans as slaves. I could only imagine what this country would be like if they hadn’t. The jails would be a lot less crowded, there’d be a lot less violence, a lot less crime and there wouldn’t be so many people on welfare.

    Just saying “I’m not with that”.

  36. LCR Jay says

    @Kevin The “2nd class citizen” status of gay people is not AP’s fault, nor is it his responsibility. The problem with the gay community is that it wants acquiescence and unquestioning moral support from everybody…from celebrities to street sweepers…so much so that if someone displays even the slightest bit of hesitance, discomfort or opposition towards anything gay-related, it gets blown up and exaggerated into some grandiose anti-gay statement, and that person gets treated like a bully. Stop acting like AP just kicked you because he isn’t a supporter of “the cause”. Nobody is going to die because he isn’t a supporter of marriage for gays.

  37. MateoM says

    LCR Jay has no authority speaking about LGBT equality. He supports probably the most outwardly and proudly homophobic iteration of the Republican Party in history. He spends all his days being an apologist for anti-gay individuals. He is a doormat for the kinds of inequality so many people have been fighting against. LCR Jay is simply not worthy of our time.

  38. JDE says

    Just like a member of the GayKK to try and use the bigotry of others to justify his own. You’re every bit as much scum as any random homophobe, and your simile can be thrown back at you. Some might argue that if homosexuality weren’t taken off the books as a mental sickness, and if laws against sexual behaviors of gays weren’t eliminated then perhaps parks, restrooms, shower rooms, etc. wouldn’t cruising grounds for perverts and often unsafe for little boys on random summer afternoons.


  39. bambinoitaliano says

    Can someone tell this fool sexual orientation is not a religion?!! There’s nothing to believe in. Just like being African American, it’s who he is! Someone denying his existence does not make his skin color or his ethnicity or his race disappear!

  40. JONES says

    @LCR Jay
    Actually it is.
    Both. Fault & responsibility. Because he has now involved himself.

    There are laws of discrimination in 30 states and he essentially voiced support for them.

    He could have easily answered that he’s not a politician or doesn’t want to influence others but that wasn’t the path he chose. He specifically spoke of Kluwe’s gay rights advocacy so he does understand his voice is for non advocacy.

    So yeah. Adrian gets called out by those whose lives he helps demean and harm. When he hears our voices he gets a chance to understand our outrage and own his bigotry.

  41. JONES says

    Slavery was a mistake period.
    All your other racist hate is despicable.
    How can you as a gay man vilified by society for sexual orientation vilify another group for their race?

  42. Adam says

    I read an interview where the female lead in this movie, Lea Seydoux, said that she played the man. How incredibly disrespectful to lesbians!

    Face it – lesbianism has been corrupted by women who use it to titillate sleazy straight guys. Lesbianism is now a sign of straight male supremacy.

  43. Mark says

    People, you can cry me a river all you want to but to say “all parks, yadda, yadda would be safer if gay men weren’t here” just shows you have NOTHING to go on.

    Let me ask you all this: Have you EVER lived in a mostly black neighborhood? I can assure you you have not. I was never racist until I lived in Harlem and I can give you a 1,000 fold reasons as to what the actions are which cause racism.

    So, no, of course our jails would be just as crowded, there’d be as much violence, as many crimes and as many people on welfare if Africans weren’t brought over here as slaves.


    And, yes, STFU if you haven’t lived in a most, as in 99%, black neighborhood becuase I was just like you about decrying how racism was wrong until I actually had to live right in the middle of their culture.

  44. Brent says

    The problem with lesbianism is that it has been taken over by women who use it to please straight guys. It’s about titillating him. Lesbianism has thus become a sign of straight male supremacy.

    Maybe it’s time we took the L out of GLBT.

  45. Paul R says

    I really see little purpose in asking his opinion on this topic. To what end? And “millions of gay kids” don’t follow his views. I’d be more concerned that he’s influencing the opinions of straight kids, but it’s been shown that most young people don’t oppose SSM.

    They just don’t care. And he makes himself sound stupid.

  46. Houndentenor says

    Why did anyone even ask him this question? Why would his opinion about gay rights be any more interesting than anyone else’s? We need to stop this. if he wants to say something, that’s fine, but asking someone and then being upset at whatever they say doesn’t help anything. And how would he know why Kluwe was let go? Was he in on the decision? If not, he’s just another person speculating without any actual knowledge. Again, not news and there’s no reason he should even have been asked. why not ask him questions about his own career or something he can actually talk about.

