Bill and Hillary Clinton Praise Supreme Court Marriage Ruling

ClintonsFormer President Bill Clinton (who signed DOMA into law in 1996) and Hillary Clinton released a joint statement today on the Supreme Court rulings on DOMA and Proposition 8:

By overturning the Defense of Marriage Act, the Court recognized that discrimination towards any group holds us all back in our efforts to form a more perfect union. We are also encouraged that marriage equality may soon return to California. We applaud the hard work of the advocates who have fought so relentlessly for this day, and congratulate Edie Windsor on her historic victory.


  1. Rick says

    Two self-involved, opportunistic snakes in the grass who have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for gay people in their entire damn lives.

    Thanks are in order, though, to Republican Ted Olson….and to Republican Anthony Kennedy for making this win possible.

    And thanks to Republican Susan Collins for making DADT repeal happen, while Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton sat on their hands and were ready to let it die.

  2. Rick says

    Then again, the only thing I’ve ever done for gay people is to come online and blame effeminate men for my own inability to get laid, and ever step out of the closet.

    You pathetic queens need to understand that this is a really tough day for me. Everyone is out celebrating, but I’m not because I’m in my fifties and am still not Out, so I think you’re all to blame for that.

    Just now I was looking out my window and saw some effeminate girly diva-worshipping twinks pirouetting down the street and cheering and hugging straight people, because everyone seems pretty thrilled about the news today. But I’m not thrilled, because every time the USA takes a great step toward social progress, it makes my excuses for being a cowardly closeted grown-adult even less valid than the day before.

    Weep for me. Nobody else will.

  3. jtramon says


    Wow-you sound like a self-loathing, miserable old man who regularly tries to swill your hatred onto others.

    Get up off your a*s for once, open the blinds, and take a walk outside into the sunshine and see the wonderful world we have. And be thankful.

    Without Obama, Clinton-and left up to the Republicans-we’d all be sitting around just as miserable as, well, YOU.

    It’s a Happy Day!

  4. Rick says

    No. The streets are filled right now with stereotypical effeminate diva-worshipping gay men who hate masculine men like me who are so masculine that we comment on the internet telling people how masculine we are.

    This is not a happy day. It’s only a happy day for gay men who don’t resent being gay and I completely resent being gay. Don’t you realize that every time the government breaks down another barrier of anti-gay prejudice that I have fewer and fewere excuses to continue being such a complete and utter wimp?

    And by the way, I am also very unattractive and I’ve been told I smell like rotten cabbage.

  5. Eric says

    But they don’t mention that Bill signed DOMA in the first place.

    Republicans have learned that they should always support the far-right parts of their party, no matter how outlandish. Democrats consistently aim for the middle. The result is that we keep drifting further and further right.

  6. Rad says

    So back on the topic; after watching Bill and Hillary dance next to Melissa Etheridge and her (then) partner at his inauguration, then the very next week, sign DOMA into law, I realized we (gays) were only there to get him the votes and nothing more. That long with his his “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell”. He’s done just so much for us.

    Hypocrite comes to mind.

  7. Rick says

    Actually, this is a happy day for the very tiny percentage of gay people who form committed relationships and who, by doing so, seek to be a part of the social mainstream.

    Neither the Court, with this verdict, nor society in general, have put their stamp of approval on the kind of shiftless, dysbunctional, self-destructive, socially marginal lives led by effeminate, “gender-non-conforming” individuals, whose severe emotional damage prevents them from having anything resembling a loving relationship with another male human being….and who will therefore, of course, never even be in a position to contemplate marrying someone.

    Men who hate men and all things masculine are incapable of loving another man or attaching themselves to one for any length of time.

    But for those handful of individuals who do behave responsibly and deserve to be accepted into the social mainstream, this is, indeed, a happy day…..

  8. Brian says

    @Red: DOMA was signed in to law in September 1996. Not remotely close to the Inauguration but clearly in the middle of his re-election. “You are entitled to your own opinion, not to your own facts.”

  9. Rick says

    There are all these pathetic glittery twinks parading in the streets right now. It makes me sick. Don’t they know that respectable masculine gay men sit at home on their computers hiding away from the world so that nobody knows that they’re gay?

    Just now, just NOW, I saw two girly effeminate gays kissing. Why has nobody told them that they’re not allowed to fall in love and enjoy life? I’d go out and tell them, but I don’t leave my house.


  10. Rick says

    Listen, you pathetic liberal effeminates. I’m in my mid-fifties and am completely closeted so I’m not terribly sane. Leave me alone and let me comment and speak my mind. If I stop doing this I’ll be forced to accept that I’ve completely wasted my life while those pathetic effeminate girly gay men outside in the streets are enjoying theirs.

    Do not, DO NOT, make me accept the reality that the men I was raised to loathe are enjoying their own lives while I’m hating every minute of my own. Not today. NOT today!

  11. YouLikeMe! says

    When the rice and confetti have been swept away, the champagne long gone flat, many of us will find our lives have suddenly become not more free, but less.

  12. ChristopherM says

    One democrat who previously supported DOMA cheers its removal and Rick is all butt hurt. Three republicans support marriage out of thousands who violently oppose it and he’s ready to throw them a parade. B!tch, please. Go back to fapping to your sweater vest signed by Rick Santorum you ignorant house f@ggot.

  13. Joe in Ct says

    It’s a bad day for gay guys like me who have put off marriage.

