1. Steve says

    The only who who has a “personal challenge” with it is him.

    And anyone who uses the phrases “sincerely held beliefs” needs to be punched in the face. As it matters how sincerely or deeply who believe in BS.

  2. MiKem says

    Millions of Americans believed in the 19th century that slavery was the best “economic environment”. In the end, it was still wrong! So to is this belief on segregated homosexuals.

  3. says

    I guess taking care of my elderly mother for half the year, volunteering in my community, and paying my taxes is harming society. I would never had known until this man, who obviously had sex with a man sometime in the past and is ashamed of it, told me.

  4. says

    I guess taking care of my elderly mother for half the year, volunteering in my community, and paying my taxes is harming society. I would never had known until this man, who obviously had sex with a man sometime in the past and is ashamed of it, told me.

  5. FuryOfFirestorm says

    How exactly are homosexuals “harming” society? Do we emit more greenhouse gases than heterosexuals? Or every time a gay couple has intercourse, a baby seal gets clubbed to death?

  6. says

    I suppose non-gays who have to live in close-contact with gays are the ones who’d be feeling this “harm” the most, eh?

    i wonder, then, why every straight person in my life, be it family or friends, are 100% supportive and are indeed visible and outspoken advocates; championing the LGBT communities and our right to equal rights and treatment, and fairness and love in society?

    surely a big ol’MO like me would be harming them all, according to Cuccinelli. their lives destroyed, their…uh…employment stability dangling by a thread. their marriages meaningless. their lives with their families frought with fear and unhappiness.

    so why ain’t that the case?

    oh, right. because people who aren’t bigoted idiots aren’t harmed by diversity: they’re enriched by it.

  7. bructer says

    Anytime a politician refers to religion or their personal held beliefs should be a red flag that they never read the constitution. This should immediately disqualify them from the race. This is pandering to the religious right which is entitled to their beliefs but has no place in politic. It is time we draw the line and permanently remove religion from government.

  8. jomicur says

    Kenny C. is perfectly right. We ARE a threat to society. Specifically, we are a threat to the kind of Bronze Age society people like him are clinging to so desperately. Fortunately, more and more American citizens are figuring that out. Too bad Kenny-boy isn’t, or can’t, or won’t.

  9. says

    @Bructer – that’s their typical-hypocritical game. they talk about the constitution, but don’t actually follow or respect it. they talk about the bible, but dont’ actually follow or respect it. talk about “smaller government”, then support the exact opposite. freedom! liberty! except, not.

    wanna know how to shut down a conservative in any, ANY, argument deal with specifics. they can’t.

  10. Joe in Ct says

    My “sincerely held belief,” based upon the evidence presented, is that Ken Cuccinelli is simply parroting his Pope’s unenlightened position. He’s a social menace.

  11. Matt26 says

    Again, this men spend so much time thinking gays, I must wonder, why? Why are we in their minds almost all the time? Every time they open their mouths, it’s about gays.

  12. kp05 says

    The Ken Cuccinellis, Josh Mandels and Aaron Schocks of the world give me hope that we’ll continue to have the goodness of rent-boy/wide-stance Republican scandals for years to come.

  13. jjose712 says

    kp05: I don’t know that much about American politics but i don’t think Ken Cuccinelli and Aaron Shock are in the same level by any means

  14. Michael says

    I’m not exactly sure who the nelly boy in the picture is but I’m sure he’d make one hell of a bottom. Kinda sexy in a flamboyant kind of way.

  15. thom says

    …He is now among the Catholic nutjobs like Santorum…spouting his “deeply held beliefs” prevent him from be inclusionary and forward thinking. Only irrational people support this type of obsolete wind-bag. Let’s hope Virginia does the right thing in the end and take him out at the polls. You deserve so much better than this wing-nutery.

  16. Bernie says

    this man is the dangerous one…when someone like Mr.Cuccinelli pushes anti-sodomy laws and is so focused on gays, watch out! If this is such a priority for him, what happens to real issues such as crime, etc?? Hopefully he can’t win on such a narrow and negative issue……I guess the mission position is the only position in his bedroom….I don’t even want to think about that……..

  17. his schtick stinks says

    Cucci’s anti-gay rhetoric is his “schtick,” it’s his “thing,” just like comedians have their personal little bits or tag lines.

    If it stops getting votes he’ll drop it like a hot rock. Just like a comedian no longer getting laughs with “no homo” or gay jokes.

  18. Billy Wingarrtenson says

    The cuch is sold out to the church – of the endless hidden molestation of children thanks to not normal celibacy

    RATZI did his damndest to keep it a secret. Its all over the world where the Church operates.

    We’ll see if Francis does any better but I’m sure he’ll keep most of the church’s vile crime swept under the rug

    BTW that’s why Ireland, the most catholic country in the world, is almost certainly going to have marriage within a year

    BTW finally, wwithout real violence, Denis Diederot’s statement is coming true. When the French were busy trying to break the cabal of catholic kings and the Vatican, he said

    Mankind will be free when the last king is strangled with the guts of the last priest

    the kings are all gone in western society or just plain neutralized

    To bad Diederot didn’t tell teh people then that when they ran out of kings, they could strangle half the priests with the guts of the other half of the priests.

    Wonder why there has been so much violence in France re marriage?

  19. Jere says

    This is a debate situation so it may not have been possible, but I’m always disappointed when journalists don’t follow up these nutsy assertions that gays harm society and press candidates for details about how they think this will happen and how they think society has been harmed in jurisdictions all over the world where gays are treated equally.

  20. BobN says

    “What I want to do as governor is create an environment, including an economic environment, where every Virginian has the opportunity to succeed and only gay people can be discriminated against.”

  21. says

    50% of Virginians may be in favor of same-sex marriage, but of those people, how many would not vote for a candidate based on his views on homosexuality? I’m thinking that number would drop considerably. The problem I have with most Republican voters is that although they might not personally be bigots, racists, crazies, etc., that doesn’t stop them from voting for candidates who are bigots, racists, crazies, etc.

  22. andrew says

    Of course a unique life begins at conception. Although the sperm and egg are alive before they are joined at conception. The question is: Does the woman, within whom that life is developing, have the right to decide to carry it to birth or abort it before that. It seems to me that early on in the pregnancy, the developing life has little claim to independence and the woman should be totally free to make her decision. Later on in the pregnancy as the fetus develops into an unborn baby, it seems to me that the developing baby has the right to life. I think Roe v. Wade dealt with the question very wisely.

  23. mmike1969 says

    I wonder if Log Cabin Repukes will vote for this idiot. Of course they will as repukes have a tendency to vote against their best interests.

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