Scalia’s Son Paul Thinks Homosexuals Are Just Straight People With ‘Same-Sex Attraction’

You may recall that Reverend Paul Scalia, the son of homophobic Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, is a Catholic priest who served as Chaplain for Courage – a Catholic ex-gay group that encourages gays to practice lifelong celibacy and attend their "play the gay away" athletic camps.

Paul Scalia currently serves as Courage's Chairman of the Board of Directors and will speak this month at the organization's annual summit. The website touting the summit also links to a 2012 article written by Scalia in which he praises the writings of Courage founder Father John Harvey. 

Paul_scaliaScalia praises Harvey for no longer using the terms "homosexual" and "sexual orientation" because Scalia thinks that gay people are only straight people experiencing "same sex-attraction." For him, there is only one true sexual orientation — the one that leads to heterosexual marriage, and his article (excerpted below) reveals the intellectual rationalizations that allow ex-gay therapies to thrive in the secular world while remaining firmly rooted in fundamentalist homophobia:

In this regard we must note the unfortunate title The Homosexual Person (and therefore also the unfortunate title of the CDF document). In short, we should not predicate “homosexual” of any person. That does a disservice to the dignity of the human person by collapsing personhood into sexual inclinations. The chronology of the books helps us to see the development in this area of language. Indeed, the Church is still trying to find the right vocabulary to speak about this modern phenomenon. Thus in his last book, Father Harvey ceased using the term “homosexual” or “homosexual person.” His thought and ministry brought him to realize that it is better to speak of someone with “same-sex attractions.” Although lacking brevity and ease of speech, this phrase has the virtue of precision. It acknowledges both the person/attraction distinction and the complexity of the condition – not fairly summarized as an “orientation.” Which brings us to another matter of vocabulary.…

Father Harvey’s use of the term “orientation” also underwent a deserved change. In his first two books we find the use of this word to describe homosexual inclinations or attractions. In the last book, however, he deliberately avoids it. This reflects the increased appreciation for the fact that homosexual tendencies (to use a term from magisterial documents), do not constitute a fixed, unchangeable aspect of the person and therefore should not be considered an “orientation.” Further, the term does violence to a proper understanding of human sexuality. Either our sexuality is oriented in a certain direction (i.e. toward the one-flesh union of marriage), or it is not. We cannot speak of more than one sexual “orientation” any more than we can think of the sun rising in more than one place (i.e. the orient).

Indeed, one of Father Harvey’s contributions is his discussion of the possibility for healing of homosexual attractions. He deftly navigates the extremes (on one hand, that change is impossible… on the other hand, that it is morally obligatory) to present the simple truth that many have found freedom, to varying degrees, from homosexual attractions. Thus we cannot speak of it as a fixed, unchangeable, unchanging “orientation.”

Scalia has used such sophistry before to justify parental disapproval of gay kids and opposition to gay-straight alliances in public schools. For him, homosexuality is nothing more than an attraction, one that should be changed or suppressed for a lifetime to attain moral communion with a "love the sinner, hate the sin" kind of God.


  1. Taylor says

    Many have found freedom from Catholicism. Thus, we cannot speak of it as a fixed, unchangeable, unchanging, belief!

    It’s a cult folks…run…run for your lives!

  2. MateoM says

    This is not news. Nor was it news in 2012, when the Son of Scalia wrote the article, repeating what he had long emitted in his drone-like writing. Everyone knows that Justice Scalia is a bigot, and that his son is a big ol’ dress-wearing pooftah desperate for Daddy’s attention.

    In future, please post actual newsworthy information in this space. Thank you.

  3. Randy says

    You know you really screwed your kid up when he grows up to become a priest. Nice job, Justice Scalia.

  4. Cassandra says

    Cows are just fish with fur, legs, mammary glands and lungs. Grasshoppers are just rocks with organic chemistry, dna, legs, wings, mouths, eyes, antennae.

    Scalia’s son is an irrational fraud.

  5. mike/ says

    Scalia is nothing more than an apologist. the problem is his ‘argument’ is based on catholic documents that in and of themselves fit into the apologetic realm – they are basically circular.

    i wonder if he failed Logic 101 in his studies of Philosophy……..

    oh, for those who are not familiar with catholic doctrine – the CDF that he refers to is the “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – all apologetic. he uses ‘approved’ sources only for his logic. that’s why he fails.

  6. woodroad34d says

    delusional on many levels: belief in an undefinable entity- yet doesn’t believe in all that entity encompasses– just what he wants to believe; distorts facts; belief that heterosexuals are infinitely better, and doesn’t believe in the Founding Fathers’ decree that all men are created equal (he finds ways to make them unequal) and therefore probably feels women are unequal as well since it says “All Men”; bitter and sexless man in love with a male spirit. Well, the acorn nut doesn’t fall far from the uneducated withering tree.

  7. Derrick from DC says

    A friend of mine in DC claimed to’ve seen some very compromising videos of Sonny Boy with some teenagers. If only the owners of the tapes had the guts to make them public.

