Tilda Swinton Shows Solidarity with LGBT Community, Raises Rainbow Flag Near the Kremlin


Tilda Swinton's agent Christopher Hodell posted this message from the actress on his Twitter account yesterday: "Please share this message from Tilda: 'In solidarity. From Russia with love.'"

The freedom to be LGBT in Russia has been under severe threat in recent months. Last week President Vladimir Putin signed a law banning "gay propaganda" which bars (and imposes fines for) gay groups, gay books and periodicals, LGBT Pride events, and other "promotions" of homosexuality. He also signed a law banning gay adoption by foreign same-sex couples.


  1. UFFDA says

    Tilda is brave and appreciated for making this effort – and with a police car right behind her! Thank you Ms Swinton.

    As for Russia…why bother with a nation which has perpetually staggered around in its own self-created muck. It’s dispensible.

  2. says

    I wanted to comment on this story but I end up having to comment on the troll’s statement. I know I should know better but here goes:
    Human beings aren’t unnecessary, UFFDA. I don’t care how crooked the government in any country is, there are still innocent people who are stuck under the thumb of this hatred. The Russian LGBT are incredibly brave to fight this in the face of so much violence and adversity. Now that we are finally obtaining our full citizenship as LGBT people here in the US, we need to be aware of what happens to our LGBT brothers and sisters abroad. LGBT people need to be free everywhere, not just in the west.

  3. UFFDA says

    OK guys, some clarification. We should always be supportive of gay people everywhere, and we shall be. But Russia is still a basket case, as it always has been and should be visited with the contempt it has shown towards its lgbt citizens. I suggested the other day that lbgt people should line the western border of Russia in cities and campers and tents, right up close to it, in defiance of the government and church.
    And no one should go to the upcoming Olympics.

  4. MateoM says

    I see someone is posting as me again. Sorry, David Ehrenstein, that Rick ridiculed you while posting as me. His efforts to damage my reputation have been futile and harmless, but he dragged you into it and that’s not cool.

    Back to the topic: Tilda is a truly wonderful person. This photo is fabulous.

  5. MateoM says

    “For the record though, I think Snowden is hot. Espionage makes me horny!”

    I didn’t say this but bless you Rick when you make it so obvious it isn’t me. Silly troll.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “I didn’t say this but bless you Rick when you make it so obvious it isn’t me. Silly troll. ”

    LOL…you’re right, MateoM.

    You know Rick also created the blog persona David Hearne,the elderly ancient Gay retiree living down in Florida. The racist, anti-immigration David Hagatha Hearne.

    Then on one of Hearne’s postings he slipped and said he was 55 years old. Well, Rick stated on a number of occasions this year that he was 55 years old. When I confronted the old b.tch he said something about “investments” that allowed him to retire early. Oh, please…LOL.

    But you know I must be as crazy as Rick (just with completely opposite political views)because I enjoy sparring and trading insults with that fictional old cow David Hagatha Hearne.

    But lately “she” has been slipping–saying the wackiest things that don’t make any kind of sense. Maybe Rick is beginning to believe he IS the elderly David Hagatha Hearne and dementia is setting in.

    Andy, beware, your blog is turning into a mental hospital.(soundtrack from the the shower scene from the movie “Psycho” now)

  7. MateoM says

    David Hearne, since you’re an alias of the person responsible, I can understand how you’d want me not to point it out. If I don’t point it out, people may think it’s me (for some reason) and it will give my postings less credibility and worth. Which is exactly what you, Rick, want.

    Hysterical that you’re pretending to be a voice of reason when you’re actually the perpetrator. What a sad and pitiful troll you are.

  8. Leroy Laflamme says

    No one noticed the police car behind her? Makes the image even more poignant, IMHO. Btw, although the building(s) depicted is Basil’s – it is within & part of the Kremlin precincts. Also btw, the caption reads “… near the Kremlin”.The article is about a superb gesture of support from a renowned LGBT friend, so why do the commentors stink the place up with petty nitpicking & troll warfare? Sad that comments on Towleroad nowadays have become some of the most pathetic in the gay blogosphere.

  9. MateoM says

    Leroy, if Andy would just change the commenting format so that trolls could be banned then we wouldn’t have this warfare. You’d think Mr. Towle would take a hint but he refuses to. And this unfortunately means that the comments section, and this site, will suffer until change is enacted.

  10. says

    @Mateo – what’s needed is a better format; agreed. Like on JMG – disqus.

    there are, at most, TWO pathetic little wimps who troll here every day, under varying names: hating on non-whites, women, trans people, “fems”, and basically anyone that doesn’t appeal to their bigoted father’s concept of “what a man should be”

    in a nutshell.

    they’re pathetic losers, and they know it. that’s why they remain anonymous.

    i’m pretty much done here. for all the progressive discussions and dialogues that occur, especially in arguments, there’s that stench of the pathetic grown-adult closet that lingers from the trolls whose bitterness at gay men who live out loud just stinks the place up.

  11. Peter says

    Love Tilda and her support for the community. Hope the Russian cops didn’t give her a hard time for “promoting homosexual propaganda.”

  12. says

    @Leroy: St. Basil’s (which is actually called the Church of the Intercession), is NOT in the Kremlin, but near it on Red Square. So she is NEAR the Kremlin. You have to go through security to get inside, and a rainbow flag would probably be found.

    Russians have pointed out that, as long as there were no children around, she’s not technically breaking the law, but I had the same question about the obvious police car.

  13. UFFDA says

    Andy doesn’t actually care what happens on his site.
    If he did he would start eliminating the fake namers.
    Trolls are fun, but the hijacked names should be banned, however it would mean dumping his darling L. Kiwi who started it all in his muti-named yapping against Rick.

  14. Philip Wester says

    Aaaaaand Tilda Swinton’s getting arested in 3, 2, 1…

    But on serious not, she’s great. Too bad she’ll probably be jailed/fined if she ever returns to Russia. Then again, how often does one HAVE to visit Russia?

  15. Philip Wester says

    Aaaaaand Tilda Swinton’s getting arested in 3, 2, 1…

    But on serious not, she’s great. Too bad she’ll probably be jailed/fined if she ever returns to Russia. Then again, how often does one HAVE to visit Russia?

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