1. mike/ says

    when are these f***ers going to realize that the U.S. is not a judeo-christian system? the founding fathers they so easily talk about & use to further their imagined fight spoke out against it, in no faltering terms. a couple even said should the christians take over it would be the end of the Republic.

    it will not be soon enough for these ‘old white men’ to die……

  2. Matt says

    “He went on to suggest it was offensive to draw comparisons between the struggles for civil rights faced by African Americans and those faced by LGBT Americans.”

    Obviously this dumbass has never been to Texas where people are fired from their jobs for being gay. Men and women all over this country assaulted for being “different”.
    Maybe our problem lies in not having been violent enough. Maybe we should have chucked Molotov cocktails all over the place.

  3. Walt NYC says

    I’ve never been a big fan of schadenfreude, but I have to agree with “Marcus Bachmann.” Phil Kent spinning like a top, Tony Perkins’ incessant whining, and Bryan Brown always sounding like he is on the verge of tears bring me nothing but pleasure. Funny thing is, not counting all of the money they have wasted acting like complete a-holes, these crybabies have lost absolutely NOTHING.

  4. Hey Darlin' says

    We do not appoint people to political office to be schooled on their personal religious beliefs. I am tired of hearing politician after politician refer to their own personal beliefs as if everyone should be interested. Keep your religious beliefs to yourself and do the job you are appointed to do.

    If you are only in a paid political position as a messenger of your personal opinion/vendetta then you need to move aside and let someone focused on their JOB take you position and salary, maybe we can get our dollar’s worth out of the next person. Snatch the bullhorn from the fear mongering, small minded, gay obsessed bigot and get someone else to do what we are PAYING him to do.

    Until politics and religion can be separated, we the tax payer are never going to get our dollars worth, as the days seem to be filled with more and more personal views and less job.

  5. David says

    So, your objections to same sex marriage are really just about maintaining straight privilege on top of white privilege. Thanks for making that clear.

  6. atomic says

    News flash, a**hole: this so-called “culture war” you think you want to start? It started a LONG time ago with Stonewall, when we finally said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It started when we decided we weren’t going to let people like you kill, torture, and beat us. And we are WINNING. We are winning against your hate, your lies, and your violence, and although that only makes you more hateful, more deceitful, and more violent…

    You have lost. You are losing. And you will continue to lose, now and forever. Your kind will wither away, remembered by history as the pathetic excuses for humanity that you are, alongside all the other despots and bigots that held our civilization back. Future generations will look upon your kind as object lessons, cautionary tales of the kind of abject stupidity and willful blindness to shun and ridicule.

    And you each will die alone with nothing but misery as your last memory. There is no salvation for you.

  7. Mike in nyc says

    These right wing GOP hate-tards are such pathetic whining losers.

    The best part is, it’s just going to get worse for them. Amusing to watch these evil dead enders trash around like Linda Blair.

  8. Gerry says

    One more comment, the clown with the bowtie…
    Let the homosexuals set up an S-Corporation… ROFL… what a buffoon… obviously they don’t realize how ridiculous they sound…

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    I hate to bring up the devil, but I have no discipline and so I will.

    Last week, Rick told us 3 times that Black southerners are so anti-marriage equality, and how Liberal Gays excuse them. He even spouted out some of his cherished statistics to prove it.

    Rick, do you find something ironic about this video from Georgia?

  10. Geoff says

    Please, please, please secede! The United States Of America doesn’t want you – nor can it ever make you happy. You need to be in a holy land…far, far away – preferably on another planet.

  11. Tim S says

    Civil Union?

    These jackasses blocked our access to civil unions for decades.

    Now its to late, the younger gays will never settle for civil unions.

  12. bructer says

    Atomic well said nothing to add, but an additional die out take your hate and your religious stupidity with you and leave us to make this a better world

  13. JShep says

    Loved Erica’s response to his suggestion that African Americans should be offended by the comparisons between the struggles for civil rights faced by African Americans and those faced by LGBT Americans: “Thank you for telling me how to be offended.”

  14. says

    Apparently, he has amnesia. The Republicans started a culture war on marriage a long time ago. They won some battles, but it’s clear who is will keep winning the war, and it isn’t rabid religious freaks like Phil here.

  15. JJ says

    The analogy to the Civil Rights movement isn’t that blacks and gays are the same. It’s that white supremecists and straight supremecists are the same.

  16. joel says

    The man is a tool no question as is the guy sitting next to him but I’m with JShep, the thing that stood out for me was Erica’s response “Thank you for telling us how to be offended” Perfect!

  17. robertL says

    judeo-christian marriage in the United States today –
    Get married not always in church – then get divorced by the state – get married again – then maybe get divorced and married again.
    Let’s give a cheer for judeo christian marriage and values.

  18. bandanajack says

    the idea that this man is invoking the travails of black citizens is stunning, since he and/or his undoubtedly had a great deal to do with said travails. he reeks of plantation.

  19. NY2.0 says

    Does anyone notice Rick does not comment on stories like this but anytime it’s a black person spouting this ignorance he’ll have at least three posts?

  20. Chutney says

    The book of Revelations talks about the end times and how Christians would have to contend with suffering persecution for their beliefs, gnashing their teeth, wringing their hands and having their world crumble around them. Does this mean that our struggle for civil rights has brought on the end of their system of things?

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