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Right-Wing Group Calls For States To Secede Over SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Rulings

Renew America, a right-wing group that has previously published articles pondering whether gay marriage will bring about the Anti-Christ, reacted to the recent Supreme Court marriage equality victories by asking which states should begin seceding from the union.

Paul Craft, webmaster of writes: Statemap

June 26, 2013, is the beginning of the end for the United States of America. Christians, conservatives, and liberals to a small degree, who believe in the Judeo-Christian values of our forefathers will find them boxed in by the government police… From my perspective, for us to follow the laws handed down by God, we have only one option and that is to secede from the union…

The big question is, what state or states would secede from the union? My belief is if just one state would secede others would shortly follow because things will only get worse. If a new nation is formed under the Laws given down by God and the values passed down by our forefathers, this new nation will be blessed. The new nation can take the constitution as handed down by our forefathers since America is in the process of abandoning it.

Craft's article fits within Renew America's usual offerings — earlier this year they published an article entitled, "Satan's 10 commandments to the homosexual lobby".

Craft's rhetoric also follows a trend of right-wing calls to war over the legalization of gay marriage: last week, the so-called American Decency Association called the rulings "as bad as Pearl Harbor" and several prominent conservative leaders signed a pledge urging citizens to defy the court ruling. Last year, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council said legalizing gay marriage would lead to revolution and several years back, National Organization for Marriage board member Orson Scott Card wrote an essay calling for Americans to rise up and destroy any government that attempts to redefine marriage.

For those of you interested in what the United Gaytes of America will look like after all the non-marriage states secede, click on the image above. (Image via McClatchy-Tribune)

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  1. neo-confederates

    they wanted to secede due to civil rights, they wanted to secede when obama was elected, they've wanted to secede when betty-lue farted at the church picnic

    meh, for people who claim to love america so much they sure do want to break it apart at a drop of a hat = pearl clutching drama queens

    Posted by: Moz's | Jun 29, 2013 12:03:50 PM

  2. These people are traitors...they never believe in the principles of America. Selfish, amoral, unsocial, theocratic. Scum of the earth. If they want a totally one-minded place to live let them go to an island somewhere.

    Posted by: woodroad34d | Jun 29, 2013 12:14:07 PM

  3. Here go the Christian Theocrates again, they are closer to radical Islam then they are to what America is supposed to stand for. Doesn't feel so good when you feel prosecuted, Does it, a little taste of their own medicine.

    Posted by: bructer | Jun 29, 2013 12:20:52 PM

  4. If these folks really want to see the anti-Christ they need only look in the mirror.

    Posted by: Dan Mc | Jun 29, 2013 12:22:16 PM

  5. Why do you give these crazy fringe groups this much power? This much type space? You can always find the nut if you dig deep enough. These are the insane with a computer, don't dignify them by writing about them. We know there are people who are crazy and unhappy about this, but this is ridiculous drama that is of no importance. All the milestones in the history of equality have been followed with this kind of idiocy.

    Posted by: Bart | Jun 29, 2013 12:24:14 PM

  6. We all know that secession by any state has no chance in hell. We we can do is SHOVE gay marriage right down their throats again and again and again.

    It drives them nuts!

    Posted by: Mike Ryan | Jun 29, 2013 12:36:07 PM

  7. Food? Medicine? Technology? Defense? Oh, yeah. They have The Bible for all that. Never mind.

    Posted by: Geoff | Jun 29, 2013 12:38:49 PM

  8. I see your point, Bart, but I feel these crazies need to be talked about and highlighted! Shinning a light on these lunatics helps our cause!

    Posted by: Joe | Jun 29, 2013 12:40:14 PM

  9. Of course, the most virulently anti-gay states are also the poorest and least able to survive on their own without the massive help they get from the federal government. It's like the person who can't swim threatening to jump overboard. I say, let them try it for a while. Any state that wants to defy the federal government should immediately be cut off from all federal aid. See how long they last.

