David Barton Claims Gays Will Join The Military To Get Married: AUDIO

David Barton

Evangelical minister and founder of the dominionist organization WallBuilders David Barton spoke on WallBuilders Live about the death of DOMA, fearing that gays will now sign up for the US armed forces so that they can get married. Right Wing Watch quotes him as saying: 

“Now that there is no longer a definition of marriage as a man and a woman and DOMA’s struck down, guess what? Guess what happens in the military? Guess what is going to happen in the military? Guess who is going to enlist in the military just so they can have gay marriages and force chaplains to do that?”

While it is entirely possible that some gay couples might join the military just to take advantage of marriage benefits – the same way that some students sign up just to take advantage of the GI Bill to pay for college – it's more likely that couples would simply take a trip to Massachusetts or California. Both states reconize gay marriage and have no residency requirements to get married, compared to the 4 years or more of service that new recruits are contractually bound to when they enlist. Plus, they won't have to wait until completing bootcamp before being able to throw a bachelor party.


  1. Just_a_guy says

    If what he says we’re true, hey, that’s a wonderful thing, shows the U.S.does the right thing, respects women, lgbts, and other minorities–and encourages others to as well. It’s the speaker in this clip who is filled with inappripriate hate and vengefulness against the very existence of gay people.

    I also don’t get it: How would promoting gay marriage BRING homosexuality to a country? Homosexuals are already there–they’re just being hanged in Iran, and sentenced to death in Uganda, etc. FAR more offensive is the speakers likely support for endorsing kill-the-gays legislation abroad.

  2. Daya says

    What is wrong with all of these religious-right type people, US or Taliban… that they believe they have the corner on what everyone else is allowed to do? There is so much more humanitarian work that needs to be done right here in the USA — this is such a waste of time and energy, on their part. And I still can’t figure out how does the marriage of two gay people have any affect on their lives or their religions. They must already have such very small lives and hearts. They need help….

  3. gaylib says

    Guess what? Straight people already do this all the time. The military offers a supplement to married soldiers and I personally know of one straight couple who married for the sole reason of getting this benefit. So if he has a problem, it isn’t with gay marriage, just marriage.

  4. Geoff says

    I just woke up. I haven’t even had my coffee yet and I laughed so hard I knocked down an unoccupied building across the street…and the little shrub that had been in front? Went straight up, into the sky. Please.

  5. Michael says

    Hey, I know! Let’s get married and instead of going to Brazil for our honeymoon, let’s just go to Iran and deal with some road-side bombs.

    What a f’n idiot.

  6. Lymis says

    Mr. Barton, I’m so impressed with your conviction that we need to make sure that only those who truly want to serve their country join the military, and not people who are simply and cynically trying to cash in on benefits unavailable to their fellow citizens.

    So here’s an idea to keep that from happening: Give access to those benefits to every citizen in the country, and then they’ll have no reason to WANT to join the military just to get them. That’ll show them!

    This is an argument for nationwide marriage equality, not against it.

    Until then, if gay people want to join the military to get benefits, gain marketable skills, and earn enough money to get the hell out of their podunk, small-minded, bigoted home state and be able to move to some place that treats them like human beings, more power to them. It’s been a reason to join the military since joining the military was invented, and it’s not just limited to gay people.

    Make your state somewhere people aren’t trying to claw their way out of for their own survival and maybe you can sleep at night without worrying over the motives of those who join the military.

  7. Alex Parrish says

    WTF???? This makes no sense. Of course, considering the source…well…that’s to be expected. Where are all the literalist wingnuts who ought to be saying — Gays can marry — Must be that god wants that so Jesus did it! Yay Jesus!

  8. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Apparently the good Rev. Barton has never heard of the Scared Band of Thebes. Even the Spartans steered-clear of the Band when possible.

  9. Gus says

    OMG! They are going to get gay married in the service and the service will transfer them to all our numerous bases in the South!

    It’s an invasion!

