1. Rolf says

    If women were given adequate access to birth control and reproductive education, a great many abortions would be avoided. Unfortunately, in these idiotic states proper birth control is very difficult for many women, especially younger women, to obtain. Instead they are told to practice chastity, which has a 100% failure rate. I know several women that have had abortions, and none of them did this lightly and continue to feel guilty about it years later. This is not something most women do easily.
    And really guys, with all you have to worry about being cum farts, maybe you can try to see their side of the issue.

  2. Jerry says

    Women get pissed off when you tell them THAT THEY’RE NOTHING BUT BABY MACHINES.

    I’m not pro-abortion. I’m a man, which means that abortion is NOT MY ISSUE.

  3. Lee says

    Jerry if it was your child it would be your issue, the majority of texans support these laws and democracy demands their will be done. If the stupid chicks can’t use a damn condom then they have no bessniess having sex in the first place. In this day in age even 7 year olds know how a condom works (I know I did and I also grew up in southern state) also I call bull crap on it being hard to get you can go to any convenience store and get any number of condoms.

  4. MateoM says

    Considering the amount of racism I’ve seen in the comments on this blog, I’m not terribly surprised to see misogyny and anti-choice stances in this thread. Disheartened, but not surprised.

    I’m beginning to suspect some anti-gay, republican trolls hired by our enemies have finally taken over this site and completely destroyed it.

    It’s been sad watching Towleroad turn into Trollroad. RIP.

  5. says

    I’m with Mateom on the idiocy of the Towleroad commenters in contrast to the intelligence of the blog.

    I don’t think they’re trolls. I just think gay men are becoming dumber and more conservative as they perceive they have more rights; they’re just less empathetic with others who have issues with being oppressed. Once all our rights are secured nationwide, I expect gay men will be as likely to be Republican as straight.

  6. Kev C says

    MateoM complains about trolls in every post. He’s obsessed with it. My suggestion is this:

    Imagine Every Person On The Internet Is A Troll.

    This way you won’t be disappointed or flustered by differing opinions.

  7. Adam says

    Towleroad periodically needs to suck up to liberal women. It helps to keep them on side in the culture war.

    A woman who would abort a baby because it contains gay genes would still be considered a friend by many gay men.

  8. Q says

    Who the hell are these insane commenters? From the comments, this post might as well be on WND. The GOProud crowd should go somewhere else. You are an embarrassment to the gay community.

  9. Kev C says

    I used to be pro-choice when I was young and didn’t know any better. But anyone with any rational integrity has to admit that abortion is killing a life.

    Women, more than men, who are more likely to be vegan/vegetarian because they feel for the lives of animals, who are against cruelty, against the death penalty, etc, they also sense it’s inherently wrong but are waiting for someone else to acknowledge what they feel. That pro-choice is a charade, a lie told by society, by doctors and feminists for economic and political reasons having nothing to do with them.

    Every women I’ve ever met who has had an abortion regrets it. All of them.

  10. evan_la says

    Kev C – No one cares what you think. It is up to the woman, and only the woman, what to do about a pregnancy. I know many women who do not regret an abortion. Your experience is obviously limited.

  11. renovato says

    If men could get pregnant there would be R486 pills freely available in every drugstore over the counter.
    Its the womens right to choose whether to continue with a pregnancy to birth, most pregnancies do not end in a birth anyways but end in their early stages by miscarriage many times before the women even knows she has concieved; this is called spontaneous abortion and is completely natural.
    Support womens health and freedom. I Cant believe the amount of misogyny in the comment here. Guys learn some science and biology and stop being bigots.
    Kathryn (bi-sexual)

  12. MIke says

    It was amusing watching the head of NARAL last night saying requiring clinics to have physicians that have hospital staff privileges and are within 30 minutes of a hospital “will lead to more Gosnells in Texas”. LOL. Gee, lady, who’s “Gosnell”? You sure as hell had nothing to say when he was on trial. In fact, you were on his side weren’t you.

