Capital One Told To Dump Alec Baldwin After Homophobic Twitter Rant

Alec Baldwin Capital One

As previously reported by Towleroad, Alec Baldwin came under fire last month after using homophobic language to threaten a reporter from the Daily Mail on Twitter. Baldwin subsequently deleted his Twitter account, explained himself in a Gothamist interview, as well as released an open apology statement to GLAAD

Some conservative activists remain less than satisfied, and are now calling for Capital One to drop Baldwin as their spokesperson. The call comes in the wake of controversy surrounding celebrity chef Paula Deen, and the subsequent termination of her partnerships with several prominent companies. Many wonder why Baldwin was not met with similar punishment, and some note that his liberal activism may have played a role. Even CNN's Anderson Cooper was quick to point out on Twitter: "Why does #AlecBaldwin get a pass when he uses gay slurs? If a conservative talked of beating up a 'queen' they would be vilified."

John Hawkins of had this to say to

“It's still a free country and Alec Baldwin can do as much gay bashing as he likes on Twitter, but it's hard to understand why Capital One would choose to publicly condone his homophobia by keeping Baldwin on as its spokesman… If Capital One is not going to do the right thing, then Capital One doesn’t deserve our business.”

GOProud co-founder Jimmy LaSalvia added:

“We urge all Americans to ask themselves, ‘What’s in your wallet?’ We hope they will reject Alec Baldwin’s homophobia by cutting up those Capital One cards in their wallets.” 

Neither Capital One nor Baldwin have issued a response to these statements. 


  1. Michael says

    Say what you will but he donates the money he makes from these commercials to charity

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    I don’t know why “they” gave Baldwin a free pass, and not the old lady. Maybe he has cuter buns than Paula. I don’t know.

  3. Joseph says

    I have to admit that, for once, I agree the conservatives on this one. Why IS Baldwin getting a pass on this?

  4. moike says

    I am not on board with this one. Okay, I’m not really on board with the Paula Deen vilification either. Baldwin is clearly not a homophobe.

  5. chef says

    @moike do we just contact you when this crap happens to see if it passes muster? Seems you alone know the intent of their slurs. Sometimes okay, sometimes not? How about we just level the playing field and say it’s wrong, period?

  6. Jeff says

    Sure it’s only because the right wing hates him already. Then again, why do we forgive him saying someone will like having a foot up their ass, and him not really acknowledging that part of the insult (just the “queer”) in his apology?

    If anyone has proof that he’s the bisexual “Lloyd Boy-Toyed” then speak up. And even if you don’t, check out the blind items at this link [fix the (dot) in it]:

    http://www.blinditemsexposed (dot) com/search/label/Alec%20Baldwin

  7. crazycorgi says

    I really have to agree with Anderson Cooper on this one. I believe in freedom of speech,and anyone’s right to be prejudiced, or a bigot, but if the nation is going to vilify Paula Deen for using the “N” word, and those girls on Big Brother have lost their jobs for using similar slurs, then why does Alec Baldwin get off scott-free for the same? Because it was a gay slur, and not a racial one?

  8. Gerry says Seriously? That raises a major red flag for me… Since when have ANY of these people been concerned about gay rights…. like… NEVER! Don’t get me started on GoProud… all they care about is $$$ – and could care less about LGBT rights.

    If we want to ban the word “queen” know, I’m fine with that… but don’t you think we should stop using it first? Until we do, then put away your knives…

    Alec Baldwin has done far more for LGBT than most gay people have, including Anderson Cooper. What he said wasn’t a big deal…but again, if we think it is, then let’s stop using the term ourselves… and good luck with that.

  9. mg_xtra says

    Agree with Gerry. I think that his temper always gets the best of him, but his use of the word ‘queen’ and the threats, while they were 100% unnecessary, were not bad enough to outweigh everything he’s done for gays and for the arts. All of the money he makes with Capital One go to endowment for the arts. I say let him keep making commercials for that alone.

    And btw, using the word queen feels so…outdated as a hate word, doesn’t it? I mean if he was really homophobic, don’t you think he’d have called him something stronger?

  10. Brian Josehson says

    I withdrew my savings from Capital Once because they continue to air Alec Baldwin.
    The more people that do that the more they will listen!

  11. says

    To get a pass you have to do a “crime”, CALLING ANYONE ANY NAME IN ANGER IS NOT A BAD THING. It’s a bad thing when you actually believe those things, it’s a bad thing if you say it all the time, it’s not great in the best context anyway! But it’s not anti-gay to insult someone with a gay slur, in this situation he was retaliating to a guy, he wanted to insult him, how else can you do that if you don’t actually insult them?