  10. hugo says

    I want some of what these guys are smoking. That must be some pretty good stuff, considering all those wild fantasies they keep coming up with.

  11. Caliban says

    Lol. Whatever.

    It’s interesting that Barton, who has never served in the military (I checked), thinks he should have a say over those who have and do. Generally, people in the military are said to be “serving their country” or “fighting for our freedom,” and I suppose includes Barton’s right to publish wildly biased and inaccurate “history” books.

  12. Neil says

    I have no idea why someone would enlist just to get married, but why would that be a bad thing? Aren’t the U.S. armed forces interested in more people enlisting?

  13. says

    More lies from the right. No one can force any church or any particular member of the clergy to marry them. If we could force that we could also have forced churches to ordain women decades ago. It’s a lie to stir up hysteria among social conservatives and it works.

  14. says

    For some people it is only necessary to make an indirect reference to the existence of gay people in order to trigger their shock/outrage knee jerk reactions. This is why gays joining the military scares them. They might have to talk to a gay person, or a gay person might look at them. Surely we can have some compassion and maybe just cease to exist.

    How can life go on if Christians are afraid of my gay superpowers?
    Oh, wait, it can.

  15. david from Edmonton says

    Honestly is there no limit to stupid? Who gives a crap if they join and get married. It’s a vounteer army and required volunbteers. If they are gay or straigh who really cares if they are heatlhy, fit and able to do what the military expects of them. These people really need tro listen to the idiocy that comes out of their mouths before they say it, intelligent people know better than to say these things. It doesn’t even make sense. go back to hicksville idiot.

  16. CC says

    I’m so confused. To anyone who lives in NY, the name David Barton means only one thing, the gayest gay gym ever in Chelsea. Needless to say, the idea of *that* David Barton talking about gays joining the military conjured up all sorts of images (probably the same ones that haunt nasty homophobes like this one).

  17. Bart says

    Yes, that’s it…gay men and women will enlist for a long stint in the armed services, put themselves in harms way, forgo everything else, to get married.

    Do assclowns like Mr. Barton need help getting dressed in the morning? These puddle-deep thinkers are far too ignorant to figure out how to get their own legs into the pants.

    While these religious trolls (Wallbuilders is a perfect name for this bigot’s clan) are grasping breathlessly at any invisible shred of hope that they are in the right (we already know they are on the right) they appear more insane, desperate and creepy. No wonder the majority of Americans support marriage equality. Who would want to be aligned with this dumb cretin?

  18. says

    It’s like these guys aren’t even trying anymore. I think they just grab some magnetic letters, throw them against a fridge, and repeat whatever comes up. I can’t wait until they argue against gay marriage because it will cause xybel qopwdu umklsc.

  19. db says

    Yeah, people are going to join the military to get married because it’s such an easy thing to do. I mean, joining the military is like accepting a summer job.

  20. spg says

    I want to thank all the gay military men and women who have served for all of us. Now being out and proud is possible while being out and proud for your country. Think of all those who have come before and couldn’t be true to themselves while they were true to their country. I am sure where ever they are now, they are saluting those who would now feel more comfortable to join up. Being there for our troops means taking care of them and those dear to their hearts, while they take care of ours. I am proud to say how inclusive our armed forces are becoming. Like many things of the past, we can be a model for the world, take leadership and stand together. People like Mr Barton are always going to want to force others to abide by their view of morality and belief. This should not be news. Rather we could celebrate what brings us brings us together.

  21. dean says

    BRAVO spg! well written!

    And gosh darn it, db;

    If you are going to be THAT funny, you need to give us Glass of Milk or Cup Of Coffee Pre-clearance, because I’ve just wrecked another keyboard.

    To all our families, to all the good men and women serving this ever-changing proud nation, thank you for your works. And happy Independence day.

  22. SFRowGuy says

    Oh yes. Nothing says ‘I Love You’ quite like getting shot at by enemy hostiles while enjoying your honeymoon with 20+ presumably heterosexual guys. woohoo!

