AR Attorney General Rejects Ballot Measure That Would Overturn State’s Gay Marriage Ban

6a00d8341c730253ef0192ac029d52970d-200wiArkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has for the second time rejected a ballot measure submitted by Arkansans For Equality that would overturn that state's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. The Christian Post reports:

McDaniel decided Monday that Arkansans for Equality's proposed
measure to repeal Amendment 83 was problematic over the ballot
initiative's language.

Aaron Sadler, spokesman for the Office of
Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, provided The Christian Post with a
copy of the decision. "That rejection was due to misleading tendencies
in the proposed ballot title and the ballot title's failure to include
any mention of the proposal's effect on current law," wrote McDaniel.

may, after clarification of the matters discussed above, submit the
text of your proposed amendment, along with a proposed popular name and
ballot title, at your convenience."

As previously reported, McDaniel rejected a similar petition in July on similar grounds, asserting that the ballot initiative contained "misleading tendencies" and failed to meet the state Supreme Court's requirement for "impartiality." Arkansans for Equality has responded to McDaniel's latest decision with a statement posted to Facebook:

"Today we received word that Arkansas For Equality's ballot language has
been rejected by the Attorney General Dustin McDaniel. Though we are
saddened, we are not terribly surprised," reads the statement. "Getting
language on a ballot is a difficult process. Regardless, it really
doesn't matter… does it? We're all here to fight for our rights. We
don't expect to win today, and we may not win tomorrow, but we WILL have
our human rights."

The measure proposed by Arksansans For Equality, if put on the ballot and passed, would repeal the 2004 constitutional amendment that codified anti-gay discrimination into the state's constitution. However, the repeal of the amendment would not necessarily make same-sex marriage legal in the Natural State. In fact, McDaniel rejected the ballot proposal in July on the grounds that it allegedly misled voters into thinking the repeal of the amendment would make same-sex marriage legal in Arksanas.


  1. Mark says

    Could someone explain why local activists are even considering this issue? Marriage equality polls around 30 points behind in Arkansas–the chances of a victory in 2014 are zero. We should be focusing right now on states where there’s at least a chance of winning.

  2. disgusted american says

    F Arkansas – they will have to be DRAGGED into the 21st century via the courts… sense on Begging the Hateful, Bigoted hillbilly heteros…..lets not dignify them by even -askin- at this point……they’re gonna be one of this nations last holdouts….F-them!

  3. whateverheather says

    Local activists are pursuing it because they freakin’ LIVE there, what’s it to YOU ?

    Their efforts make a difference, and don’t detract from other efforts, so give it a rest and stop being such a jerk.

  4. Daniel says

    They could do a different, yet important amendment. Title it: Punish Corrupt Politicians Amendment. It would require 20 years to life for any politician who violates equal rights for people based on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and ethnicity. It would have an excellent chance of passing. People really dislike most politicians in the South.

  5. Liam says

    DisgustedAmerican: Have you even been to Arkansas? I live there. It is not full of “hateful bigoted hillbilly heteros”. Sure there is lots of opposition to gay marriage here. But there are a lot of accepting people here too. Many of them are not educated liberal people either. They are just simple people who are kindhearted. The reason for bringing this now is because this is a process. We may not win the first time or the second time but it is important to try.

  6. Liam says

    Dustin McDaniel is a good guy. He is not rejecting these ballot petitions because he is hostile to us. Getting on the ballot here is hard. The law is very specific. He is doing the right thing for us in making sure this is done right. If it goes on the ballot and it is misleading it can be challenged in court after the fact and overturned. Think if we prevail on this only to have a judge through it out because the wording was wrong or misleading. That would be heartbreaking.

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