Introducing the #Instastuds: The Gorgeous Gay Men Who Are Taking Over Social Media

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With apps like Instagram giving users the ability to crop and filter their photos to near-professional results, its no surprise that the social media site has quickly become a psedo-Vogue for the general public to flaunt their very own glamorous style and sex appeal.

And now there's a term for the gays taking full advantage of these social media platforms to harness their own eroticism: the #Instastuds. Mike Albo over at New York sums up how these guys are not your run-of-the-mill shirtless hotties, but rather something much more alluring and unobtainable:

The #Instastuds are different than your average hot selfie-taking guy or women on Instagram – the ones who will occasionally post a photo of a sunset, their cat, or a casual lingerie shot in their apartment. These men are more relentless and artful: They pose gorgeously in photo after photo, channeling their inner Steven Meisel, their images as well-selected, aspirational, and powerfully seductive as an underwear or fragrance ad campaign.

Flaunting themselves on Instagram, they are also all proudly and openly gay…But at the same time, they all look fairly heteronormative: hunky, sporty, the kind of guy who would call himself "masc & musc" in a hook-up app and would never take a photo of himself at Drag Brunch. And all are careful to avoid appearing like they are doing this just to get laid. By showing that, they would be revealing that they are vulnerable and have needs, and an #Instastud can never look unsatisfied with his life. 

You can check out the full article and more photos of these self-published studs HERE.


  1. crispy says

    An article about a hashtag, for real? Gawd, just kill the newspaper industry already. It’s on life support.

    I’m really looking forward to their follow-up story on #instamood.

  2. Caliban says

    What’s not to like about handsome men showing themselves off?

    Personally I believe that such men are too enamored of their own looks to be viable for an actual relationship, but they’re still nice to look at.

  3. woodroad34d says

    I had a friend back in the 70’s whose mantra was “the butcher they are, the higher the heels”…which made me look sideways at him because he was just this side of a gang member–people would walk on the other side of the street. And I would wonder how high his heels went.

  4. Blake says

    It’s cute how mewling leftist progressives think the word “heteronormative” actually means something other than “I’m a hopelessly effete faggy queen and resent men who are conventionally masculine”.

  5. MateoM says

    But you know what isn’t cute? When Rick posts under yet another alias to spew hatred about progressive liberal gay men. It’s rather pathetic, actually. Nice try, “Blake.”

  6. Brian in Texas says


    It’s really irritating that you come into every other comment thread to accuse someone of being someone else because you don’t agree with their point of view. If you hate the “trolls” so much then just ignore them. Otherwise you are just adding to the garbage in the comment threads.

  7. I'm Layla Miller I Know Stuff says

    The Blue-Green Archetype (Masculine-Feminine Gay Man)

    The Living Room Mysteries by Graham Jackson (1993)/

    The blue-green man is cast as the perfect fantasy figure for many gay men.

    He possesses that approachable, grounded, earthy sensuality of the feminine green-red man, but couple with a clear-headed, sometimes thoughtful, no-nonsense brand of masculinity.

    His physical appearance is a maleness of a collegiate quality, combined with an overt sexuality. He is the kind of figure people call rugged, manly.

    He could be an adventurer, relishing the opportunity to climb high peaks or negotiate difficult bodies of water in a kayak or canoe. Sporting life is bound to appeal to the blue-green man for the chance it provides for him to self-connect.

    He may be intelligent, may even wear glasses, but his intelligence will always have a practical aim to meet. Our man Frank probably belongs to this type.

    Even Waugh would have us believe that a painter like Charles Ryder can even be blue-green. And why not? Ryder’s art is neither flamboyant nor wildly innovative; he paints from life and nature.

    Vidal’s tennis champ Jim is more a likely exponent of the type. As is the blue-eyed, blue-jeaned, oh-so-masculine Oxford academic Mark, beloved of the narrator in Burning Houses.

    Greek film director Theo Angelopoulos portrays another with the character of the boyish and blue-jeaned Orestes, the van driver for a group of itinerant actors, in his hauntingly beautiful film, Landscape in the Mist.

    With Orestes, we observe how the maternal energy, nurturing side of these masculine guys only adds to their studly appeal.

  8. says

    Let them be pretty. It’s obvious they work hard at it (many being part-time personal trainers). Sadly, it won’t last forever.

    There are only so many years you can live off your looks; the world is a beauty contest and youth usually wins.

  9. Steve Talbert says

    They don’t look masculine to me. More like gay euro hustlers. Maybe ive seen too many in real life to know what they sound like and act when not frozen for a pic.

    The only time I have heard Namaste bitches was in rupaul drag race.

    Terrible role models for young guys. Speedo was never a good look.

    They’re guys and they spend time at tge gym. I can say that abiut them. Dont know if thats a good thing considering they would look better if they ate a little more, actually played sports and didn’t manscape.

  10. Wilberforce says

    Not my type at all, typical overly puffed, lumpy, out of proportion gay physique. Yuckers. I prefer an athlete with the fine proportions of a natural man.

  11. Jerry says

    Steve T:

    Are you sure you were watching Drag Race and not Erica Ash doing LaTanya teching Chicago Style Yoga on Big Gay Sketch Show?

    Yo sex chakra, yo hair chakra, yo attitude chakra, and yo Chakra Khan!

  12. UFFDA says

    GB that is so true, and their are such sterling fellows, unspoiled and sweet natured. These guys could certainly be among them, vanity of ones looks is very far from being a cardinal sin, in fact it’s a minor, even humorous one. These are fine men and could be fine in character as well.

