1. rroberts says

    Poor Maggie Gallagher. Waah, waah, waah! She says “the justices could not name where gay and lesbian couples are protected in the Constitution.” Can she point out just where gay and lesbian couples are NOT protected?

  2. HadenoughBS says

    Maggie needs to worry about her own marriage and leave the rest of us out of her apparently extremely frustrating life. It seems that she and her fellow NOMbies are homophobic busy bodies with no sense of decency, fair play and equal rights for all citizens.

  3. disgusted american says

    …another Phat Pig who I hope when she goes- its sloooooo….and extremely Painful

  4. kpo5 says

    A declaration of war against at least half of the population?


    Just a declaration of war against the small, fringe portion of the population that profits on anti-LGBT causes. Sorry, Mags. Looks like you may have to brush up that résumé soon. I’m sure there are a few Fortune 500s looking for experts in smear campaigns.

  5. andrew says

    Maggie Gallagher is the poor man’s George Wallace of the LGBT Civil Rights Movement. She should check the history books to see how he is remembered and realize that is her fate, if anyone remembers her at all.

  6. NOMNOMNOM says

    She ignores the fact that the vast majority of the (less than) half of Americans who would fill out a survey saying they do not support marriage equality are probably pretty disinterested in the debate and could care less at the end of the day. It’s only war if you’re willing to fight and I don’t think most of those opposed, at the end of the day, probably care very much about it at all.

    The battle is over, honey.

  7. Gregoire says

    She sinks everso into the mire. Think of the life she has forward to living — being on the opposite side of history, the very embodiment of human ugliness.

  8. Gerry says

    They are all understandably upset because the anti-gay industries and associated bigot money is coming to an end. Now they need to find another scapegoat.

  9. Jack M says

    Is that a recent picture of her or did all the cameras in the world smash themselves in protest after it was taken?

  10. One of the CA 36,000 says

    “Gallagher said that the court’s pro-marriage equality rulings limit the ‘democratic rights’ of activists who seek to ban same-sex unions and argued that the justices could ‘not name’ where gay and lesbian couples are protected in the Constitution.”

    Well, you planet-sized she-cow, the justices basically depended on the Fifteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which sets out equal protection for law-abiding U.S. citizens.

    No one has a constitutional right to deny law-abiding citizens of equal protection, you festering c#nt. Not even morbidly obese Catholic women who couldn’t keep their flabby thighs together to avoid getting knocked up and popping out a bastard son who’s turned out as gay as a pink feather boa around Rupaul’s swan-like neck.

    Or is that a bit catty…?

  11. David in the O.C. says

    “…and argued that the justices could “not name” where gay and lesbian couples are protected in the Constitution.”

    Yeah, they actually DID do that: The 14th Amendment. Equal protection under the law.

    I suppose Maggie would also agree that it was a declaration of war against the 72% of the public that was against interracial marriage when the Supreme Court nullified state bans in 1967. Can’t have it both ways, Maggie. You can’t say one kind of discrimination is wrong and other kinds are right. Either the Supreme Court was correct in 1967 and in 2013, or they were wrong both times.

  12. deke says

    Maggie who? What half of America is she talking about? How does any of this threaten her?

  13. Kevin_BGFH says

    (1) It’s not a war against people who oppose same-sex marriage because they are completely unaffected whether it passes or not.

    (2) Where does it say it in the Constitution? It’s in the 14th Amendment, under what’s known as the Equal Protection Clause: “…nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Oh, sure, it doesn’t specifically enumerate LGBT people. It also doesn’t enumerate African Americans, the clear intent of the Amendment. Unless she doesn’t think LGBT people are “persons,” it applies.

  14. Bart says

    Poor delusional Maggie. Everything she whined about didn’t possess a fact.

    But I guess she has to rationalize the failure of her life’s work or how would she get out of the bed in the morning. She is just sad.

  15. misha says

    What we’re listening to here is the last gasp of those that make a living off of fear and hate. Their pipeline to the cash flow is dwindling, and they know that actually interpreting the decisions by SCOTUS takes away from said pipeline; so what better thing to do than flap their arms and scream how victimized they are by this “miscarriage of justice.” It will ensure a few more dwindling dollars, but not for long.

    Keep shining a light on these dimwits.

  16. jomicur says

    It IS a declaration of war–on Maggie’s fat income from spreading bigotry. She’s flailing like a crippled walrus to keep her head above water. And yes, I use that simile advisedly.

  17. AggieCowboy says

    Actually, Maggie, the SCOTUS opinion that Kennedy wrote DID point out where in the Constitution (5th Amendment) married same-sex couples were protected against discrimination by DOMA. The dissenting opinions didn’t contradict the majority opinion, but sought to avoid setting precedence by dismissing the case based on jurisdiction (sleazy cop out) and/or standing (did BLAG really have the authority to defend the law?).

