1. Jeff says

    If only the Naval Academy had a video and actual sensibility like this in the late-1980s, perhaps I would have traveled a path that was less damaging. How *fantastic* that something like this exists today. We’ve come a long way, baby!

  2. Jeff says


    Seriously: You are concerned about the costs?! Ha! How about fewer bad choices made by student athletes who do not feel supported? What’s the value in that?

  3. Eric in Denver says

    This is my alma mater, and all I have to say is, GO BEARS! It’s great that they made this, and I’m proud that they’ve come out in support of all athletes no matter their sexual orientation.

    A couple of points: Alan – In 2013, the amount the entire athletic department got from the university was $4.4 million, a mere 0.31% of the entire $2.3 billion budget. The total athletics budget is almost $90 million, meaning 95% of their revenue comes from contracts, donations, etc.

    Cd in DC – that last person is Jack Clark, the most decorated collegiate coach in the country. He’s not known to be very emotive, but his participation speaks volumes.

    Again, Go Bears!

  4. Mike in nyc says

    I think I need to play with Bryce.

    Alan this type of production costs nothing. You may not understand that college sports is a vast capital venture for universities. It has more in common with pro sports than say high school sports, for better or worse.

    It’s one of the last institutions that function on a Share Crop economic system, the NCAA would prefer you not notice that however.

  5. thrutch says

    To rewrite my previous statement, the YouCanPlay Project is adding UC Berkley to their list pf partiicpants. They are not the founders of this project, towleroad itself has talked about this project in the past. They are only celerbating the launch of the UC berkeley you can play video. Please do a correction.

  6. Rick says

    Yeah, this is all fine and good, but one has to wonder why, even at a place like Berkeley, there are still, apparently, almost no “out” gay male athletes and why, in the year 2013, a video like this is even necessary at such schools.

    Maybe there just aren’t any gay athletes…or maybe they realize that political liberalism does not necessarily translate to the absence of homophobia on a personal/social level.

  7. MateoM says

    Maybe Rick doesn’t realize that we know he’s a republican, anti-liberal, anti-equality, anti-effeminacy, anti-woman, anti-decency, and anti-gay troll. You’d think he would have figure it out by now, but apparently not. He wants to convince us that liberals are anti gay when he is the most anti-gay voice on this site, yet he himself is a gay conservative (otherwise known as a house f*ggot).

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