1. emjayay says

    I’m hardly the first to point out that if marriage is for the children straight marriages who can’t or plan not to have kids should then be not allowed. Or the other side of the story: If gay people say they aren’t interested in having kids, can they get married then?

  2. Mike in the tundra says

    Rather short sited of them. They’re pro-life, so the want to eliminate abortion. Those unwanted children will need to be adopted by someone, so the world will need the same gender married couples to adopt.

  3. brian says

    The professionalism on this blog has gone down so much with the addition of these new “contributors.” If you’re going to link to a story please don’t be lazy enough to send me to the second page. Also, given that it’s a three page story I’m guessing you didn’t even make it to the third page.

  4. Marc says

    How many of these clowns have actually visited with children who have same-sex parents? How many of them have actually taken the time to get to know these kids and find out how they are doing in school, how they are doing in life in general, what their home life is like, etc.
    I bet none of them. Instead of taking the time to actually GET TO KNOW people, they instead show up to events like this and pray against something they know nothing about.

  5. candideinnc says

    It is all about fear. As Marc points out, these people don’t know gays or children of gays. They are the Faux watchers who grasp their wallets when a Black person walks by, want Mexican laborers to do their heavy lifting, but then want a 20 foot fence between the US and Mexico because they are afraid the immigrants will vote Democratic or get on welfare. We are the “other” that these people without imaginations cannot relate to.

  6. Munro says

    They got out just in time for Betty Bigot to check on the casserole she left in the oven. *Look at that guy.* He looks like a swollen corpse already; clogged full of hatred, fear and genmod chicken.

  7. renovato says

    Must be progress, they know they cant hold up signs saying “we hate gayz” any more so they just try to keep us second class, but thats not working anymore either. Most people, except the religiously deluded, are now wise to their motives and underlying (emphasis on the lying) ideology. “Please let us impose our religion on everyone, just dont call us bigots.”

  8. Bart says

    Are they issuing licenses at the senior center? Or were they giving out free cookies on the day you pick up your social security check?

    It’s indicitive of the direction of this country when the best you can get to come out for this is no one under 65. What, no church group?

    Glad you believe children should have a mother and a father. Then stay with your wife. My kids are doing great with two dads. Believe marriage is between a man and a woman, marry the opposite sex. But you don’t dictate my life. That one of the dictums of America these fascist-leaning elderly don’t seem to understand.

  9. David in the O.C. says

    “It’s not about love. It’s about children.”

    Tell that to the millions of married straight couples that didn’t want children, or couldn’t have them. Children have always been optional when it comes marriage… except now, when hypothetical children can be used against gay people.

    As for children needing a mom and a dad. When you ban divorce, and prevent opposite-sex couples from giving their children up for adoption, then I’ll believe you. Until then, you’re just an ignorant bigot.

  10. Tom Chicago says

    “It’s not about love. It’s about children.” is
    one of the stupider cloaking devices for the spite they are really peddling. And the smug nonsense about the horrors of “redefining marriage” is evident to anyone who looks at the “bedrock” tradition that categorized wives as the chattel of their husbands and the laws against “race-mixing” (always with Scriptural support) that we had to re-define in order to live.

  11. Caliban says

    Well, now that the Withered Old Fvcks brigade has been heard from….

    I guess I’m glad the county clerk is doing this, but doesn’t it kind of limit our ability to complain when clerks refuse to issue licenses in states that have gay marriage? If a court later rules these licenses invalid we won’t have gained anything from this.

  12. THurts says

    I love how they conveniently switch the argument to children when they start to lose the war. If marriage is now no longer about love, but about children, then should a divorce be required when you reach the age of infertility or should there be a law banning marriage of all genders when they no longer can procreate or if they are unable to procreate due to a health issue. Hey homophobes, you are losing this war.

  13. Hey Darlin' says

    Well it’s definately NOT about CHILDREN. Fantasy children can be anything we dream them up to be.

    We promise not to have children unless we want to and we will not twist their young minds with our own selfish small minded ideologies that do nothing to promote the betterment of children, even the fantasy children.

    Is that better?

  14. GRivera says

    I am sorry, but when I see a person of color (the African-American woman) standing with protestors against any human I feel as though she needs to be stuffed in a time machine back to when her people were persecuted by the same people she is demonstrating with.


  15. jamal49 says

    The last wheezes of a dying movement. The arguments just don’t work anymore. One wants to ask how two people of the same gender who get married is going to prevent a heterosexual couple from procreating. Or, getting married. Or… whatever…..

  16. Hagatha says

    It’s strange how almost uniformly white and old the protesters are.


    In NIgeria they are almost all Negroid. In Rhodesia they are almost all Negroid. America is 78% Caucasian, why would it surprise you that these protesters are all Caucasian?

  17. Armando says

    I’m reminded of Donald Duck in Math Magic Land. The part were they look inside Donald’s mind and it’s cluttered, full of antiquated ideas and cobwebs.

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