Gay Marine Vet Eric Alva Booed At San Antonio City Council Meeting

Marine vet Eric Alva proposal was booed while he addressed the San Antonio City Council about an oridinance which would add protections for the LGBT community.

The San Antonio Express-News reports:

“I said that if this ordinance doesn’t pass, I could be fired from a job and even thrown out of a restaurant, and people started to boo me,” said Alva, 42. “I was real hurt by that. It was unbelievable.”

Alva took to Facebook to explain what he said during his closing comments:

“Before I left the podium I said: ‘to all you people that preach the word of God, shame of you because God loves me, like the day I laid bleeding on the sands of Iraq and that’s why he saved me!'”

That’s not the only anti-gay behavior coming from within the San Antonio City Council. Just a few days after Alva was booed, audio of a debate of the ordinance surfaced in which Councilwoman Elisa Chan is heard calling gays and lesbians “disgusting.”

This past Friday morning, U.S. Congressman Joaquín Castro issued a statement about both incidences:

“The intolerant views expressed by Councilwoman Chan and the deplorable actions of those who booed a wounded warrior do not represent the sentiments of most San Antonians,” the mayor’s brother said in a statement. “Our city celebrates diversity and prides itself in supporting our veterans as Military City, USA.”

A vote on the ordinance is expected early next month.


  1. says

    it’s to be expected. Natalie Maines is an “anti-American troops-hating unpatriotic terrorist-sympathizer” because she objected to the Iraq War and stated that she was ashamed the President was from Texas.

    and all the folks who crucified her have spent the last 6 years saying downright gallingly awful things about President Obama. and the politicians who slandered her have spent years working to take away Veteran’s benefits.

    conservarives like to pretend that they “Care ’bout the Troops” – but they don’t. one of the reasons non-military conservatives were so opposed to the repeal of DADT was that it would put them in a quandry: how can they support the troops when there are gays and they hate gays? that’s their beef.

  2. rroberts says

    I gave up on christianity years ago and have long maintained that if Christ did indeed return, he would be crucified again by the very same self-righteous ‘christians’ who spew such vile hatred in all its forms.

    For the record, Thank You Eric Alva! Thank you for standing up for this country, thank you for standing up for us.

  3. KEVIN says

    In defense of San Antonio these were bigots that showed up to specifically protest this LGBT non discrimination oridance. You can find these people in New York City, Los Angeles and yes Austin. So they don’t represent your average San Antonian. Good on Eric Alva for calling them out to their face.

  4. says

    Guys, lets be clear. These were “family values” protesters who booed at him. Shame on them..

    The mayor of San Antonio is a rising star for the democrat party, and San Antonio has a wonderful LGBT community with tons of support. The ordinance is definitely going to pass there.

    Let’s not fall to their level and insult an entire group of people. Texas has many wonderful people like Eric Alva fighting for our rights here. Unfortunately, Texas GOP politicians are very hard to overcome right now. But soon enough (8-10 years), Texas will be blue and we will have more fair minded politicians representing the people of Texas. We just have to get more people out to vote.

  5. andrew says

    I met Eric Alva after a seminar he and Admiral Joe Sestak gave. He seems really humble and is great guy. I am sorry this Wounded Warrior was treated so rudely by those bigots, but he should take comfort in knowing that the bigots bad behavior probably won over quite a few more people to the cause for equality.

  6. Kevin thor says

    And we boycott Russian vodka. We need to turn our eyes to the hatred present in Texas, and Florida and Sc and N Carolina and Georgia andArizona and…

  7. RBearSAT says

    I agree with Kevin Thor and others. Focusing locally will help change things here and provide a shining light for other countries to see. But that doesn’t take the light off Russia or other countries. Do what makes sense for those, namely deny them future events they might bid for (Sochi is too close to affect, other than proud appearances by LGBT athletes).

    In the case of SAT, as the article says, the vote will be Sept. 5th and we will hopefully be on the right side of history. Then we can stand with the other cities, counties and states, one being our own home state of TX, to fight for equal rights for all.

    As our mayor, Mayor Julian Castro, says every time he speaks about the non-discrimination ordinance, “there are no second-class citizens.”

  8. RBearSAT says

    CJ I’m not sure if you really understand the dynamics of this situation. First of all, Alva is a Texan, born in San Antonio. Secondly, the booing was by ultra-conservative Christians who just happened to be Texas. You’ll find those ultra-conservatives in your neck of the woods also, I’ll bet.

