1. Chadd says

    She’s proof that you can be pro gay rights and still be against every other progressive idea. I’d still vote for her Democratic opponent.

  2. Keppler says

    So, in other words, it matters not a jot which Republican wins the nomination: they’re both extremist nut-jobs. Net: stay the hell out of Wyoming.

  3. Gigi says

    @CHADD — She’s proof that many, especially Repubs, can be against something just for the sake of being against it [mostly for political reasons] but then they’ll do a complete 180 and be for it IF AND ONLY IF that something affects a member of their family. In reference to Liz, the people of Wyoming don’t want her. She doesn’t live in the state and she cannot possibly represent them. It’s time to crack down on these politicians who pretend to live in a state just to run.

  4. jamal49 says

    I could care less that the Cheneys support marriage equality. They’re Republicans. Enough said.

    Vote out the Republicans in 2014!

    And, I hope Liz Cheney does destroy the Wyoming Republican Party.

  5. Bob R says

    “Will Liz Cheney destroy the Wyoming Republican Party?” I certainly do hope so. The festering, evil malignancy that has devoured the Republican Party needs to be destroyed. Then the Democrats can rightfully be labeled the Moderate Republican Party and maybe Howard Dean and other progressive Democrats can reform a new big “D” Democratic Party with candidates and ideals closer to those of FDR, JFK and RFK than Ronald Reagan and the Bushes.

  6. tomj says

    Hopefully she does! If elected can one imagine between her and John (warmonger) McCain, they’d have us into a nuclear war

  7. Paul B. says

    Could it be that Liz has a Lez for a sister…and that’s her “progressive” bent? Otherwise, she’s another republican dolt with nasty bleached out straw. Fox news anyone?