Russian Communist Group Orders Elton John to Lose His ‘Gay’ Outfits or Face Protest at Upcoming Concert

A Communist group in Russia says Elton John's outfits are "gay propaganda" and plans to protest his concert unless he wears more suitable attire, RIA Novosti reports:

EltonThe singer, who is scheduled to play the city of Krasnodar on July 14, should wear “more respectable” attire when he performs, like a knee-length caftan, a fur hat and leather boots, said Mikhail Abramyan, head of the local branch of the Communists of Russia, not to be confused with the much larger Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

“We hope he’ll wear it,” Abramyan said, adding that the show’s promoters had rejected the idea. Abramyan said his group, which numbers 350, was ready to take to the streets in protest.

Madonna was sued for $10 million for violating the Russian law but the suite was later thrown out of court. Madonna also spoke out for gay rights at her concert. Will Elton do the same?


  1. Joe says

    And of course Elton the sellout will do anything for a buck and agree. Perfect example: Rush Limbaugh

  2. Keppler says

    Sure, Elton’ll speak out for gay rights if some gay rights group is willing to pay him to do that.

  3. NotA says

    A protest group can’t “order” anything. Does GLAAD “order” an actor to take certain acts, lest it protest the actor? Could you please, just on occasion, *try* to use language in a neutral and accurate — rather than perpetually hacktastic — manner? Don’t you get embarrassed?

  4. Rob says

    Huh! I thought the communists were atheists and not governed by what the evangelical bible spouts about gays. Oh, it must be fear, bigotry, and ignorance.

  5. tinkerbelle says

    Take to the streets to protest Elton John? Someone in Russia must have a lot of time on his hands.

    Frankly (and I could really care less), I think Elton should do it, but he should make sure to sew enough sequins on that caftan. Reveillon for the hat. And Chanel makes some great thigh-high boots.

  6. desmond says

    “…a knee-length caftan, a fur hat and leather boots, ….”

    And that’s not gay?

  7. gb says

    Russia’s retro dictates make me feel young. Pretty soon school kids will be hiding under their desks again.

  8. Hey Darlin' says

    I can hear the conversation now…

    He most likely shouldn’t sing either as that might have “undertones”.

    Have you seen those stage glasses? Get rid of those too.

    I guess without the glasses, playing the piano is out too.

    Maybe if he just sent a signed poster.

    NO!, he might put a flourish when he signs, or a secret gay symbol.

    Best just have him send a poster but black out everthing except his eyes and teeth.

    Well let’s black out a few teeth too to make those look less “gay”, and one eye should be enough too.

    That’s got it!, let’s call and let him know the new orders.

  9. RMc says

    If I were Sir Elton John I would say, “My body, my money, my clothes, my rules. Go choke on a rhinestone you repulsive Nazi bigots.”

  10. says

    Why are these artists even performing in these repressive states? Don’t tell me they’re bringing a message of hope and love to the oppressed. Its all about the MONEY HONEY.

  11. will b says

    Elton should do live cams from every gay city in the world, with hundreds of us dressed in purple caftans and pink fur hats and red high hell boots. In fact, I think we should adopt this national dress as the gayest thing ever.