1. JR says

    Considering some dance moves I’ve seen at wedding receptions, I’m surprised anyone reproduces.

  2. ratbastard says

    How many people are truthfully good dancers? I think we’d have far fewer people on this planet if dancing was a requirement for getting laid. But I get the point. Not only does it display good health [and sexual desirability] in an animalistic sort of way, but it’s a primal form of courting.

  3. jamal49 says

    Well, back when I was a dance-club habitue, dancing was a great way to meet some pretty hot guys out on the dance floor. So, uh, yeah, it helped me get laid.

  4. David Hearne says

    Hooking up is what killed the gay disco.

    When I was 18, we all went out as a group to a huge disco in DC. We drank, we danced, we looked fabulous going in and sweaty going out.

    Then there was a split. Friday night the guys started going to a guys only disco and only Saturday was party night. Friday night you hooked up and Saturday you had fun with your friends (male and female, gay and straight).

    Note the split: one night to hook up, one night to have fun.

    Then it got to the point where everyone went out in his own car and if he saw his friends he met them downtown rather than going downtown with them. Hooking up became the only objective. The after-bar coffee klatsch at The American Cafe or Bistro Francais died.

    Gay house parties became fewer and farther between. No one wanted to be so limited. Gay house parties that once might have gone on to the wee hours cleared out by midnight so people could get to the bar.

    AIDS didn’t kill the Disco. Obsession did.

  5. Edward says

    The “get laid” dances almost all come out of Latin America. Doing an authentic Lambada or Rumba or Tango with someone is as close as you get to having sex in public without getting arrested for indecency. It’s the hottest foreplay ever.

    David Hearne: Sounds like you maybe need a new group of friends. I don’t mean that sarcastically. There are plenty of us who still do all the stuff you miss, of all ages.

  6. MateoM says

    I have a hard time believe David Hearne had friends, let alone friends who wanted to be seen with him in public.

  7. Acronym Jim says

    Since when did “hooking up” and “having fun” become mutually exclusive?

    DH, maybe your friends stopped hanging out with you because of your sanctimoniousness.

  8. UFFDA says

    MateoM doesn’t know a damn thing, he certainly can’t tell who’s “lousy”, unless he’s the pot. What a wretch.