1. Steve says

    >”it does not mean I would like to impose those beliefs onto anyone else”

    BS! Imposing her beliefs on people was the whole point of that meeting.

  2. Craig says

    It’s just like the Don Cathy/Chik-fil-a thing. The “right” is trying to turn it into a freedom of speech issue when it’s not at all about that. Frankly I love it when the bigots freely express their bigotry, it’s the easiest way to find them out.

  3. simon says

    If they are her private personal opinions, why did she express them in a meeting in her capacity as a councilwoman? It is not her own home. Especially the meeting was about something related to her “opinions”.

  4. says

    She’s right not to apologize because she meant what she said. And she’s lying about not imposing her beliefs upon the LGBT community, unless she supports measures to give her LGBT constituents the same rights she has. Follow-up question: Doesn’t your belief that it’s ok to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation conflict with the belief in personal freedom for gay people? And: Is it acceptable to say that you’re part of the Asian lifestyle?

  5. Kev C says

    She’s a councilwoman. The lowest elected office one can hold. As a public official, everything she does is on record and owned by the government. Her privacy rights don’t apply at her job. And the employee she fired can sue her for wrongful termination.

  6. RBearSAT says

    For a while we were joking here in San Antonio that we hope she doesn’t have a gay hairdresser. Then … well, you be the judge after looking at that hairdo.

  7. Fox says

    San Antonio, San Antonio … Gee, can the LGBT community there recruit war hero and San Antonio resident, Eric Alva, to run against her in the next election? I would gladly donate to his campaign to unseat her even though I’m in California.

  8. trees says

    Even if she made me sick just looking at her and her ugly clothes and her cheap jewelry and poor taste and disgusting outlook on life, I would not make it my public policy.

  9. northalabama says

    this is texas, would any glbt citizen expect any less of a texas republican? please schedule multiple news conferences to repeat your beliefs over and over, and express how you don’t follow your beliefs. let’s see how long anyone is convinced.

    this is not a news story, this is a reminder.

  10. MArk says

    She can share its “value system”, among family and friends, not at work where she’s a councilwoman and can influence others to modify the law in perjury of the LGBT community, I hope someone can dig more about this issue

  11. Joe says

    “Genghis” Chan isn’t fooling anyone. But I suspect she may represent the cream of the top of Texas Republicans. Could her endorsement of Russia’s anti-gay propaganda bill be on the horizon? Keep an eye on this one.

  12. Will says

    This woman holds political office serving the people. Anything she says while being paid tax payer money is accountable. She should be fired. Case closed

  13. Tony says

    The fact that she thinks the 1st Amendment has anything to do with what she said just shows that she shouldn’t be in office anyway. Freedom of speech and religion means that the GOVERNMENT can’t prosecute/persecute you. It doesn’t mean that you’re cut off from all criticism. Right wingers love to talk about the constitution, but somehow they never actually understand what it means. If someone tries to throw her in jail for her comments, then get back to me. Until then, she should maybe read up on American law before making stupid ass comments.

  14. woodroad34d says

    “…the privacy of my office where none of us are supposed to worry about what we say.”

    Yes, because keeping moral boundaries up is sooo hard to do; it’s really easy if you practice. “come into my office where we can be the proper little sociopaths and not worry what the world will think of us”.

    She’s really bad at communicating her ideas–just one small talent that distinguishes an excellent employee from a biogted horrible one. Sorry, but I work for a municipality and what you say or write is not private. You’re working on the public’s dime and it all belongs to them.

  15. Bee Bop says

    Hmmm. She/he looks Asian — just wondering if there has been any discrimination in her/his life. I’m guessing yes unfortunately. I’d think she/he knows what an awful feeling it is. A simple minded ignorant republican most likely.

  16. Leroy Laflamme says

    “…it was a confidential meeting said in the privacy of my office where none of us are supposed to worry about what we say.”

    She just keeps putting her foot in her mouth. Is it possible to get dumber than dumb?

  17. Alan says

    Just another FOUL BIGOT …. There is no amount of praying to your god to make you sleep better tonight or any night …. Another politician ruling with hate! You ARE a disgusting human being.

  18. Bob Hope says

    Who is clapping during the press conference and gives her a standing ovation at the end?

    Obviously it’s people supportive of her but was it her staff? Was the press conference open to the public?

  19. Dan Cobb says

    What’s chilling is that this woman has all the non-democratic, autocratic vibes of Chinese leaders –dowager empresses as well as arrogant communist elitists.

    Very scary woman.

  20. Ryan says

    Dear Elisa,

    No one is saying you don’t have a right to say the things that you did. People are saying that the things you said makes you a poor choice for elected office, as all bigots are. You are not entitled to your position, you are elected to that position by the voters — and voters in San Antonio probably aren’t thrilled about the idea that they elected someone who’s cray cray and will want to fix that in the next election.

  21. Art says

    It’s already being reported her staff sent out notice to her supporters about the press conference last night, but only gave the media a 30 minute notice.

  22. RBearSAT says

    FOX thanks for your comment. Unfortunately Alva doesn’t live in her district but he has been doing a great job speaking in support of the ordinance and addressing some of the concerns.

    I’ll pass that comment along to him. Who knows? Alva may decide someday to turn patriotic military service into patriotic public service. But it needs to be on his time, just as running for governor needs to be on Sen. Wendy Davis’ time.

  23. Marc says

    My god, it’s so hard to watch this and not want to throw all the ugliness she’s thrown our way right back at her. It’s… so…. hard. Especially because, for sooooo many reasons, she is SUCH an easy target!

