1. One of the CA 36,000 says

    Oh, that’s easy. Here’s a sample of how it will be done (H/T: Kids in the Hall):

  2. bructer says

    Can’t take your own medicine. Now you what what it feels like you religious nuts

  3. says

    I don’t mind that at all. Leave the tolerance Christians alone, crush the homophobic Christians. This is God’s command. The bible clearly says so.

  4. Geoff says

    Wrong. I will ignore Christers with exactly the same vehemence and force I always have…almost since birth. Nothing will change for me at all.

  5. anon says

    please stop posting the response of these anti-gay bigots. “WHO CARES” why are we giving their voices a platform. why are we empowering them by even listening to them.

  6. Matt26 says

    How illogical! There is no connection between today’s decisions and ‘crushing’ Christians.

  7. danswon says

    I hope they’re right. Christianity, Islam, and all these other evil religions should be wiped off the face of the earth.

  8. Sean in Dallas says

    If marriage equality crushes Christians, then they’re pretty f*cking weak.

    For being in the “right hand of God,” as they believe they are, these people sure have some THIN SKIN.

  9. says

    Agree with anon. The time to stop posting anti-gay positions starts today. Listening only makes them feel like they have something valid to say.

  10. Christians Can Suck It says

    These people really damn themselves when they argue that their “faith” is being crushed by having a law invalidated which they have used to hate and discriminate against gays & lesbians. These types of so-called “christians” are nothing but liars and cowards. Eff them all.

  11. Derek says

    Mark I like that. Also, lets stop airing these people. They are so clearly on the wrong side and while we still have a ways to go they will be marginalized every day that goes by.

  12. Derek says

    Its also interesting that these people shot all their wad in 2000s. There isnt anything else they can do but what their work get repealed and rescinded. Imagine if all that hard work and money they poured into this would have gone to feeding the homeless or educating people.

  13. Mark says

    I for one am relishing all the wailing and gnashing of teeth on the side of the religious right today, as displayed on this site and sites like They are up in arms because their sphere of influence is declining as time goes on, as it should. It’s wonderful to watch humanity evolve away from superstition and mass delusion, even if it’s only one baby step at a time.

  14. Jeff says

    Oh these wingnuts are completely hysterical! And by that, I mean funny hysterical! Well, the other hysterical, too, now that you mention it…

  15. Incognito? says

    Oh these poor, poor souls. How will they ever cope? Suck it up, just as we have for the past 1,000 years you fu*kwads! And not to be a nega nelly, or rain on this whole we have conquered parade, (regarding prop 8 and the DOMA defeat), but look at how narrowly both passed. 5-4, meaning that nearly half of our judicial system still views us as what? The lowest of all low life? Not deserving of their utmost piety? Reminds me of Maine and its legalization of same sex marriage. 53-47%, meaning nearly half the people you meet feel you are not equal. WOW! And since when did popular voting, regarding civil rights, become the norm? Where was the ACLU through all this? Equality can not be voted on at the state level, fuc8n DUH!!! End rant.

  16. says

    Crush Christianity ! It has destroyed many of our pre-existing cultures, pimped our pagan archaeological sites, ransacked our Celtic gods, stolen our mythologies and absorbed our festival days into their bland subservient rituals.
    Christianity has stripped Rome and invented Trinity gods to replace well established gods and worst of all Christianity smugly looks down at and belittles other traditions.
    The anti-rationality and the dumb requirement of belief in what cannot be substantiated makes Christianity no better than our old gods. Let’s have them back at least they were more colourful and less needy in their demand to be “praised” all the time.

  17. anon says

    I’m not at all sure why they are so upset about this. From their perspective, not much is changed. Federal benefits law has zippo to do with religion. 32 states have bans against ssm and Prop 8 has to go back to federal court.

  18. D.R.H. says

    No, just STFU. That’s all anyone sane is asking of them. Go to your churches, pray to your silly “gods”, and STFU. Done. End of story.

  19. Raybob says

    Er, playing the victim, that is – casting themselves in the role of the oppressed. I guess it plays better on TV.

  20. Bryan says

    Now that we’ve wrecked marriage and guaranteed the destruction of Christianism, can we do something about golf?

  21. woodroad34d says

    Having grown up in a Baptist environment, I can tell Bryan Fisher one thing…religion is what crushes people. People’s spirit, empathy,and society are all crushed by dung beetles like Bryan Fisher and his ilk — I love the word “ilk”; it just exudes slime, manure, filth, and superstition.

  22. UFFDA says

    My head is rolling back and forth on my arm on the table. This is so funny, so delicious I feel malicious.

  23. millerbeach says

    What planet are these freaks from? Mars? Nancy said it best….WHO CARES! Keep that pie hole spewing, sweetie. Why aren’t you in a kitchen somewhere trying to please your man? The Bible says you should be, not sounding ignorant on television. Go sound ignorant in your kitchen, where only your husband has to hear you. You do have a husband, don’t you? Then serve him like the good, submissive wife you should be but are not.

  24. Nelson says

    I wonder if these fundie people realize just how narcissistic it is of them to think that everything is about them…….or will affect them in any way.

  25. John says

    “Crushed”. Be careful what you manifest, Tim Willdmon, because I’d love to crush the so-called Christians. Crush them like a cockroach, so I can hear the crunch. Yeah, that would be satisfying.

  26. Incognito? says

    I say push these tards into a closet where they feel like outcasts. Afraid to be who they are. Force them into having to hook up with each other in clandestine places. Then arrest the f*cks and embarrass them publicly. That just might come close to our reality! And isn’t that where Christianity was not to long ago. How soon they forget, and so quick to judge. Obviously the history books were lost in their library. End Rant

  27. Incognito? says

    Oh, and for those who are religious, yet accept diversity and recognise personal, cultural and racial differences, that comment was not meant for you! End Rant