  8. The Milkman says

    The CDF is nothing more than the Inquisition… they didn’t even change the name until 1904. It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that the son of an intelligent yet deeply bigoted man like Scalia would spend his entire adult life in service to an organization that is at its core nothing more than a bunch of emotionally stunted control freaks.

    One would think that the catholic church would have more important things to worry about (i.e. rampant child abuse). Perhaps they thought that stoking the fires of anti-gay hatred would be enough to deflect attention away from these issues… not so much, pal.

  9. Strepsi says

    I never knew this Paul Scalia existed before this story, and it explains so much of both their attitudes!

    Antonin Scalia’s son is a faggot, whose father’s disapproval drove him into the priesthood, and their knowledge of this (one self-loathing, the other just loathing) cause them both to lash out at gay people for ruining their family.

    I get it now.

  10. says

    he’s terribly unintelligent.

    and again, recording his ignorance and bigotry so that the name Scalia will become synonymous with backward thinking, for a few more decades. congrats on slandering your own family name, bub.

  11. Craig says

    Scalia seems to be letting his “sky pixie attachment disorder” to get out of control. Mr. Scalia, please stop obsessing about your genocidal (what’s his body count in the Bible? a few hundred thousand. Percentage-wise he’s worse than Hitler), schizophrenic (he believes he is his own son and father and has a separate manifestation of himself that is his ‘spirit’? hello? cuckoo!), child raping (Mary would have been a child of about 13 years of age when he impregnated her) invisible friend and get help.

  12. Jeff says

    Behind every anti-gay bigot there’s a (pink) elephant in the room. Scalia’s son is obviously a closet case. Stories like these need to be exposed for every person who’s in a position to take away our rights.

  13. Bart says

    I’m glad the young priest Scalia “believes” this. Based on what? What’s his doctorate in? Oh, he has none. No formal studies in the area of human sexuality? Nothing???? So his belief is based on something he made up in his head. Or maybe by praying about it.

    Or maybe from his own deep seeded hatred of himself and the sexual issues he has that often drive men into the priesthood because they cannot reconcile their sexual feelings with their strident religious upbringing and find it easier to hide in the religion and live a life of a unfulfilled human being (which is actually an un-Christlike quality)than disappoint their overbearing tyrant of a parent.

    I’d say this man has some issues and having a bigger picture of his family and his father’s view of things, it’s not hard to gather from where those issues originated.

  14. Steve says

    I’m curious as to why the Scalias garner so much attention from the media. Are they really that relevant in today’s political discourse? As far as I can tell, they are media whores, very similar to the Kardashians, but with more meatballs…

  15. Tonez says

    He must understand the feeling of attraction to men to come to this conclusion….. what a surprise..

  16. Jack M says

    Looks like the stupid apple doesn’t fall far from the stupid tree. And let’s not use the term “intellectual rationalization” here; it just doesn’t apply.

  17. Wavin' Dave says

    …did he just say “the ORIENT?” LOL! I think that speaks volumes. Woe to those who seek prompt succor and helpful counsel from a celibate. Or a white guy who speaks like a 19th Century British colonialist.

  18. Steve says

    You can just Antonin “Fat Tony” Scalia trying to beat the gay out of him when he was young.

  19. JONES says

    Rebranding. How can I present my view of those I want to marginalize and make it look like it’s innocent. Sound familiar Jeb Bush, GOP?

    Oppression rebranded is still oppression.

  20. MateoM says

    Whoever posted under my name on the first page was not me, but Rick using my username. I always call out his trolling under his numerous aliases, and I guess I got under his skin because he insists on using my name and attaching it to his inflammatory comments.

    The creepiness and nastiness of Scalia’s son is not particularly surprising, considering he was brought up around that Opus Dei nonsense. Unlike what fake MateoM said, I consider this extremely important news that should be covered. It is clear that Scalia is dedicated more to the Bible than he is toward the constitution, evidenced in the beliefs and opinions of his son.

  21. Vint says

    After the Church lost so decisively to Galileo some centuries ago, they ought to know that the sun doesn’t actually “rise” anywhere; that’s just an interpretation people who don’t know that the the earth is round and rotates came up with.

    So to compare the inevitability of the sun’s “rising” in the east with the “inevitability” of heterosexual leanings is not only facile casuistic metaphor masquerading as reason, it’s also scientifically nonsense at its base.

  22. IJelly says

    What Scalia Jr. is trying to do is declare, by fiat, that a certain group of people are “innately flawed”, and that part of their flawed nature is their inability to recognize that flaw. Therefore any and all protests against being declared “innately flawed” are simply further evidence of these folks’ flawed nature.

    Beyond being A. a completely circular and B. a supposition posing as an argument, it is also a seriously evil proposition because. once accepted, it becomes a justification for any form of abuse against those it deems inherently flawed.

  23. john patrick says

    If there is a life after death, I think some of these antigay religious people are going to be a bit surprised to find out that Jesus was gay.

  24. Andy says

    Can you imagine having Antonin Scalia as your father? Omg, Paul Scalia has got to be messed up in the head.

  25. will says

    Excuse me. Some of us well-adjusted culturally-mainstreamed gays don’t know what a “glory hole” is. Stop using that vile terminology from 40 years ago!

