Russia To Ban Adoptions For Foreign Gay Couples

Last week Russian officials continued to make threats they would ban child adoptions to all couples in France – simply due to the recent introduction of marriage equality in that country.


Today we get word that a top Russian official says Russia is taking steps to prohibit the adoption of children to all foreign same-sex couplesAccording to Reuters, "an amendment restricting foreign adoptions to 'traditional' families will be submitted to parliament in its autumn session by the government."

Russia Beyond The Headlines also reports on the anti-gay statements made by the official, Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets:

"Work will now be done to explain individual aspects, individual legal standards. There will be a reaction [to last month's French law allowing homosexual marriages and child adoptions by same-sex couples], we must create good, reliable guarantees that this will not extend to our children. It absolutely runs against the rules, the traditions of the people of Russia,"

"We don't recognize the same-gender family – for us it is not a family as a social institution. It absolutely contradicts all our principles. Our law courts were carefully checking this situation even before France brought out its law," Golodets said.

"Regardless of whether the agreement with France is expended or suspended, there will be stricter practices," she said.


  1. Taylor says

    Nothing says: “Think of the children” more than making it impossible for many of them to be adopted into loving homes.

    Homophobia, truly makes you crazy.

  2. Mark says

    Give me a break. Go type in ‘russian’ in any straight porn engine and you’re going to be confronted with the longest list of old women, barely legal boys you’ll ever see.

    Russia can go f*ck itself.

  3. Mike Ryan says

    and, as I’ve said before, the world should shun Russia and any country that discriminates against gay people. All funding, financial and voluntary assistance ends and every Russian coming out of Russia and into the rest of the world should be watched closely, scrutinized to the extent that they do not leave Russia. Let the Russians live in their own little bigoted world.

  4. Tim says

    Start the countdown on how long this lasts in a changing world. Maybe it’s a good sign of progress they didn’t even have to consider this a few years ago. Reactionary measure.

  5. Jerry says

    …but truthfully, was this really much of a surprise? Maybe Elton and David going the surrogate route was a good thing in terms of actually getting a child. It’s sad that going to such lengths (creating more people) is necessary for GLBT people to get kids rather than becoming adoptive parents, but all the screeching from the hard right will only ensure that even more children fall into the “system.” That can’t be helpful to anyone.

  6. Brad says

    “We don’t recognize the same-gender family – for us it is not a family as a social institution.”

    No, you just dump your unwanted children into filthy orphanages and neglect them. Then, when they turn 18 you turn them out into the street where many die in prostitution. You wouldn’t want them to be taken care of by icky gay people. Better they die of neglect and slavery than that. Whatever.

  7. Dearcomrade says

    Let them take care of their own children. It should be seen as a national embarrassment that they export children.

    Truly a country of drunkards.

  8. garY says

    It’s Russia that fills in the blank today. The blank being any person, place or thing that is contrary. Too bad we aren’t able to influence every country in the world. How’s it going with you next door neighbors?

  9. Jesse says

    Russia is a nation of drunks and lazy oafs who are seemingly pre-programmed to discriminate. finding a scapegoat for their shortcomings is a Russian (and other former Eastern block peoples) trait. Jews, gypsies, cossacks, Poles (for the Russians, etc.) all are constantly in their evil sights…..mostly pushed by the money-grubbing Russian Orthodox church (an arm of the Russian mafia now) throughout history. Today, the gays are the scapegoats. The orphans these Russian and Ukrainian bigots leave behind are damaged goods. Frankly, the movie :Orphan” isn;t far from the truth.

  10. says

    Once Putin weighed in this was a foregone conclusion. Now people are just piling on, including Alla Pugacheva, the Cher of Russia.

    The unnamed official above is Olga Batalina, head of a Duma commission on families and children. She claims “All psychological studies have shown that the effect of children being raised in same sex families is always only negative.”

    I’d love to see “all those studies,” but Russian officials are rarely concerned with facts.

  11. Rexford says

    Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t already have such a ban, and pointing fingers at the recent French law seems like a lame excuse to justify their increasing anti-gay stances. Haven’t other European/Scandanavian countries allowed same-sex couples the ability to adopt long before this?

  12. BreckRoy says

    I agree with Andrew above. This will hopefully (especially or gay couples who often know better than straights what it means to be a less-than-wanted outsider in some elements of society) lead a lot of couples to consider the exceptional number of children who need adoptive homes RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA. The main reason I’ve seen that Russian children were in demand for some Americans(as opposed to other countries with surpluses of orphans) was that they were *white* children. Other readily available foreign babies were Asian or African and more affluent Europe didn’t produce as great a surplus of children as those areas. And, then, of course, the surplus of orphans we have in America are mostly black, hispanic, or mixed race (the mixed race children are the hardest to place). But all are children who deserve to be loved and all are children who desperately need homes. If Russia doesn’t want to let rich gays adopt Russian children, then *please* open your hearts and consider American children, right here, who grow older and more disaffected and jaded in American orphanages or the foster system because affluent parents with the resources to give them wonderful lives are looking elsewhere for children who are more to their “liking.” I realize there is the attraction of having a child that ostensibly looks like you. Or will grow to be your definition of attractive. But as people who cannot necessarily (at least not easily and inexpensively) biologically procreate, I’ve always felt gay couples have a unique opportunity to love children who need love the most, not just children that are genetically assigned to them. So if a homophobic country says we’re not good enough for their children, it is sad for those children, but not for us. There are plenty of children right here at home that need us. We just need to choose them.

  13. PAUL B. says

    I’m sending my kids there for their college education. I hear they have excellent schools!
    Oh, and the weather is fabulous….economy excellent and women are notoriously gorgeous.
    Well, is it the women or the men? Not sure…but I love a rough beard either way.

  14. Mike says

    Now there is a countenance that really screams LOVE!!! In spite of myself, have not had as good a laugh at anyone’s mug since we were treated to that crazed gunman’s jack o’lantern face after Gabby Gifford and others were despicably shot in Arizona. Guess sometimes you really can tell a book by its cover . . .

  15. Reality says

    I think Russia has already banned all Americans from adopting from Russia. They’re about to ban France too… and now banning all same-sex couples everywhere? I’d say, “don’t they care about the children?” but I already know they dont.

  16. Ed says

    It’s horrible because you want their children and can’t have them. It’s not the children–it’s wanting what you can’t have. That’s the sad fact of this equality movement. Even when you think you’ve got it, even then, you never really will.

  17. Ed says

    MateoM: I thought they sprayed for MateoM. Just read it. Anything you can’t understand you attribute to “troll” I’m no troll. Do you understand English? I’m an alias of no one, you pathetic dork. Is that Kiwi around? He can’t stay away. What a dated concept he is.

  18. Francis #1 says

    Not going to cosign with some of the Russian bashing in this thread (there are good Russians out there and—gasp—gay Russians). But this is a disgrace and sad in general, what is happening regarding Russia growing more and more hateful against LGBT’s. Russia probably would enjoy other countries stepping in aggressively in response to this attack against Russian gays, so they can then retaliate against said countries. Scary times, scary people.

  19. mmike1969 says

    If the russians had any brains, they soon realize they have more kids then str8 couples willing to adopt…

    You know, kids they have to send abroad since no one in their own country wants them…

    Kind of sad and pathetic on these bigots part.

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