Indiana Governor Mike Pence Admits Removing Pro-Gay Comments from Facebook, Apologizes

Indiana Governor Mike Pence issued an apology on his official Facebook page today after accusations that he and/or his staffers had deleted pro-equality comments from the same page following the Supreme Court decision this week.

The Indy Star reported:Pence

The commenters were responding to the posting Wednesday of Pence’s statement expressing his renewed support for putting a proposed state constitutional ban on gay marriage before Indiana voters in 2014. Some said they believe their comments were deleted simply because they opposed the governor’s position, not because they were disrespectful.

Pence said on Thursday that the comments were being deleted because they were "uncivil" but today Pence admits the truth.

Writes Pence today:

"I believe that civility and respect for the opinion of others is essential to the democratic process. I also believe in the Freedom of Speech. Over the past 24 hours, I became aware of concerns that comments responding to my statement of support for traditional marriage were being deleted from this Facebook page because they disagreed with my stated position.

Our longstanding policy, on this and other social media sites, has been to delete inflammatory comments that include name-calling, vulgarity or comments personally insulting to others. It was my understanding that the comments which were deleted all met this standard.

On careful review, it appear that this was not always the case and some comments were being deleted simply because they expressed disagreement with my position. I regret that this occurred and sincerely apologize to all those who were affected.

I have instructed our staff to review our policy and develop a standard of conduct similar to that of other elected officials and news organizations in the days ahead. We will post that policy prominently on this site. Hoosiers expect our public debate to be open and respectful and we will ever seek to live up to that standard. In agreement or disagreement, I respect the opinions and the freedoms of all the people of Indiana."

The censorship was being documented by an online site called Pencership.


  1. says

    I was the original person to notify the Indianapolis Star, so I’ve been keeping this close to my heart.

    After the apology was issued (which still didn’t hit on the real problem of our bigoted governor), comments were still being deleted. I have issued a statement to the office of Governor Pence about this and explained to them that there will be more public backlash. There are new screen shots up at The creator of #pencership, Andrew Markle, will be on Indiana Wish-TV. WRTV is also in possession of screen shots from after the apology.

  2. Nick says

    Mr. Carver… Mitch Daniels is the former governor and now President of Purdue. Mr. Pence, the current governor, makes Mitch look like a saint.

    I was one of the original comments deleted, too, and I said nothing that was offensive. Luckily, I took a screen shot, too.

  3. johnny says

    This Pence clown fits our red state perfectly. White, middle-aged, conservative, bigoted, wealthy, politically connected to just about every big corp in the state and won’t go away until he gets too old to hold an office at which point he’ll be a consultant and earn even more money.

    Ah, the state of Indiana.

  4. Lifesart says

    In 1967, when I arrived from New York as a Freshman at IU, I was naively surprised by the bigotry of my Indiana roommates. Close to 50 years later, not much has changed. Where does the hate come from?!

  5. John says

    When I arrived at Graduate School at Purdue in 1985, I learned that most of the male members of my class had joined the KKK in High School. They spoke of it like it was something benign, like a club. I went through 4 years of being penalized for being different. This does not surprise me in the least.

  6. Rexford says

    @ Lifesart & John – My opinion of Indina concurs. I had a good friend who took a job in a suburb of Indianapolis in the late 80s, and she would regularly tell me about the bigotry of those around her. She herself was actually “warned” not to get too friendly with black men being that she was a single white female. She indicated that remnants of the Indiana KKK seemed to be everywhere. After doing some research on how embedded the klan had once been in the state, she was shocked that she’d moved to such an environment.

  7. Zeta says

    Deleting posts which don’t jib with a site’s Point of View is standard operating procedure for every political site — left and right — I’ve ever been on. I think the excuse mods use is ‘opposing viewpoints is trolling’.

  8. Taxpayer says

    Huge to thank you to Audrey Keating and Andy Markle for your diligence and very important work here.

    Pence should be much more concerned about the image of his state, including its business climate, than he appears to be.

  9. B self says

    In agreement or disagreement, I respect the opinions and the freedoms of all the people of Indiana.”

    If that is true why is gay marriage illegal?

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