GA Governor’s Appointee Calls For Culture War Over Gay Marriage: VIDEO


Phil Kent, appointed in 2011 to Georgia's Immigration Review Board by Governor Nathan Deal, made some incendiary statements yesterday on a local political round-table show discussing last week's decisions handed down by the Supreme Court. Referring to DOMA in particular, Kent lamented that the ruling in United States v. Windsor will "dynamite the foundations of our Judeo-Christian system," further asserting, “it will be a cultural war in Georgia and every other state to try to undo this wrong." Kent added, "it's an insult to equate that [gay marriage] with traditional marriage," claiming, “you can have a civil union and take care of all these sob stories.”  He went on to suggest it was offensive to draw comparisons between the struggles for civil rights faced by African Americans and those faced by LGBT Americans. He also equated the values of the left with those of pagans.

Kent has previously come under criticism for his remarks on race and immigration, being labeled a bigot, an extremist and anti-immigration. You can check out more of his remarks here. 

Also be sure to watch the video of his comments on gay marriage (warning: autoplay) AFTER THE JUMP...