1. Terry says

    “And by the way, it’s unconscionable that those whiny parasites who are demanding federal assistance after losing their homes are continued to be allowed to mooch off the government”

  2. newz4i says

    Romney: “I wish the hurricane hadn’t have happened …”

    Really now. This guy forgets about all those other people who too wish this hurricane hadn’t of happened.

    This statement brings back memories of the “47%”.

  3. says

    It’s already become impossible to imagine that ANYONE really thought this slimy creature had a chance of becoming President. A little speck on history before he faded into clueless, privileged oblivion.

  4. e.c. says

    And again, it’s never that people rejected his policy ideas or position on the issues (which changed by the minute) or that people just didn’t like HIM, no it’s always some outside factor.

    Delusional much?

  5. Mike Ryan says

    Mitt Romney lost because he is and has always been an a**hole. He can whine and blame his failure to win on the bad witch or the wind they call Mariah but the bottom line is Mitt Romney has never been anything more than an a**hole.

  6. Dback says

    Well, he’s not entirely wrong; Sandy did indeed give Obama a chance to get off the campaign trail and look like he was tending to the important business, and his partnership with Christie was a big factor in swinging independent voters. However, I honestly don’t think Romney is a bad man, just an out of touch one, and this whining is beneath him. (You want evil inthe GOP, I give you Ted Cruz for starters.)

  7. abie says

    Mittens can make all the excuses he wants to, but the reason he lost the election looks back at him in the mirror every day.

  8. chip321 says

    Sandy and the tropical storm that cancelled one day of the GOP convention in Tampa proved God did NOT want Mittens to win.

  9. Maguitac says

    Odd that such a religious man considers an act of nature unforgivable betrayal to his chances at “presidenting”.

    What was he doing again when Sandy hit? What was the Republican Party doing: During, and more importantly, AFTER Sandy hit?

    Yeah. An act of God when it suits their purposes of punishing innocents, but an act of nature when it disagrees with their own heinous plans.

  10. Michael says

    Wow, it’s not “I wish hurricane Sandy didn’t happen because it wrecked so much havoc on countless people” but “I wish hurricane Sandy didn’t happen because it wrecked so much havoc on my campaign.”

    The man is a complete psychopath.

  11. Eddie says

    To use the logic we hear from evangelicals after every natural disaster:

    Hurricane Sandy ruined Romney’s chances of being President. Therefore, since God sent Sandy, God must have wanted Obama reelected.

  12. trees says

    Why didn’t Romney try to look presidential after the hurricane? Why blame Obama for looking presidential? What’s his problem?

  13. KuMiCu says

    Michael pointed out the obvious – for Republicans it’s about themselves and for Democrats it’s about others (not that Democrats are perfect…) but that is what the difference between “looking presidential” versus “being presidential”.

    And didn’t his son say his father really didn’t want to be president? Why he is bitching about it then? Please go away Romney and take your family with you.

  14. gr8guya says

    He always states that the 47% line was “taken out of context” or he “misspoke” or he didn’t say it “elegantly.” But, in fact, this is exactly how he feels and has lived his political life in those terms.

    Probably the most significant event of the election was that quote. And, to the credit of voters, they got his true message. And rejected him on those terms.

    What I have come to see is that Republicans simply lack empathy. They fail to understand the problems of others, unless it has some impact on them. The poster boy for this is Rob Portman. He only sided for equal marriage rights because his son is gay. (Too bad his son isn’t poor, out of work, and can’t get a good education.) So, Portman did the right thing – but for the wrong reason.

    Democrats understand the feelings and plights of others and want
    to help.

  15. Patrick says

    How about just be honest with yourself Mitt and say, “The American people rejected me because they didn’t want another homophobic Chickenhawk twit as president.” You didn’t lose because of a hurricane. Stop making excuses.

  16. says

    An elitist, a bully, a homophobe, who despises poor people and wishes the hurricane Sandy didn’t happen because it affected him……how delusional, how superior, how self absorbed.

    I don’t think that the USA can afford another era of insane neo fascism of the Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheney junta.

  17. Gry says

    “Maybe it sounds mean
    But I really don’t think so
    You asked for the truth and I told you
    Through their own words
    They will be exposed
    They’ve got a severe case of
    The emperor’s new clothes.”

    Obama was shrewd enough to know that a disaster of that proportion required Federal funds. Mitt, meanwhile, acted like the church in Grover’s Corners had caught fire, starting a canned food drive.

    The Republican response to mass disaster: turn to local charities and your neighbors for aid. Little people, take care of yourselves.