    Posted by: e.c. | Jun 29, 2013 12:42:05 PM

  10. Good idea. They'll go bankrupt in no time.

    Posted by: Steve | Jun 29, 2013 12:42:25 PM

  11. Go!

    Posted by: ger | Jun 29, 2013 12:45:41 PM

  12. Let them go. It is well documented that most red states take much more from the Federal government than they pay in taxes. I would love to see how secession works out for them.

    Posted by: PeteP | Jun 29, 2013 12:46:41 PM

  13. Why doesn't the Federal Government arrest these groups for treason while it tries to arrest Snowden? It appears as if Snowden wants to save the country while these groups want to destroy it.

    Posted by: trees | Jun 29, 2013 12:57:43 PM

  14. Here's a phrase we've all heard from them, time and time again: "If you don't like our laws, move to another country." I don't see why they don't take their own advice.

    Posted by: John in Houston | Jun 29, 2013 12:58:12 PM

  15. To paraphrase Nancy Pelosi... "Who Cares..."

    This is just a fund raising tool, these people could care less about "The sanctity of marriage", especially when most of them have been married several times... what they care about is the gravy train of $$$ from idiotic people who like to stare at shiny objects...

    One more thing, the Supreme Court ruled during the time of the civil war that there is no going back. Unlike marriage where you can get divorced, the union between the states and Federal government is forever, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, until the end of the world.

    Posted by: Gerry | Jun 29, 2013 1:08:44 PM

  16. as long as this nation calls for the death penalty for those who eat pork, have tattoos, or use mixed fabrics, I think it's actually pretty reasonable.

    Posted by: denizo | Jun 29, 2013 1:13:44 PM

  17. "Hillbilly Heaven"...the next red state cable network. Can't wait to see dirty, toothless, uneducated and classless having a country they can call their own.

    Posted by: PAUL B. | Jun 29, 2013 1:19:41 PM

  18. hey, fools! read Alito's dissension. he points out that marriage was 'redefined' when romantic love was introduced into the concept of marriage! oh, btw, that happened universally about 100 years ago & he wants to go back to it. before that, it was all contract law.......

    Posted by: mike/ | Jun 29, 2013 1:56:09 PM

  19. I'm bound to say that if the "crischuns" were to leave this would be a better country.

    Posted by: DannyEastVillage | Jun 29, 2013 2:04:55 PM

  20. if a sordid history of slavery, segregation and treating healthcare as a way to make rich people wealthier and not sick people healthier didn't "bring about the AntiChrist" then i'm pretty darn sure gays and lesbians marrying won't do it.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Jun 29, 2013 2:13:54 PM

  21. it's like when you cut the head of a snake off with a shovel for a few moments there is this terrible thrashing and writhing about and violent spasms ....and then all is quiet and peaceful

    If they do go somewhere or start a new nation I'd like to suggest maybe they could call it Jurassic Park or Stone Age Nation

    Posted by: death throes anyone? | Jun 29, 2013 2:30:57 PM

  22. secession was all about extending civil rights to blacks during the civil war.
    and secession is all about extending civil rights to gays now.

    Posted by: woody | Jun 29, 2013 2:31:30 PM

  23. please let them go and stop the drain the federal budget and raise the country's education scores by 40 points. then maybe we could even get congress working again . it would also take religion out of government

    Posted by: walter | Jun 29, 2013 2:42:50 PM

  24. So who's gonna pay the welfare tab for those states that secede? Looks to me like the wealthy job-creating states are the ones legalizing same-sex marriage - and the holdouts are the "net takers" from the system.

    Posted by: Steve | Jun 29, 2013 2:46:08 PM

  25. This is outright treason and sedition. If necessary for patriotic Americans to preserve our union, then it may be obligatory to exercise our Second Amendment rights against these evangelical traitors. I'm ready and I hope everyone else is. The time for tolerating this evangelical scum is officially over.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Jun 29, 2013 3:09:10 PM

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