  26. Michaelandfred says

    Funny, with the amount of people who go from “straight” to gay, it would actually seem like most are homosexual with opposite sex attractions.

  27. Will says

    Any idiot can become a priest. Why would anyone take this moron’s advice? When you’re raised ignorant and look for answers in religion you stay ignorant.

  28. anon says

    It’s an argument like trying to maintain that the earth is flat and the sun goes around it.

  29. Steve says

    It kind of flows naturally when you believe in atrocities like Original Sin.

  30. Chuck Mielke says

    Talking of rhetoric: Scalia Jr. has, apparently, never cared to observe more than one sunrise. It doesn’t take much experience to realize that, sometimes the sun rises in the northeast, sometimes in the southeast (depending on where you are on earth). So, he chose a pretty crumby example for making a pretty crumby point.

  31. says

    When I started to read this $hit the first word that came to mind was “sophistry”…..then I saw it accurately used in the body of this post.

    I’m not ashamed of being a called homosexual nor that my sexual orientation is profoundly and irrevocably gay….and always has been.

    But I have nothing but total and absolute contempt for a pretentious cult which teaches as part of its doctrinal truth that we homosexuals are ” intrinsically disordered”. see Catholic Catechism.
    This priest-oaf believes in this , subscribes to this and no doubt Scalia pere does also.
    This is the equivalent of the KKK and their beliefs about blacks and the same applies to the Nazis beliefs about the Jewish nation.
    These people are beyond contempt.

  32. trees says

    “this modern phenomenon” is much older than he thinks. It is ancient, and even older.

  33. Michael says

    Give me a flipping break. If anyone could change their orientation, bigot boy would have married a woman by now but, what’s that?, he’s still a priest obsessed over his own gayness.

    F*ck him, f*ck his father and f*ck the Roman Catholic Church too.

  34. walter says

    so says a self loathing closet case who wants his father’s attention desperately

  35. jamal49 says

    And in other news: water continues to be wet and the sky continues to be blue except at night but then it depends where you are in the world therefore the color of the sky cannot be said to be blue as an immutable characteristic but can be said to black with pinpoints of light in other circumstances so we can definitely say that the sky is there. Amen.

  36. JJ says

    Sounds like he’s trying to negotiate his way out of his own homosexuality. Does that mean he’s in the Denial stage or the Bargaining stage?

  37. Randy says

    While there are homosexual people, there are absolutely no Catholic people.

    Catholicism is a voluntary association, not an intrinsic property of people.

  38. V-8 says

    I had no idea this guy even existed (not the most attractive priest, mind u)… what is bothering me is how close a tie the issue at hand has with the Supreme Court….. Scalia should have recused himself frpm DOMA and Prop 8 rullings because his family is too close to the church, which clearly draws a line…

  39. UFFDA says

    This man is a nincompoop. Senseless and absurd. His father is a highly intelligent fanatic and clown, both posing as the final word in correct opinions and the theocrats of modern American life. That they so scorn the reality of everyday decent people who are gay is active proof that they do not understand the unrolling scope and marvel of life.

  40. says

    Paul, get a copy of “Human Sexuality”, Kosnick, St Martin’s Press, 1977. It’s a Catholic theological discussion. It’s been banned and Kosnick silenced, but surely with your connections, you can get a copy. You’ll understand better when you’ve had an additional “Catholic” view.

  41. Daniel says

    What if he’s a molester that targets males and the elder one figured it out and is trying to stop him from acting on it by ranting from the bench whenever a homosexuality case comes up – and gay people are just incidentally getting punished in the wake of his family drama with his dad and his pervy priestliness? That would be really creepy.

  42. Rob says

    Let’s all pitch in ten bucks each to hire a hot guy with a camera to seduce each of the Scalias. My only request is a blue garment to collect the DNA.

    Would love to be a fly on the wall when my one true love, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, reads about it in the papers. May she live to see “fat tony” brought down in disgrace.

  43. Nelson says

    MateoM is dead wrong when he or she states it is not news. Justice Scalia should have recused himself from EVERY SINGLE DECISION dealing with gay rights all these years, since he has instilled in his son this nonsense…..and don’t even try to tell me that Justice Scalia does not give funding to this hate group, which would be a SERIOUS infraction when dealing with a case regarding equality.

  44. Tom Chicago says

    Well, Paul, I would use the adjective “queer” rather than “homosexual”, but neither term collapses my personhood. That is just rhetorically grandiose and seems to run in the family.

  45. Tom Chicago says

    I pounced before I read the rest of his nonsense. It is a case study of homiletic double talk and rationalization.

  46. Chevytexas says

    He’s an even bigger closet case than his father. Disgusting to think how his personal attractions were formed.

  47. TomR says

    The poor guy is 43 years old. Can you imagine being that age and never having had sex. So now he’s an expert on the matter. Can someone explain?

  48. Jessica says

    the always rises from the Orient? not true – we’ve had a handful of pole shifts…translation, the sun hasn’t always risen from the orient. Oh science, you’re so fun…and important to understand when trying to make a point.

    so basically, his point is that sexual orientation DOES change, just like the direction of the rising sun has.