1. JMC says

    This article makes it sound like the Supreme Court ruling is the reason for these gains when this chart update actually reflects the week leading up to the ruling.. there’s sure to be a sharp spike in digital sales and streaming when the Hot 100 is updated this Wednesday though.

    With that said, I wish this song wasn’t so bad because it has such a sweet message and music video and I really want to like it. But man, some of Macklemore’s lyrics in this track are soooo bad and cringeworthy.

  2. Mikey says

    I couldn’t disagree more, JMC. The song is eloquent, frustrated, longing, and beautiful. I am proud to have it as the anthem of the movement.

  3. Caliban says

    It’s interesting how “Same Love” helped fuel Macklemore & Lewis’s rise from (mostly) regional fame to national attention. That a “gay anthem” helped do that is unexpected.

    Perhaps it’s because Same Love was the first song of theirs *I* ever heard, but my sense of it is that the attention and TV appearances for that song helped open the door for their other songs to get noticed and played. There’s been a synchronicity to their rise in popularity and advances in gay rights, both things at the right time and place.

    Of course it helps that they’re actually very talented, with a great backlist of titles to discover, not just one-hit wonders.

  4. JMC says

    Mikey – if you say so. I alternate between cringing and laughing during the openings to the first and second verses.. it’s not all bad, but some of his writing is so amateur.

    Caliban – uh, you’re completely wrong. Thrift Shop and We Can’t Stop were both #1 on the Hot 100 and on radio and are some of the biggest hits of the year. Same Love was released a year ago before Thrift Shop came out and did absolutely nothing and is only picking up steam because it’s been rereleased now that they’ve made it big.

  5. Francis #1 says

    Same Love wasn’t the song that propelled Macklemore to national attention. It enhanced it, but it was Thrift Shop that propelled him to national attention.

    Same Love is starting to get airplay now, it wasn’t on the radio that much, but now that it’s starting to be played more on the radio, it’s gotten more attention and of course the marriage equality week of last week did help matters. Same Love is an awesome song, and Macklemore has a big following and raps about things that are NOT common from others in the industry.

  6. Caliban says

    I realize that Same Love didn’t make the charts originally, but Macklemore and Lewis DID get wide attention for the song and video IIRC before “Thrift Shop” became a hit. For emerging artists all attention is good and I merely suggested that Same Love *helped* them gain notice, not that the song itself “put them on the map.”

    In any case, hip-hop isn’t my standard genre but I went back and discovered previous work like Love Song & Otherside and became a fan.

  7. Kyle says

    It is a great song and should be exalted as an equality anthem because of it and Macklemore’s popular appeal. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are powerful spokesmen.

  8. Leo says

    The CEO of ClearChannel (not Tom Poleman) is a notorious social conservative, so this genuinely surprises me. I guess the popularity of the song outweighs his opinion in the programmer’s mind. It didn’t always used to be that way…let me just leave it at that.

  9. JMC says

    Caliban, it was really just all Thrift Shop.

    Kyle, I’m in Macklemore’s key age demo.. not really part of his target audiencee though really because I’m a regular hip hop listener. I don’t see how that’s relevant though? The lyrics I referenced are even a bit of a meme on Tumblr, they’re just really bad.

  10. jjose712 says

    First, Same love and Thrift shop get attention almost at the same time. I think it was because Same Love was used on a campaing meanwhile Thrift shop was the official second single (they released Can’t hold us first).
    Both conjuntions make them appear on press, and then radio get on wagon with Thrift shop wich was a big success.
    They decided to rereleased Can’t hold us, wich was a very good idea, because even it was ignored the first time, the second time was a big success.
    And a lot of people thought they will never send Same love to radio because it was a very controversial song and they were getting a lot of success (no matter the fact that Same love had better sales than Can’t hold us before CHU was rereleased), but they did it.
    And the song started to chart on alternative, and become huge on Rythmic (is near top 10 right now), and gained traction on pop (it’s near top 20 there).
    Scotus probably helped some sales, but the truth is the song was climbing for several weeks, from outside top 50 on itunes to top 10, several days before the decision.
    And apart of peaking at 7 on gay pride day, the sales are quite stable (they are at 8 right now).
    Probably when Can’t hold us start to drop in the charts, the sales for Same love will increase.
    The success in the charts is quite amazing because they have three song getting high spins on radio. The fact that their two first singles are constantly on radio could prevent Same love of being a success (Rihanna’s We found love end being an obstacle to the success of the rest of the singles of her album) but this doesn’t seem to be the case

  11. Lynn says

    This song is disgusting and it should not be allowed on the radio! It is the parent’s job to teach their kids about sexual orientation not a rappers! This liberal gay agenda needs to stop!