    So, to follow your logic, typical gays on Towleroad slamming TX without really understanding the context ONCE AGAIN. Anyone REALLY surprised???

    Texans were the ones who brought the ordinance proposal to the mayor and Councilman Bernal, who are also Texans. City council is about to pass this ordinance with an expected vote of 9-2 after the blowup by an ultra-conservative councilmember slammed the LGBT community.

  9. Just_a_guy says

    Remember that name: Elisa Chan = disgusting bigot, standing tall in hatred.

    Remember who Elisa really is Texans; her true colors are flying high and it’s not a pretty site. Shame on you, Elisa Chan. I just feel bad for your gay grandson. He deserves a better grandma.

  10. RBearSAT says

    BE trust me, he can take the boos and a heck of a lot more. It’s just unfortunate that so-called Christians feel the need to boo him. It’s also unfortunate you’d make such a comment yourself.

  11. Karin says

    It disturbs me greatly that Christians are getting blamed for actions by right-winged fundamentalists. It’s the same kind of blame-it-all-on-the-jews that led up to the mass murder of the jewish people in Nazi Gerrmany. Beware of blaming any single group of people for the bad behavior of some members. The people who hate all Christians are just as guilty of bigotry in reverse.

  12. Jack M says

    It makes me sick that all of these so-called “patriots” hate certain soldiers who defend our country just because they are different. They don’t deserve the right to call themselves Americans.

  13. Koskalaka Maricón says

    Dearest Eric Alva: You are a Man among men! You are loved, appreciated, invaluable and respected, regardless of any gaggle of goof-balls representing any god, gods, individual or group of ignoramuses. It is shameful and reprehensible that insult was heaped upon injury regarding your ongoing selfless service and sacrifice. Drive on and Semper Fidelis, you exemplary human being, you!

  14. jamal49 says

    @EVAN C Hon, it’s the Democratic Party, capital “D” and capital “P” with an “ic” at the end of “Democrat”. OK?

    As for the insults to this brave veteran who lost a limb fighting for our nation, I find that with each and every passing day, I am despising more and more evangelicals, in fact, all christians.

    What miserable, wretched, hateful, spiteful, vile people. I’m beginning to think that the only good christian is a not living christian.

  15. Jerry6 says

    @ JAMAL49 You said it all. I just wish we would give Texas back to Mexico!

    WHAT! You say Mexico does not want it Either? WE are stuck with it? OH! S$$T!

  16. Hagatha says

    This “See that’s why I hate that town-county-state” routine is tiresome.

    Not only can’t we all live in San Francisco, need I remind you people that SF really isn’t paradise? It’s not even close. The same goes for New York, LA, DC, and Seattle.

    You move to some gay ghetto and then brag about how out and proud you are? You’re like my Chihuahua barking at the Pitt on the other side of the fence. Get out into the real world and you will start standing your ground in a meaningful way. Being a “gay activist” in San Francisco is ridiculous. Be an activist in your daily life, not once a year.

  17. says

    @Hagatha, i agree. Now let’s see you do what a great many others of us do and put a visible face to your Daily Activism 😀

    i’d love to see you show us all just how you stand your ground in a meaningful way, and how your family and friends and allies are also sharing and living a message of LGBT Equality.

    if you’d like to know how to do this you can click on my name to see my blog postings and how I’ve been doing it for a few years.

    i look forward to you sharing the example of the daily activist life you are living 😀

  18. Art says

    And Krustians wonder why people are leaving their houses of hatred in droves.

    BaptSisies or CatHoleIks all the same Satanic hate.

    1st place I ever had gay sex was the preacher’s son on the roof of Harlandale Baptist Church.

    Also went to a Benedicktine orgy in 1979.

  19. says

    Nothing good can become of people who discriminate and put down a person who had served this country with honor and with dignity.
    This is about one of the lowest forms of human behavior, the people that did this to this soldier are lower than the dust!!..
    It looks like San Antonio, Texas is a City filled with hate, where discrimination is tolerated, practice and admired!!..

  20. William Rogers says

    The city of San Antonio should censure and/or fire them for disrespecting a marine vet. who fought for his country- gay or straight, a REAL American does not do that to a vet. I wish I lived in TX so I could tell them off, but ick TX?

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