  13. Markt says

    KEV C – A few cells is not – “a baby.” That adorable baby that your talking about needs support for about 18 years. Unwanted children get pretty ugly after 18 years. Every child deserves to be wanted. Maybe it would be a better world if we could have unmitigated respect for life to the point that we shepherd even the smallest embryo through womb to a life that is fully respected. We don’t live in such a world (watch any news program). And I doubt that it would be a better world. Once we care about humans that exist maybe unborn children can get on the agenda . Till then let’s make sure every child is wanted.

  14. Gigi says

    Just look at all of the anti-choice trolls.

    re: “Every women I’ve ever met who has had an abortion regrets it. All of them.”

    So…you’ve met two? Abortion is painted as being something women turn to because they’re too lazy or stupid to use birth control. Birth control? The Talibangelists don’t even want them to have access to that. ABSTINENCE ONLY WORKS says Rick Perry, who is governor of the state with the highest rate of teen pregnancy in the country. WE’RE PRO-LIFE they say, unless you’re talking about the death penalty then, not so pro-life. And they’re PRO-FETUS until it shoots out of the birth canal then they’re all YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN.

    I’m not pro-abortion but I am pro-choice.
    Yes, there is a difference. My sister was pregnant and she had a miscarriage just after her second trimester – well past the 20-week cutoff that the Republicans are pushing. Which BTW goes against the Constitution. They LOVE the Constitution, unless it doesn’t support their position then…not so much. If my sister had been living in a state under control by the Talibangelists – NO ABORTION UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE – she would have been forced to keep the dead fetus inside of her body and it would have killed her. The very same thing happened in Ireland last year. They’ve now updated their abortion laws to accommodate for this.

    Women should decide on their own health care decisions, not Christianists.

  15. CVP says

    Once again, Kev C, it’s none of your business. If not having an abortion suits your agenda, then don’t have one. As for everyone else, stay out of their business. Get it?

  16. Kev C says

    NYC is full of women, old party girls and business women who forewent motherhood for a career, who wear clothes from 25 years ago, and treat their pet dog or cat like a baby. Pushing them in baby strollers or dressing them up like dolls.

    Nobody believes feminists actually care about women. Certainy not women who have had an abortion.

  17. says

    Why Conservatives Don’t Actually Care About Abortions:

    1. universal healthcare. they’re opposed to it. how much does it cost for an uninsured woman to deliver a baby in a hospital? if one is so “pro-don’t-have-an-abortion” would they not be working harder to ensure that from a financial standpoint more women would not see a birth as a massive financial setback?

    2. they demonize single mothers. maybe if the Conservative Right didnt’ work so hard to create a negative social stigma against single or unwed mothers then more women wouldn’t choose to terminate a pregnancy out of fear of becoming a social pariah.

    3. they’re not prepared in any way to, for at least the 9 months of pregnancy and time after, shelter, house, and aid the financial, emotional, psychological and physical needs of the women whom they seek to deny the choice to terminate a pregnancy.

    in short, they dont’ give a f**k. they just like to pretend that they do so they can convince themselves that they’re still “Christians”

  18. Astro Boy says

    Mitch – Hell will freeze over before Kev C or Mitch respond.

    Oh and Kev C, my best friend had an abortion she doesn’t regret it, but it’s not something she just woke up one day and had done after she had her nails done. I’m not going into the details as to why she did because once again …. IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Trot your holier than thou anti-choice ass over woman that is raped and tell her she can’t have an abortion because YOU said so. You ignorant cow.

  19. Astro Boy says

    Mitch – I meant Lee not responding not you. Sorry. This topic just frosts my flakes when I hear men especially GAY men spew their anti-choice crap.

  20. leprechaunvict says

    LOL I love the above commenter who’s nicknamed this place “Trollroad,” that’s perfect. I removed this site from my bookmarks and check it far less than I used to, the commenting system sucks. At least if you could vote on comments then there’d be an indication to the bat$h!t commenters that they are out to lunch.

    Anyhooooo, as always, the anti-abortionists are all for saving the lil babbees up until birth, at which point it’s “fend for yourself sucker.”

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