  18. One of the CA 36,000 says

    FOURTEENTH…! My bad.

    And I had a 1-in-27 chance to get it right…!! Dang.

    And AggieCowboy is right: Justice Kennedy cited the Fifth in vacating DOMA section 3.

    But Maggie, like ALL conservatives, doesn’t let little things like facts get in the way of denying equal rights to people the Catholic Cult– er, Church– doesn’t like.

    Kinda like how Maggie doesn’t let a little thing like her (apparently) out-of-control diabetes keep her (apparently) from every Sizzler buffet she can waddle to.

  19. Jonna the Woodswoman says

    I feel so sorry for her gay son. That thing as a mother. I wonder if she used to wake him up for school by mooing at him?

  20. woodroad34d says

    This decision has nothing to do with Piggie practicing (and by practicing–she needs to do more because she still hasn’t got it right) her religious beliefs. However, your ‘rights’ end where my nose begins. This tyrannical fat pig has been declaring war on the other half for years employing illegal practices and amoral machinations….except, in this case, the other half won that war with honesty and integrity–something she knows nothing about. I feel an “Annie” song coming on. What a morose and psychotic loser. See a shrink, take a pill.

  21. jamal says

    Mag, honey, if you want to see it as a “declaration of war” on half of America, then so be it. See, Mag, I’m tired of seeing your fat, whiny ass on TV as the go-to person for institutionalized, christian, evangelical, conservative hate and bigotry against gay people. So, Mag? I’m ready. I’ve been ready for years. You want a goddam war? You will GET a goddam war! And, Mag? I am going to enjoy slapping your fat, ugly, whiny ass all around the room. And that of any other bigot who comes across my path. This is a war I intend to win, Mag. So bring it the F on.

  22. Michaelandfred says

    Lol…poor Maggie. You’re 15 minutes lasted for 16.5, but they’re over now. You’ve lost the “war,” now you’re just running aroundike those poor Japanese soldiers found years later in the pacific who hadn’t realized things had ended.

    Time to get a real job.

  23. Sam says

    While she really is repugnant, I’m astounded by how many people on this thread stoop to her level by pointing out that she’s fat. Her weight is irrelevant.

  24. Richard says

    This homophobic land-manatee thinks our judicial system is working only when bigots win.

  25. bructer says

    What the court said is that bigotry and hate has no standing in the court or constitution has no standing. Flip the coin and see if you would have the same argument if the court ruled in your favor. Get the Religious right out of the courts they have no business or standing in government. Go to Church and STFU

  26. scott gorcey says

    Every single time you impugn Gallagher over her weight, a homophobe gets his wings. CUT THAT SH*T OUT, you morons.

  27. Bustle & Grow says

    Maggie Translator: “Bigots! Send me your money!”

    It’s hard out there for a pimp.

  28. MateoM says

    Listen up, Gay Chubs: Maggie’s weight IS relevant! It represents a visible manifestation of her personal hypocrisy. She is a glutton, who refuses to control her physical appetites, and does NOTHING to improve her physical appearance, which actually works out well for OUR side because it delegitimizes her message.

    So if you’re feelings get hurt that people mention HER weight, grab a celery stick and STFU!

  29. Sargon Bighorn says

    NOM if you are not prepared to lose a fight, don’t start one. NOM, You started the fight against marriage equality and you lost.

  30. anon says

    I somehow doubt this ruling will inspire people to commit acts of bloodshed. Most likely it will inspire people to realize they didn’t care to begin with.

  31. Sam says

    @Mateo, right. So we are accepting of people as long as they fit into our definition of how they should look, otherwise it’s not a legitimate argument. You sure you’re not on her team?

  32. Sam says

    I guess what I’m asking, Mateo, is, “Are you prepared to treat fat people the same way she treats gay people?”

  33. parkrunner says

    I recently spent a camping week with my brother’s family. Unfortunately, after one of my hikes, I found a hugely engorged tick right below my beltline. It was gross! My nerdy 12 year old nephew was fascinated and got out his binoculars to see the tick up close and magnified. I’ll always remember the face on that tick and will have memories for the rest of my life. Sharp pointed pinchers that sucked the precious blood from my body. I never wanted to see that tick’s face again.
    Imagine my horror when I got on the computer and saw the picture of Miss Gallagher! It was the horror of the bloodsucking beast all over again. Now it will take another week to get over those blood curdling moments of screaming agony!
    Thanks, thanks a lot Towleroad.

  34. says

    “. . . the justices could “not name” where gay and lesbian couples are protected in the Constitution.”