  23. says

    he has a terrific point. every gay person i knows immediately thought of joining the military in order to get married. because joining the military sure does seem like an easy-as-pie way to get married. right?

    because that’s what we gays do, right? we actively make choices that make our own lives harder, right?

    we choose to be gay in an anti-gay world culture. and with Marriage Equality legalized we’re all going to go to anti-gay churches, not loving pro-Equality ones, to perform our wedding ceremonies, right?

    and we’ll totally just join the military on a whim.

    *world’s most massive eye-roll*

    it’s stunning how a victory for human rights upsets so many people who have absolutely nothing to lose at all, as it doesn’t actually affect them. but we’ve expected this. WE are their Wedge Issue – without encouraging hatred against us, they have no solid way to trick their voting-base into voting GOP.

  24. MajorTom says

    David from Edmonton asked, “Is there no limit to stupid?” Albert Einstein answered this question quite effectively when he said, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Barton has proved that there is no doubt about the latter.

  25. jamal49 says

    As I continue to cross into that “I thoroughly despise evangelicals” territory, this is the stuff that keeps me from reconsidering giving those reprobates a break. What a loathsome, spiteful, hateful, lying sack of cow-dung that man is!

  26. steven says

    Personally, I think churches (being tax exempt entities) should have to follow ALLLLLLL the Laws of the country/ city/ state they are in for the privilege of being tax exempt. They have to allow abortions in their hospitals, they have to allow birth control for their staff, they have to marry according to the laws of state. If they don’t follow all the laws, then they don’t deserve tax exempt status for being a religious entity. The pastor loses his right to marry, their buildings are taxable, etc. Tax exempt status should bear a higher standard of behaviour. So as far as I’m concerned he can shove his corncob dildo so far up his butt he’s spitting kernels out his mouth.

  27. steven says

    As you can see I’m getting more than a bit tired of these holier than thou types who think they have the right way. But I really do believe that a tax exempt entity should be forced to follow all the laws for the privilege because it says tax exempt, not law exempt.

  28. andrew says

    Barton graduated high school in 1972. His country was involved in the war in Vietnam. Did he join the military to serve his country? Of course not. He went off to Oral Roberts “University” to major in Christian Mumbo Jumbo. At that time many gay boys served in the military with no promise of any marriage benefits or even the chance of serving their country openly. People like him disgust me!

  29. Josh MD says

    As a gay Army officer who has served 14 years, 12 under DADT, and now two years married to my awesome husband, I can only say that this statement by Dave Barton is utterly offensive to me and all the other LGBT service members who have risked their careers in order to win the right to serve our country proudly and openly. And I married my husband two years ago, and got no benefits for it (and still haven’t), because I love him–not for any nefarious purpose you might conjure up from the putrid recesses of your rotten cerebrum. So shame on you, Mr Barton.

  30. Ryan says

    The Sacred Band of Thebes was one of the most famous, well respected and elite military forces of all time… and everyone in it was was not only gay, but partnered with one of the others in the group.

    Seems relevant.

  31. emjayay says

    Lymis: Exactly. For a young person to get out of Dogpatch on their own takes money and getting a job in the big city somehow or going to college (and more money). Joining the military takes signing up and they take care of the rest. It’s been a huge factor in the social history of the country particulary since WWI. How can you keep them down on the farm…

    And your larger point about how the Dogpatchy places can fix the problem he imagines is right on as well.

  32. emjayay says

    I did a little research on the Bibles in the Military issue. Barton is lying and exaggerating. From college psych professor Warren Throckmorton:

    Ron Crews of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty said a veteran officer contacted him to say a superior officer told him to remove the Bible from sight due to a complaint. If true, the incident sounds like the work of an overzealous superior officer…In contrast to reports of an Air Force officer being told to remove a Bible from his desk, Air Force spokesperson Laurel Tingley told me “While we cannot verify this story, I can tell you that military members are allowed to have religious materials on their desks.”

    So he’s exaggerating an individual event to a being policy, and lying about the chaplin part. And the on, not in, part about the individual event.

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