  47. Houndentenor says

    Why did anyone even ask him this question? Why would his opinion about gay rights be any more interesting than anyone else’s? We need to stop this. if he wants to say something, that’s fine, but asking someone and then being upset at whatever they say doesn’t help anything. And how would he know why Kluwe was let go? Was he in on the decision? If not, he’s just another person speculating without any actual knowledge. Again, not news and there’s no reason he should even have been asked. why not ask him questions about his own career or something he can actually talk about.

  48. ERIK says

    Blah-blah-blah Mark, set it to music so I can break the CD. For nearly 10 years I lived in a Baltimore neighborhood that demographically was more black than anything else, and guess what: nothing bad ever happened to me there. My surrounding neighbors were cordial & outgoing, spirited, hard working and I made quite a few friends who were sorry to see me go when I moved. During the same time I also worked a job where out of 200 employees, most were black and I was probably 1 of 30-40 white staff members. Again no problems. I was well liked by co-workers and management AND I was openly gay! Repeat: OPENLY GAY. I bet you’re not. And today I work out at a gym that is predominately black. Once again, no problems. Am I one of the lucky ones? Doubt it.

    I’ve been around black people all my life and have been in situations where I was in the white minority more than once and it was hardly ever an issue…and the few times it might’ve been, more people (BLACK PEOPLE) tended to have my back than they did the other persons. Why? Because I know how to treat people with decency and respect and it came back to me. So miss me on all your frustrated, racist bullsh*t that you’re here cowardly spouting because there’s no accountability and you can get away with it; that you most likely wouldn’t DARE say to anyone’s face offline.

    The same energy you put into the universe is the same same that comes back to you so if you were mistreated in a “black neighborhood,” then my guess is that it was for the same reason you probably aren’t liked anywhere–because you’re an ugly person who wants to be superior but is so far from being that it’s laughable, and because no one has a reason to even pretend to respect you.

    The problem is YOU, kid! Fix that!

  49. Jim says

    I saw the comment more about him defending that he wasn’t gay than being really hateful. It’s an interesting time when it is the STRAIGHT players that need to be on the defensive. Hopefully soon people can just be comfortable being who they are and allowing others to be who they are. Someday… Hopefully… Soon.

  50. JONES says

    @Paul R
    My comment in support of Jamal was ‘millions of gay kids lives are affected’ (by hate speech). Who are you quoting that said millions of gay kids follow Adrian Peterson’s views?
    While I agree with you that the current youth generation has a much better outlook on gay civil rights than older ones, I think it’s a mistake to just shrug this statement off. Go to any of the sports webpages and read the hate responders that have embraced his words like a shield.

    Do you have a magic wand to undo it? Or to go back and ask it properly? The sportscasters of an NFL Radio show made the interview political and Adrian went with it. They didn’t ask about having an out gay player on the team. They asked his opinion on a political issue. Just as every bigot in the country lauded him for it he also needs to hear from those his words do harm to.
    You seem to be suggesting that we just shrug and let it go. You can ignore his remarks if you want to but don’t lambast others for taking offense.

  51. andrew says

    This is just another example of Towleroad searching high and low to find anything negative that is said or done, by even inconsequential people, in regards to the LGBT community. Mix it up guys. Search high and low for positive, happy and uplifting things about the LGBT community. Visiting Towleroad shouldn’t often be so depressing.

  52. Parker says

    If we’re going to be honest with ourselves…the problem here, the problem with homophobia and the problem with the lack of gay rights and not attaining more support for it is the very gay relatives this man mentions in this interview.

    I know so many gay people who are that gay relative of a person they KNOW is against gay rights, but they refuse to engage them about it. They refuse to have that uncomfortable conversation about it. They refuse to go one on one on a personal level with their relative and carefully clarify why gay rights would enhance their lives.

    These gay relatives and gay friends, in their desire to not ruin a relationship, fail to stick their neck out. They figure “well, my relative isn’t bashing me. my straight relative is relatively friendly to me, so I won’t bother them with opening the dialogue about gay rights and my ability to marry the one they love”……and that right there is what leads to the complacency of anti gay rights individuals being able to call us friends AND voting against our rights.