    Maggie? It’s called the Fourteenth Amendment — you know, the one that says all citizens are to be treated equally under the law.

  35. walter says

    sorry you uncontested cow the constitution no where protects any marriage specifically . it actually doesnt mention marriage at all.

  36. walter says

    has anyone every seen this supposed husband of hers or did she eat him and not in a good way

  37. CPT_Doom says

    For the record, I believe the Supreme Court based its decision in the Windsor case on the 5th Amendment, not the 14th. The 5th Amendment also is about equality in the due process of the law. From what I’ve read, the Court chose the 5th because the 14th requires the states to follow the Constitution. Because DOMA is a federal issue, the Court went back to the 5th Amdendment to find the federal analogue of the 14th.

    /law geek moment.

    Oh, and when Gallagher supports the referendum on whether mixed faith marriages are valid or the referendum on whether unwed mothers can marry a subsequent baby daddy, let me know. That’s the only point at which she can become consistent.

  38. says

    Maggie and her ilk are the only ones who want a battle over this. Gay people just want the same rights as everyone else. We don’t want a war and never did.

    What’s funny to me is that their fear now is that pro-gay people will be as hateful and bigoted towards them as they have been against gays and our allies for so long. Maybe they should have thought of that before they launched their bigoted attacks?

  39. JimmyD says

    I thought the return of the Twinkie would have kept her transfixed for a bit.
    I wonder what her conversations with Orson Scott Card are like these days.

  40. says

    @Hound – the day anti-gay kids start committing suicide in record numbers, because they’re being bullied for being anti-gay, is the day i’ll start pretending to care.

    well, first i’ll crack open a bottle of champagne. THEN i’ll pretend to care.
    i’ll save a glass for you.

  41. says

    I beg to differ. It is actually a ‘Head-On Declaration of War’ Against %40 of Americans.

    Majority rules – they can suck it. That was their philosophy as long as they were in the majority. Now that the tide has changed, they cannot deal with it.

  42. MateoM says

    Oh hey Jason. I see you’re still pretending to be me (as seen in the comment on the previous page). I dont fat shame. The only person who ridicules people’s weight and appearance is you and your awful aliases. You know every time I call you out for posting under my name you just make yourself look more petty, silly, and pathetic…right? Then again, I don’t expect you to have any integrity, so I shouldn’t expect you to have self awareness either.

    Sam: I’m sorry someone using my name is fat-shaming. But it’s Rick/Jason. It always is, even of the name is different.

  43. MaddM@ says

    so what she means is at this point she’s big enough to represent half of americans by volume

    Sorry, I know it’s low to make digs at someone’s physical appearance when she has so many moral and emotional issues that could be picked out

    THe library is open

  44. todd says

    Please ship this fat elephant to Africa for poaching. I take that back. I apologize to every unique and superb elephant for daring to define her as being a majestic endangered beast.

  45. Jim says

    Maggie, your side lost and there’s nothing you can do about it. Console yourself. Go back to the donut trough and feed until you feel better.

  46. wayne says

    The double cheeseburger poster girl has never heard of the Equal Protection and Due Process Clauses of the US Constitution……couldn’t read them for all that grease running down her chin and staining the pages…..she probably ate them too!!

  47. ChrisQ says

    She sounds shrill and freaked out. Condescending and screechy. Like a drowning rat. Loser. Get a real job Maggie.

  48. Gregory Anderson says

    Why is Towelroad still giving this ignorant, bigoted woman a forum for her trash science and misinformation. Ignore her and she will go away!

  49. says

    Its hard to generate any respect for Maggie’s opposing viewpoint when it is so packed with blatant untruths. These DOMA defenders lost in court, and now they’re taking a crybaby pose and claiming to be the victims. The court did not rule that “every single person who supports the federal definition of marriage is motivated by harm and animus and desire to degrade…” ! They DID (properly) not that this was the motivation of those who originally passed DOMA, considering that their animus is part of the congressional record on this legislation.

    She goes on to claim that “Justice Kennedy can’t even tell you what part of the constitution required overturning DOMA” – but Kennedy specifically cites the 5th amendment in his majority opinion! And Maggie acknowledges this fact.

    The amendment reads (in part) “No person shall be […] deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”. Kennedy wrote that “DOMA is unconstitutional as a deprivation of liberty of the person protected by the fifth amendment of the constitution.”

  50. scott says

    MateoM – When you make fun of her (or anyone) for being fat, you’re assuming facts not in evidence (e.g., “gluttony”) when there are other reasons why a person might be overweight (e.g., a thyroid condition).

    Also, it just makes you as bad as she is in the prejudice department.

  51. Sam says

    Really, the hate for fat people in this thread is no different than NOM’s hate for gay people. Way to take the high road, guys.
    A Fat Gay Guy