    Throughout my 16-year live-in relationship with another man I have been able to put off the prospect of marriage by relying on DOMA as my rationale. There seemed no point in getting married even though it’s legal in CT until the repeal of DOMA conferred federal benefits. Well now I’ve lost that reliable old justification. Any minute now my partner will be asking the proverbial question again. I’ll have to think of something, but it won’t be as compelling. Anyway, coming up with a fresh excuse for not wanting to get married is a great problem to have. :) Maybe it’s time…

  14. YouLikeMe! says

    …Because the pinnacle of Gayness is not finding a long lasting and loving relationship, but sitting in a gay bar for forty years pouring Chanpagne and Confetti on your self.

  15. Rick says

    Don’t you pathetic liberal queens who are also effeminate and hate masculinity realize that I only come on here every day to make my stupid comments because it’s literally the ONLY thing keeping me alive?

    I have to look out my window and see these disgusting stereotypical effeminate girly gay men out celebrating in the streets and it just makes me sick. It’s not FAIR that those effeminate little gender-nonconformists are out having fun and celebrating and I don’t have the balls to do it. And yes, it IS their fault.

  16. Joey says

    Rick: don’t you think it is time you stepped out, however tentatively, and sampled some fresh air as yourself, not who you pretend to be….it’s not the swishy queens who give us a bad image with the right, but self-loathing individuals like you who condemn those of us trying to make the world a better place where YOU will not have to hide. Grow some and man up to who/what you are.

  17. Rick says

    I don’t need to do anything and I don’t need to come out. Masculine men like me are not the problem, the problem are effeminate men who are not afraid of straight men. If you queens did what I did and pretended to be straight when you’re out in public then anti-gay prejudice would not exist.

  18. Kevin F says

    I agree. I really don’t give a damn what Bill Clinton has to say on this topic. If Anything the SCOTUS just bailed his opportunistic ass out of sling.

    I say celebrate, but celebrate the countless LGBY folks and allies who actually made today possible. I don’t wish to think of the Clintons on this day.

  19. Derek says

    Brian I think he was referring to DADT. That was december 1993. regardless, these two have done less than many republicans to help gay rights. Only now are they on board when so many have moved forward. These people will do anything to maintain power and thats not respectable. Having power and that not doing anything positive with it seems like a waste to me.

  20. FakeOutrage says

    This Rick guy does sound like the “stereotypical” angry older white gay guy who never found anyone to settle down with but blames “them” (whoever they are..fems, blacks, redheads) rather than admit the reason he is older and alone is because of his own issues.

  21. Latreece Royale says

    @rick: “this is a really tough day for me.”

    Girl, what makes you think any of this is about YOU? Go back into the closet if you hate yourself so much. More room for the rest of us to celebrate.

  22. HOCKEYJOCK says

    God, Rick, you really have to look at yourself : your only goal is to ruin good news. Really. You are an irritance to almost everyone on this site ; go away. Really.

    I don’t believe for ONE SECOND that you are a ‘masculine guy’, if you were, you wouldn’t have to yap on and on and on about it day in and day out. What the hell is your problem? Yes, many of us are, but we aren’t so obsessed with it we cannot tolerate anyone else who is not EXACTLY like us. That’s your problem. You are only capable of seeing the world from your own viewpoint, and not realising it is comprised of many different kinds of people, and that is DAMN RUDE to consider yourself the best person on earth. I can guarantee you, everyone on this site is sick of your BS. Please, go find a republican anti-gay site that you can feel welcome in. Gtfo off this site, I’m fed up with you and so is everyone else.

    On a lighter note, applause to the Clintons. Run Hilary, run, what a woman, what service she has done for our coutnry. Love her!!!

  23. Neil says

    @Rick (and/or whoever is pretending to be Rick): There is only one way to alter the public perception that most gay men are effeminate, and that is by outnumbering them with visible masculine gay men. There are more than enough masculine gay men to do this.

    If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem. Pretending to be straight is not a solution. Sorry.

  24. Henry Holland says

    Andy, *please* go to a registration format so that threads like this aren’t hijacked by LittleKiwi and his ilk pretending to be other people.

    As for the Clintons, get stuffed you two grifters. ABH 2016 (Anyone But Hillary 2016).

  25. FFS says

    Oh, sure. This is their position now that the polls show most Americans feel this way and it’s not the least bit inconvenient for them to take this stance. Damn shame they didn’t develop their enlightened view back when it actually could have made a difference.

    I’ve never understood why the part puts up with their nonsense. These two make me sick.

  26. Tom Cardellino says

    Wow! This guy so-called “Rick” herein is getting for free his cathartic psychological help. Trust me, though, Rick, you need in-person truly talented psychiatric assistance or someday soon you’ll no longer be posting here and we’ll all be left to speculate as to what was your chosen means of suicide. Get help, please. Not one human being with a conscience wants to see you do yourself in from the immense amount of self-loathing that you are sloppily and otherwise obviously exhibiting. Even you are worth saving from such a deep well of self-denigration alarmingly routinely printed out here in your very dark rooted comments. Try first an 800 number, like the Trevor Project. Or, if you’re as very old as you sound, just try your local suicide prevention numbers, okay?

  27. truthteller says

    LOL @ Rick,

    He writes:

    “Men who hate men and all things masculine are incapable of loving another man or attaching themselves to one for any length of time.”

    I thought those were heterosexual men!

    Oh well, who needs logic when your inner-demons do all the talking.

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