1. Vint says

    So this is a town with five council members that needs a tally board to keep track of the vote???

    And this is a town that rescinds the designation of June 2013 as Gay Pride Month in July 2013???

    I can’t decide which they need more, a brain transplant or a massive enema. Perhaps they amount to the same thing.

  2. TonyJazz says

    What a sad group of people must be that make up this city council… Are they members of Westboro Baptist Church? Are they jury members from the Zimmmerman trial?

    Where is their empathy for others?

  3. Joesph Foster says

    I think the town’s Wikipedia entry should reflect this controversy, but I don’t know how to go about it. If someone knows the proper procedure, please it needs to be done.

  4. Tony says

    They’re not Westboro, they’re Mormons. And they’re only following orders from their “true prophet of God”. So the next time someone tries to tell you that the Mormon Cult isn’t still actively fighting against our civil equality, don’t be fooled. Stop the radical Mormon Agenda, before the “Prophet” commands his minions to attack YOUR civil rights.

  5. says

    To the poster who asked about WBC, I have some perhaps not unsurprising information for you.

    This was actually the fourth meeting since June 4th that addressed this topic. At the June 4th and June 18th meeting we did in fact have WBC associates present, at least one of who grew up here. It was he who got arrested in June 4th.

    I guess he didn’t show this time because he was comfortable he would get what he asked for from his elected representatives.

    So yes, it is fair to say that the verbal requests of WBC and those who make the same requests carry sufficient weight to persuade Council.

  6. Billy Crytical says

    Terrible. The malice of heterosexuals on display. I’m sure if someone does any digging they will find this was the first time the mayor’s proclamation was rescended.

  7. FrankC says

    The three members of the council are not
    bigots because they are politicians, that
    makes them demogogues. well who the hell
    cares anyway? California is a marriage
    equality state so f..k Porterville.
    May they should have a proclamation to
    change the city name to “Hooterville”.

  8. Will Lloyd says

    UPDATE: Currently, as noted on page two of the Porterville Recorder Monday, the LGBT activists from Porterville College Pride Club, Pro-Gay Marriage clergy, Barry Caplan, Brock Neely and John Coffee, in a “sour grapes” attitude against representatives of the majority of Porterville to rescind a LGBT Day here, have shipped in out-of-town gay zealots for meetings at Las Fuentes restaurant at 4:40 today, as well as other activism pranks at City Council tonite at 6;00…The issue is settled, yet they continue to sow discord, polarization and bring disgrace to our good conservative town and citizens that clearly disagree by an extreme majority.

    Please watch this wonderful message from a local minister of the largest protestant church, and echoed by our brother Catholics, and Mormons and more…

    Thanks, Will Lloyd, Willmation Studios


    “August 4, 2013: CULTURAL TRENDS: SAME-SEX MARRIAGE by Pastor Mark Pitcher, Porterville Church of the Nazarene. A look at the issues concerning gay, lesbian, and transgendered marriage. Produced by Will Lloyd of Willmation Studios for