  24. FunMe says

    That BIGOT of Elisa Chan from Taiwan and living in San Antonio for 25 years with her husband and family needs to be VOTED OUT of the City of San Antonio as a city council woman LOSER of District 9. Even the progressive MAYOR Castro has said that what Elisa Chan says against equality does not deserve to continue that HATE. It is time to get rid of Elisa forever. Thank goodness for GLBT not only from San Antonio and the rest of our country. Even though I am from that hometown but have been so long, I have continued to spread the lost of the ANTI-AMERICAN like Elisa Chan to all my family and friends in San Antonio. Good jobs for all of your for continuing to spread this word. Much love!

  25. Duration & Convexity says

    She got a standing ovation when she walked into the press conference. She has received very little backlash. Heck, when the debate was occurring regarding the ordinance that would simply state LGBT can’t be fired for being LGBT….the anti gay side brought hundreds of more people to attend than our side did.

    The reason bigots continue to get away with this s simple: we LGBT allow them. It’s so much easier to fight homophobia in Russia as opposed to RIGHT HERE AT HOME.

  26. Klien says

    I’m also curious why the passion against her horrific hate speech is resigned to just gay blogs. Why aren’t gay & trans advocacy groups holding petitions and campaigns to impeach her? It’s VERY easy to impeach elected officials in San Antonio, and the city has one of the highest rates of same sex couples in the entire nation. Top 4 I believe. Why is more not being done?

  27. Javier Alfonso says

    This measure, which is based simply on human rights, has brought out so many haters here in the city. It’s been shocking, appalling, mortifying. Leaving city hall at the last meeting, I had a group of them shouting f*ggots burn in hell, at us as we entered our car.

    I too am dismayed that a Gay Pride party or club event attracts thousands upon thousands of local LGBT, but a city council meeting ensuring they not lose their job, be killed, or lose their livelihood for who they are attracted barely over a dozen. And THAT right there is why our community continues to struggle

  28. C.J says

    @ Javier

    PREACH! Until we as a community take our rights & respect seriously. No one else will. These big money LGBT organizations should have planned a city wide rally, full of media, to deliver our message by now. Instead, they throw lavish parties. GET IT TOGETHER.

  29. ToddB says

    It appears she is an immigrant- she needs to take a look @ where she is & what the USA has afforded her to do & become- Im guessing its way more than she could have done in her homeland……

  30. says

    She took down her Facebook page because of racist comments but her homophobic comments are alright, the more she speaks the worse she looks, let’s hope the locals drum her out of office.

  31. DannyEastVillage says

    When you become a public office-holder–or even a candidate–your public AND private pronouncements are liable to a higher level of scrutiny. If you weren’t aware of that before, you are now. Get used to it, bigot.

  32. kodiak says

    The person who recorded her reminds me of when I was a baby homo and one of my schoolmates told a fag joke. You sit silent or you make noise. Chan is of that ilk, the joke teller, insensitive, superior, and will continue along that vein until…? The person who recorded her comments did the right thing by exposing her thoughts to the public that would, or will not vote for her. That person who recorded her is the real public servant!

  33. johnny says

    I still think opinionated Asian bitches who hold political office and have private meetings where they put down entire portions of our population… are disgusting.

    And it’s my right to think that way.

  34. says


    Now, if you were in your house, and you said those things, and I recorded them, THOSE are just your opinions, not your official opinions. It used to be that a news source wouldn’t print non-official capacity quotes, but I doubt there is enough integrity to make that happen now.

  35. Chaz says

    So if it is proven without doubt that a certain class of people need protection and that class is a class of people she does not like, then what?

    Funny how things are always taken out of context when you have been caught red handed.

    Clearly she packed the press meeting with her supporters so to give the impression that her views are actually valid and reasonable.

  36. Carlie says

    “I will, however, not change my own views for political gain or survival.” Now that’s an interesting thought. She moved to the US the year after she graduated college. She was raised in a country that’s roughly 96% non-Christian, yet she a Christian conservative. It seems likely that she already has changed her prsonal views for political gain.

  37. SFRowGuy says

    Damage Control? Unfortunately for Ms Chan, in today’s technology-centric society, something once said can never be unsaid, and everything worth noting reaches the internet where it never disappears.

    Goes back to the old adage my parents and grandparents taught me, ‘If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.’

  38. Terry Reed says

    That fact that she said these comments were said in the privacy of her office where people could say what they really think, makes it even worse. I guess she really can’t apologize for being a bigot. That’s just who she is. However, she should not be in office. She should have the integrity to resign.

  39. RexT says

    Clueless she is. Integrity, zero. Speaking behind a closed door, in a confidential ‘staff’ meeting – does not negate her responsibility to ensure respectful standards about any topic are in place 100% of the time. Confidentiality is often required on many topics for many reasons, but it never applies to simply ‘voicing your opinion’ in an inappropriate manner; were the door wide open would the conversation be acceptable? If not, the conversation is out of line. In your car, at your home, scream whatever you wish, but not in an an office paid for by the people.

  40. Dan Cobb says

    Wow, I have to tell you that Chinese people in positions of power are SCARY!

    I know that doesn’t sound good, but look at China… where IF you have power, you wield it mercilessly!! That’s been the Chinese way for centuries! I just think it’s part of the culture, and I think the culture is all about using power for your own benefit and for those belonging to your “clique”.

    SCARY… clearly this woman couldn’t represent the interests of a gay citizen if her life depended on it!

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