1. Neil says

    I do like you, Stephen. So a salute and farewell to your mother with my thanks. Condolences to you and your family.

  2. Caliban says

    Every time Stephen Colbert has talked about his mother in the past it was done with such obvious pride and affection. When his sister ran for SC governor one article I read mentioned how every time she spoke of her mother she got a little teary. Lorna Colbert must have been an awesome woman and mother.

    In this tribute Stephen Colbert mentions his mother’s religious faith many times, as he has spoken about his own Catholic faith on his show and in interviews. I’ve read he teaches Sunday School at his church and his faith is apparently real and an integral part of him. He is also one of the gay community’s staunchest allies, bringing up gay issues and having gay guests frequently, much more often than The Daily Show does, for instance.

    As an atheist I have often been dismissive and critical of religious belief in the past and no doubt will be again in the future. But my problem isn’t really with faith itself but how people express it, use it as a basis for hate and exclusion, and wield it as a weapon. However, I *do* believe there is such a thing as “good faith,” that it can be a powerful source of comfort and good works in the right believers. Stephen Colbert exemplifies that kind of good faith and it seems he learned that at his mother’s knee. So for that I say “Rest in peace, Lorna Colbert. You done good.”

  3. YsoSerious says


    I am sure she was always proud of Stephen. And even when she wasn’t, she never let him see it.

    Excellent video, excellent parent.

  4. ChadSF says

    I don’t watch the Colbert Show and I know i should. This tribute was very touching and like every on here, I salute the late Lorna Colbert for raising such an excellent man like Stephen Colbert.

  5. fdny says

    That was Lovely
    Not sure how he did that without a breakdown!

    Next Friday will be 1 year since my Mom passed @ 94
    I just brought up so much