Report: Prelate Member Of Vatican ‘Gay Lobby’

Last month, Pope Francis admitted the existence of a "gay lobby" within the Vatican.

Yesterday, the Italian news magazine, L'Espresso published an article that links prelate Battista Ricca, who was recently appointed by the Pope to a vital position with the Vatican bank, to the "gay lobby" and reveals that he has been involved in numerous relationships with gay men. Apparently, the Pope had only recently become aware of these relationships.

The article alleges that Ricca was involved with include a Swiss army captain and a young man who some speculate to be a male prostitute.

AFP on other highlights from the report:

LespressoVatican expert for L'Espresso Sandro Magister said Ricca provided lodgings and a pay check for captain Patrick Haari in 1999 and was once left badly beaten after trawling notorious gay hangouts before his behaviour saw him transferred out of Montevideo in 2000.

An internal bid to protect him and cover up the scandal meant Francis apparently had no idea about Ricca's past before he appointed him as his personal representative at the scandal-hit bank this year.

Ricca went on to hold several prestigious positions in Rome, including the director of the Santa Martha residence where the pope lives.

Magister said the wiping of Ricca's records was an example of a "gay lobby" at work in the Vatican.

A Vatican spokesperson has denied Ricca is a member of the "gay lobby" and has called the L'Espresso piece "not credible."

An English version of the L'Espresso article is available on the newspaper's website.


  1. DannyEastVillage says

    Well, Pope, if you decide not to give jobs to any of the Vatican bureaucrats who are gay, you’re going to have to recruit outside the Vatican.

  2. Matt26 says

    As pointed out before, Catholic Church will bring itself down. “Funny” thing is Pope never has aby clue of these things, always unaware of anything involve thsese issues. They condemn gays and homosexuality and at the same time behind the scenes…

  3. anon says

    This might point to the disconnect between theology and reality in the Catholic Church. Blind to reality, they push a very harsh theology. What happens when they can no longer deny reality though?

  4. gr8guya says

    While some might be angered by my suggesting stereotypes, but why are do so many “straight” zealots look so gay? Marcus Bachman, Lindsay Graham, and Battista Ricca. They would fit in perfectly with Paul Lynde and Liberace.

  5. Jerry6 says

    AH! YES! The old “Do as I say; Not as I do” syndrome. When are these silly old Priests going to go get honest jobs that produce good effects on other people, and leave living happy lives to the rest of us.

  6. Mort says

    What is the point of saying “a young man who some speculate to be a male prostitute”? What other kind of prostitute is a young man likely to be? It’s as silly – and sexist – as saying “He’s a male model.”

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