    I firmly believe if EVERY gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual casually and comfortably spoke to every person they knew closely about the significance of gay rights….not only would same sex marriage have OVERWHELMING support, but we’d be much much further than we are.

    Sadly, many gay people figure “well, so and so relative is nice to me. I’ll overlook their stance on gay rights and instead pick on the stranger I don’t know.” when you can have FAR more powerful impact and influence on that relative and if we all did, we’d be seeing a more humane society.

  53. Joseph says

    @ Parker

    Well said. Perfectly said, actually. And you cut to the heart of the issue. Our reluctance to ‘go there’ as a community with our heterosexual loved ones and express our concerns to them is our biggest failure.

  54. Scott Johansen says

    Can someone explain to me why being against ANY other group or demographics rights brands you a misinformed bigot (rightfully so) but being against LGBT is simply a difference of opinion?

    No female would ever befriend me or call me a close ally if I said “sorry babe, I don’t feel women should be entitled a drivers license. Studies from my bias source show they can’t drive as well as men. Look, I’m all for you being able to bicycle yourself around or walk, but drivers license is a privilege” No women in her right mind, nor the majority of society, would find that acceptable. And most likely shun me as a total whack job. Same as saying something so damaging as singling out any ethnic minority, Jews, handicap, gender, yet when it relates to gay rights…a person can simply say “No, they should absolutely be treated as second class citizens” and it’s deemed perfectly acceptable and the speaker is just sharing an opinion. Like which is the most romantic movie of all time. Just an opinion. Not at all actually effecting the lives of an entire segment of population with a heart and soul.

  55. Martin says

    Parker….that was a very raw and accurate account of where we as an GLBT do fall short indeed. We want everyone else to do our work, when so often we fail to go to our best friend or sister or aunt and say “Hey love, this is why GLBT rights mean a great deal to me, my life, and my livelihood”
    Imagine if we all rolled up our sleeves and refused to be that gay friend of the person who is against gay marriage, and instead, truly challenged them to revaluate their stance. Many gays I know simply don’t. I’d never accept someone who though me as a half Latino should be penalized under the law of the land without giving them a serious challenge and constantly attempting to educate and open their minds.

  56. Alejandro says

    Why is it acceptable to be against gay rights but not against the rights of other groups?

    We as a society need to make sure people realize homophobia is NO worse than racism, sexism, and all other isms. And frankly, I’m SICK of the homophobia that dictates homophobia is an acceptable form of ism whereas all the others are worthy of being publically stoned.

  57. Real Talk says

    Now if a gay athlete said they are against the rights of racial minorities, all hell would break loose and every single commentator saying this dude is just expressing an opinion would be up in arms making all kinds of blanket statements that are anti gay.

  58. Mitch says

    @ Real Talk
    Of course there’s a double standard. The people most willing to call out racism are often first in line to excuse homophobia. And treating gay people differently under the law of the land for being gay is indeed the epitome of homophobia. But homophobia is perfectly okay for some, so long as you’re not racist.

  59. J.R says

    I’m black and gay and no there’s no difference between being opposed to interracial couples being allowed to marry, and same sex couples being allowed to marry. Those who say differently just want to sanction their homophobia and be entitled leeway to be homophobic. Racism and homophobia are cut from the same cloth. Period. No subtext.

  60. Mike Green says

    The whole “it’s just his opinion” only seems to work when it relates to gay freedoms. Insert ANY other group of our population and a public figure speaking against their rights and see how there’s a national media storm and how quickly they get fired.

    That’s how homophobic society can be. When they attempt to convince us their homophobia isn’t in actuality homophobic.

  61. Amir says

    Homophobia isn’t just the act of getting a loaded gun and shooting a gay person. It’s a disdain that enables you to feel gay people should be treated on a different merit, be it societal or legislative, strictly for who they love.
    Believing I should not be able to get a civil marriage license because I’m gay makes you anti gay.

  62. Duration & Convexity says

    Thank you parker. This is why I can’t bring it in me to be friends with someone who willingly is against my equality. I always give those people the chance to evolve, and very actively try to help their evolution by discussing why LGBT rights matter to me. If after some time, they are still not supportive, I cut that person as a friend. Why? because my dignity and self respect matters more than a friendship that doesn’t fully accept all of me. Especially who I love.

