1. says

    So we can only marry where straights allow us;
    we can’t adopt children;
    even if married we can’t get the benefits married straights can;
    we can’t bring over our foreign spouses to live with us- they will eventually be arrested and deported;
    we’re not eligible to apply for Green Cards for our married foreign spouses;
    we get beaten up regularly outside gay clubs whether NYC or elsewhere;
    and if we live in Russia Uganda Zambia, Zimbabwe, we should get the hell out if we can;
    oh yes, and we’re going to Hell – the place, not the nightclub.

    Well, who wouldn’t want to be gay ?
    Thank you straights and Christians and Islamics and Mormons and all religious dungheaps of self serving fantasmagorical morality.

  2. Greg says

    Nice editing where they flash from the marriage ceremony back to North Carolina where they are denied the same right to marry. Really brings home the point of inequality made “legal” under state law

  3. Mike says

    History is passing the U.S.The time to act is NOW! Hope that the members of the Supreme Court are cognizant of this fact! There is NO legitimate justification for them to continue to deny the right of ALL citizens of the United States to be treated as equals. ABSOLUTELY NONE!!!

  4. UFFDA says

    This is so wildly good. Evidence. Hard, implaccable Evidence, with four sons attached, that these loving men are the household heads of a loving family. Sometimes it comes across more intensely than other times: for me this video makes it especially clear that society must and will make the changes necessary to fully include same-sex relationships and, when chosen, the marriage that is natural to them. What a thrill.

  5. Jake says

    Jack: You’ve only got one life. If you want to live the woe is me version knock yourself out.