    Never one did he ask any of his billionaire PAC sugar daddies — who blew untold billions on his campaign — to simply cut checks for disaster aid instead.

    Truly, the private sector is the answer, and Mitt’s campaign convinced me of that.

  18. tinkerbelle says

    Ha ha,I had forgotten the canned goods food drive, wasn’t THAT something? It was definitely over for Mittsy-Boo-Hoo at that moment, and it was so obvious that his Republican entourage couldn’t even bother to get any facts about the storm and its magnitude before letting him make such a fool of himself. Although that doesn’t explain all the other times he made a fool of himself, thank God the American people (well, enough of them) voted with intelligence.
    I was just yesterday re-running the Carl Rove meltdown during the Ohio vote returns. When is someone (Oliver Stone, are you listening?) going to do the movie about Romney’s campaign? It still makes me want to pee in my pants, and I’m discrete.

  19. Peter Haan says

    Sure looks like Romney has had plastic surgery recently…and yeah, still selling door-to-door.

  20. thepolarbeast says

    Who cares what he thinks about fairness? Like he has treated all of his employees fairly.

  21. BobN says

    I think it’s time for legal authorities to step in and get that poor horse away from these sociopaths.

  22. Graphicjack says

    The fact that he said, I wish the hurricane wouldn’t have happened “when it did” speaks volumes. He doesn’t care much that the hurricane happened, only that it gave the President the chance to appear “presidential”. And that, my friends, is why it’s vital that a cold hearted Rethug never gets in the Oval Office again.

  23. Jpseph says

    Could’ve, would’ve, should’ve, oh my! The man’s a loser in more ways than one.

  24. woodroad34d says

    “I wish the hurricane hadn’t have happened …”

    Mitt-poo, now you know how we feel about you.

  25. Caliban says

    He regrets Hurricane Sandy hadn’t happened “when it did” because of how it effected HIM?! Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Sociopaths!

    And the only thing that prevented him from getting out there and acting “Presidential,” offering effective leadership, was his own small-mindedness and even smaller heart.

  26. desmond says

    That’s a spin job that plays well at the country club. And you just have to go out and socialize and show off the new face, otherwise all that effort was for naught.

    How working Americans could even consider electing a president who only paid some taxes because it became politically embarrassing to admit that he usually pays none!

    Was this part of a documentary: When Elephants Weep?

  27. Bernie says

    thank god he wasn’t president during Hurrican Sandy…it would have been a repeat of Bush and Katrina…..anyway, I digress…….this idiot Romney was solely responsible for his loss, not any hurricane or anything else….he is deeply out of touch with himself and the voters…

  28. Red says

    And it’s disgusting that CNN thinks he’s still a worthy interview subject. What are they kissing that losers ass for? This is why CNN dies in the ratings.

  29. Seth says

    Hey Mitt: I wish the hurricane hadn’t hit when it did either, my father might still be alive today. F%^ktard.

  30. robroy says

    And once again we see the real problem with Mittens- he has absolutely no ability to empathize or relate to other humans. Its really quite bizarre. I really think that in his mind life is an endless set of management/business exercises from grad school. And whoever can pivot, slide and be most variable wins. He probably doesn’t even consider lying lying. Its just what he does to achieve his goal which in his mind is completely necessary since he is obviously the most deserving person on planet Earth…

  31. Joseph Singer says

    Romney shows again that he doesn’t give a shít about anyone other than his own success.

  32. aj says

    You lost because you are an insentive, mysogynistic, parasitic, evil and just plain horrible person!! You were a horrible governor, and as a Presidential Candidate you offered no hope, no change and certainly nothing of substance!!! Please PLEASE go away!! and Towleroad please NO MORE ROMNEY STORIES!!!

  33. uflyguy says

    “And there were other things that didn’t help my campaign, either”…. Like me opening my mouth and speaking…

  34. Mark says

    “I wish the hurricane hadn’t have happened…when it did.”

    God hates you, Mittens. And so do I, you self-centered prick.

  35. Joe says

    Yes, Mitt, the hurricane was God’s way of saying that in no way would he allow you to become President.

  36. Andrew says

    Romney allowed Obama to share the spotlight with Chris Christie. During a disaster, Romney was no where to be found near New Yawk and New Jersey. Instead he was doing the tired old typical Republican moves: campaigning in Ohio and swing states. That to me shows a lack of integrity. He should have put the blue state/ red state divide aside and showed compassion for those devastated by Sandy. At such a move might have motivated voters in the very swing states where he focused.