  63. Lipstick Diva says

    It’s the same reason I call out people around me who are against immigration reform. I’m a Latina lesbian, knowing I’m Latina and still being unwilling to understand immigration issues means you’re heart isn’t open as a friend and my friendship isn’t truly valued. People determine the kind of heart they want to have. They choose to be prejudice or not. It’s a choice. And we as a community do not have to accept it. We may not be able to change their minds, but I’m not giving you a pat on the back and not going to school you on why you’re ignorant, all because you face me and tell me to my face how I should be stripped of my rights.

  64. Michelle says

    ‘Not with’ (woman being able to vote, Christians being able to worship, black and white people being able to marry, Asians being able to own a business, Jews being able to pray in public)

    ‘Not with it’ doesn’t protect your opinion from still being flawed, bigoted, and ignorant and rightly being called so.

  65. HUGO says

    The children of same sex couples are crying during testimony begging for their parents to be bale to marry. This is a HUMAN RIGHTS issue and no more does this “difference of opinion” fly by me. Not when families are involved. Lack of marriage equality is indeed making same sex families suffer and at that point, this sort of blatant discrimination needs to be called what it is: systematic prejudice. And anyone who endorses that aligns themselves with that prejudice. Plain and simple.

  66. Josh says

    No wonder straights aren’t buying it. Even gays can’t agree. One point — interracial marriage is not the same as gay marriage. It’s the anatomy issue that opponents can’t get around. Our ass is our biggest liability. Really . It’s amazing that gays are fighting so hard to be with one person in marriage. But–wink, wink…we know that ain’t happening with gay males? Legal marriage will create roommates with benefits — at tax time. And some poor fool left at home playing house with the expensive purebred dog. The real question will not be, “till death do us part,” but who’s going to cheat first?

  67. Mark says

    Josh, you write like a ghetto black women (and your views are of a chritsian extremist) and I’m sure that’s exactly what you are too. “John” do you really think we believe you’re a man?

  68. Kevin says

    AKA Christian Nazi. Go troll somewhere else. Btw, your Bible is a man written book by a bunch of rapists to corrupt minds. Your Bible is pure bull and finally we as a society as calling it out for the crap that it is. Don’t be hurt. Religion is finally falling on it’s face.

  69. Charles says

    These Christian fanatics won’t change the gay pride we have.

    I’m out, GAY, proud and hold m HUSBANDS hand everywhere I go!

    GAY PRIDE is here.

  70. JONES says

    That might be you.
    BUT even if you choose to never marry at least it would be because you chose to and not because an organized group legislated your right to make legal commitments to your loved one away to enshrine their fear/hatred/bigotry of you.

  71. Nick says

    Yet you hood rats sure don’t mind banging the ass of females. You hood rats constantly reference females booty in ALL your videos, rap songs, and all you think about is ‘hitting it’. So save the bull. We gays are a lot smarter than you’ll ever know and we see the hypocrisy from your kind from a mile away. Did you have fun at the strip club? So Godly of you.

  72. leo says

    Nick…well said! hang out with these hetero trash and al they talk about is “big booty hoes” and how they want to do it with a big ass in her ass. Then get all biblical when it comes to us. Never stop calling out these clowns every chance you get. They don’t understand compassion, so I hit em’ where it hurts and give them a taste of their own hypocritical medicine.

  73. Francis #1 says

    The fact these guys are being asked this question highlights how far we need to go. Because, still, in the year 2013, our basic civil rights, civil liberties, are considered a debate. Then you have the people who say they support equality but give a complete free pass to people who have anti-gay views, even daring to criticize the LGBT community in the process. We’re still the only community that is *expected* to tolerate bigoted attitudes against us.

    Secondly, the fact the NFL MVP made this comment is not a good thing. What he says has sway. Ultimately, he was asked a question and this is the way he answered it. He didn’t have to say what he did. He said what he said. There’s not much to clarify. His words I don’t think will hurt gay youth but it does add to the stigma of gay athletes in the NFL and when someone like Adrian Peterson makes this sort of statement, it hurts the movement for equality in the NFL. Not a good thing.

  74. Duration & Convexity says

    Typical Christian loon. Are you mad we gays are winning this culture war and badly and we’re out by the millions and you Christians are losing money and attendance by the thousands each day? Your ghetto behind wouldn’t know liability if it hit you in your community college drop out, jesus worshipping behind.