    Paula Deen’s deal is a total race failure, she does not have a health outlook or understanding of black people, AT ALL. Alec here knows gay people VERY well (If you ever meet him you will be shocked to realize the man is straight, VERY SHOCKED, the man is the second coming of Liberace), anyone who takes away that Alec Baldwin hates gays needs lessons in perspective.

    Also, LaSalvia and Brietbart ARE CONS. Their one schtick is that they trip people into doing things. They should be avoided at all costs.

  12. anon says

    I’m going to assume that C-One’s contract with AB has a very expensive get-out-of-jail clause they don’t want to activate.

  13. says

    Paula Deen did NOT just use the N-word once years ago. Read what she’s accused of.

    What slur did Baldwin use? Queen? Gay people really want to compare queen to the N-word? Pathetic. Sorry, it’s not the same. Not even close.

    Was it tinged with homophobia? Sure. Do I believe for one moment the right-wingers pissed off about this are ACTUALLY pissed off about this in a principled way and not simply trying to carry water for Paula Deen and needle a left-wing figure? No.

    And neither should any of you.

  14. Jason says

    Gay people can be extremely hypocritical in how they attack those on the Right who utter anti-gay slurs but not so much those liberals who do the same.

  15. Ryan says

    I just heard about this. Leave Baldwin alone! For goodness sake, Queen? Not faggot, or dyke, not Nancy boy or Queer, fudgepacker, or w/e preadolescent insult but queen? Pssh, please. I just don’t give that word power. Faggot, I would have been upset and disappointed. Queen? He insulted someone for a minor mistake, and needs to learn to breathe, but seriously, you know you’ve won the battle when someone calling you Queen brings the apocalypse.

  16. andrew says

    Alec has some serious anger management problems. He should seek psychiatric help for his anger issues that result in frequent crazy rants. However, the PC police are way out of line in this country. One of the hallmarks of a free society is freedom of speech. We must resist PC Fascism and protect people’s rights to say even stupid sh!t.

  17. says

    oh, the IRONY!

    Yeah, get all upset about Baldwin, GOProud, but give a complete pass to the appalling anti-LGBT words, rhetoric and POLICY MAKING that the GOP specializes in.


    LaSalvia has been SILENT while the GOP has unleashed a torrent og hateful bigotry in the last few post-DOMA/Prop8 weeks.


    what’s his message? you can’t be anti-gay an a spokesperson for a company, but you can be anti-gay and lead the country?

    Gay Republicans, you freakin’ suck.

  18. daws says

    Ok, so Alec Baldwin can get pretty damn scary but I just read his “homophobic” tweets…what was homophobic about it? When I think of “queen” I’m thinking of like a bitchy little diva or something. It doesn’t mean the same thing as say faggot to me.

    I don’t know. Alec Baldwin has never struck me as a homophobe or enemy of the gay community in any way shape or form. In fact, he seems like someone completely comfortable and fine with it. I think people way overreacting on this. “Queen” just doesn’t strike me as a homophobic slur.

  19. Bob says

    OH, COME ON!!!
    A 54 yr old man who considers himself (rightly) as a friend and supporter of the community makes the error of calling someone a queen.
    Let’s not lump him in with folks who make anti-Gay diatribes or work to damage rights.
    Yes, he should not have said it — but the Big Brother story reminds us that a million worse things are said, with malice, every day.

  20. Booka says

    Such a NON issue…when the term “Queen” is actually considered to be offensive…then truly, some of those queens have their panties in a bunch…

  21. mimi says

    alec baldwin is an easy target. easily provoked and runs off at the mouth. how many of us do the same thing? we all say things we shouldn’t and don’t really mean. we regret, vow to control our tongues the next time, and forget as soon as we lose our tempers. unfortunately for him, he is a public person and his rampages make money for other people. that’s why we hear every word he misspeaks. i think his charity work makes up for his moments of lunacy and he deserves the same tolerance we give ourselves. i enjoy his capitol one spots. he seems to enjoy poking fun at himself..

  22. says

    I’m not condoning anyone’s actions, but it’s getting ridiculous that people are demanding people lose their source of income after exercising their free speech rights. It’s one thing to orcastrate a boycott, but it’s completely uncalled for to demand someone be fired. These people aren’t likely even shareholders of Capitol One, arguably Mr. Baldwin’s boss[es]. I’m tired of all the drama being caused by One Million Moms, GOProud, and everyone else. You need to take appropriate actions, which is seldom more than a boycott.