  75. Texas Idol says

    Your Bible was written by a bunch of child molesters and is still being practiced by molesters. Religion like your cult is nothing short of a pyramid scheme for those who enjoy raping children. And we’ll always remind you of that. Thanks for playing :) trolls always are fun to mess with on here.

  76. Risin High says

    Josh, our ass is our liability? that same ass that is worshipped like a treasure in hip hop videos and lyrics about doing it in the ass, all while fornicating is glorified? Sit your dumb ass down you amateur troll.

  77. B says

    What these comments do is hurt LGBT youth, especially those in sports. Part of freedom of speech is accountability and being responsible to the effects of your speech, and realized or not, this fosters a society where people can easily treat LGBT rights as flippant.

  78. JONES says

    Absolutely love the spirit and energy of the late night posters. You guyz rock. Love for Robbie and understanding of the harm of supposedly innocent ‘viewpoint’ statements can be when left unchallenged.
    Our hope for the future.

  79. Justin says

    I refuse to accept being a third, fourth, and fifth rate citizen of this country and people who propose that, as an acceptable viewpoint. It’s not. If other forms of bigotry are to not be accepted, neither should anti gay beliefs, why? because they hurt gay families.

  80. Francis #1 says

    Parker, you got it right on the money.

    And it’s not just with marriage equality, but in general—too many LGBT people have low standards with relationships with heterosexuals, whether they be friends or family, coworkers. “They don’t care that I’m gay” is usually the number one excuse. These people want to downplay the fact they’re gay and in doing so, they may be treated better but the underlying homophobia remains. It’s the same with heterosexuals using gay slurs while saying they have gay friends, heterosexuals who say seeing two guys show affection is disgusting, the same with heterosexuals who say they do believe in equality but don’t do anything to show it.

    A real friend not only accepts you as gay but embraces you as gay, values you, and appreciates you. Someone who loves you, loves us, and is an ally. Is someone who cares. Is someone who values us not only as human beings but as gay.

    At the end of the day, you’re either OK with being tolerated or conditionally accepted or you’re not. If we want full equality legally and socially, we need to listen to Parker and do what is necessary for ourselves to ensure it.

  81. BobG says

    Veteran Dude,
    Indeed it is. This site gets linked to religious organizations as well. Since Andy refuses to enforce people signing in to comment, you get left with a majority conservative posters pretending to be gay while spewing anti gay POV. Too obvious, hence why many old regulars moved on from this site.

  82. Observer says

    Unfortunately, we have posters like Rick who use their alias names to make the same homophobic points and I wish we had to login to twitter or facebook to post. Otherwise, you get the same band of trolls posting. I visit other blogs more regularly because it feels more like a community as you see people’s consistent commentary.

  83. woodroad34d says

    No you don’t love them and because you’re not “down” with gay marriage you aren’t treating them the same. Straighten out your thinking, because currently it’s irrational.

  84. DannyEastVillage says

    okay, another dim-bulb who is incapable of reasoning through the “logic” and implications of his position, but can play football. He’s a stereotype that is rapidly becoming extinct, as even the leadership of the NFL have proven repeatedly in recent months. He need to get “with” the real world and stop worrying that saying he’s okay with gay people will somehow make him gay. I’d say he’s suffering from peer pressure from his adolescence and needs to move on.

  85. American says


  86. shawnthesheep says

    So in other words, “I’m not bigoted towards gays, I just don’t believe they deserve equal rights.” Such statements are just so logical. How can we possibly refute them?

  87. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL….I can’t believe I read all these comments–some of which were incredibly stupid. MARK, you’re pure trash, honey.

    Same ol’ jive sh.t…LOL

    Adrian has a gorgeous body, but NOT a gorgeous brain.

    LOL…y’all didn’t have anything to do on Memorial Day?

  88. ADC says

    Homosexual marriage is disgusting and a total farce. Two husbands, or two wives, does NOT constitute a marriage. A marriage is a husband and a wife…period. You’re just trying to socially validate perversion is all.

  89. Lucas H says

    Its funny to me that he says “to each his own” while also saying that he does not support marriage equality. So, “to each their own” except for, well, gays who want to get married.
    Hypocritical, ignorant, or just plain naive?

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