  13. Dave says

    I love how instantly and bitterly some guys on here get negative. What on earth or you so angry about? Honestly, you can keep your self-loathing and misery to yourself, thanks. The world is hard enough without hearing your poison.

  14. Peter says

    People respond to the Instastuds by labeling them power bottoms, effeminate, douchebags, damaged, vain.

    Truth is, you attack these men because you envy them. You hate them because you can’t have them.

  15. Onnyjay says

    When stunning beauty becomes commonplace, as it apparently has already done, then we will be free to value deeper and less fleeting qualities in each other: compassion, humility, honesty, creativity, resourcefulness.

  16. UFFDA says

    JMC – you’re right when in fact everyone should just shut up and bow down to how very beautiful fine men can be. I don’t feel threatened. I feel elevated and inspired.

  17. Steve Talbert says

    I’ve learned from the internet that for every look there are people looking for that and other people looking for the opposite. Finding something unattractive is NOT being envious. The article writer finds the guys he singled out to be attractive. I don’t, so if anything, I am happy there is something out there for him. I won’t get in his way.

  18. Steve Talbert says

    I’ve learned from the internet that for every look there are people looking for that and other people looking for the opposite. Finding something unattractive is NOT being envious. The article writer finds the guys he singled out to be attractive. I don’t, so if anything, I am happy there is something out there for him. I won’t get in his way.

  19. says

    That single-man-protest guy in Russia is HOT.

    And don’t judge a book but its cover; being muscular and taking thousands of pics with minimal coverage does not automatically mean they cant be intelligent, compassionate and caring individuals. #Instastuds may only be a small part of their lives.

  20. Chadwick says

    I don’t know that “Attractive gay men exist, are taking pictures of themselves” is necessarily news. Of course, “Look at these pretty people” is probably always going to snag pageviews.

    I looked, anyway.

    I’m just not sure why these men would be more threatening to some on here than the models many of them already are.

  21. Cory says

    There is ZILCH attractive about these guys. The “bain de soleil” pose (like the old commercials for the suntan lotion), the “looking at the camera with a smoldering look,” etc….. they look like parodies of themselves.
    In general if you’re not smiling in any of your pics, more than ten percent of your pics are shirtless, and have to describe in words how desirable your are, you’re probably a narcissistic jack ass.

  22. gr8guyca says

    I have a grate body and many peeple hit on me. I wurk out 7 days a wek. It is not nise for people to say that I am dum. I am bedder than you. Ha ha.

  23. johnny says

    1. I find it really amazing that so many gay men have such incredible psychic powers that they know exactly what a man’s character is simply from a photograph.

    2. I also find it amazing (and sad) that so many gay men have a total disbelief that men can be very good-looking and also be a good people. We have many examples but ignore them when talking about nameless hot guys.

    3. Eventually, everyone that’s beautiful ends up wrinkly and old. (Except Cher, whom I’m assuming is not really from this planet or has the best surgeon known to mankind.)

  24. Joey Y says

    Jack is right. And sorry, but people who carefully tend to their health and fitness do not necessarily live for it, they do it because it’s smart to do. Now go enjoy your cheeseburger.

  25. jeremy says

    I think these guys are crazy hot, and the internet is a great place for them to show off and increase their fan base. But as I keep learning, you’re only hot if you’re white.

  26. graphicjack says

    Hotness is in the eye of the beholder. As someone stated, many people will find these guys attractive, including themselves, obviously. That’s fine. I agree with a few others here that I don’t mind taking a good look at these guys, but for me there’s porn-star attractive and average-guy attractive.

    Porn-star attractive for me is based on looks alone… my tastes are varied, but I have higher standards for who might pop my cork. Let’s face it, we are men and men are visual creatures. I admit I could never look like any of these guys and I am (mostly) okay with that. I can also concede that of course these guys are real people and are more than just their looks… they may or not be great people, but that’s not why I’m looking at them, and if a guy posts several nearly-nekid photos of himself, he’s clearly okay with being objectified. :)

    Average-guy attractive is someone who is attractive to me on many varying levels… this can be based partly on looks, but also has to do with their kindness, intellect, openness, creativity, etc.

    Want to know the ironic thing? The guys who are porn-star hot? Almost without exception, the “studs” that I have ended up having sex with were really hopelessly bad lovers. At first I was thinking, wow, how did I get this guy in my bed, but then when it became obvious that all he wanted was worshiping, it was like, how do I get out of here as fast as possible?

    I suppose they think that if they can get anyone they want and don’t have to worry that they could find another partner the next day, why bother doing anything to make the other guy happy, when they’ll be with another guy the next day. Fair enough, though it’s incredibly stupid and selfish. Sex is always better when both guys are happy and into it and each other. Why not put a little effort into getting the other guy off, too?

    Learning my lesson, I’ve decided to be happy to look at these guys, but couldn’t care less if they are not interested in me… I’d rather be with someone who is a generous lover and doesn’t just lie there expecting you to all the work, while they look at themselves in the mirror.

  27. Chaz says

    I spent a year going from a soft 160lbs to a rock hard 195lbs. 5% body fat. I looked awesome. Eight-pack, veins running down my arms, cannonball delts, bums of steel. Heterosexual men would actually stop me on the street and say ‘nice guns’. But guess what. ALL I did was tend to my body. All I did was cook, eat, train and sleep. I felt like a million dollars and my self-esteem reached dizzying heights but I was OBSESSED with my physique, to the e3xclusion of all other concerns. It was not just a healthy lifestyle: it was a monastic addiction, a vocation and a cause. So spare me this nonsense about these guys doing a few sit-ups and leaving out the carbs: this is a six-hour a day, seven-day a week lifestyle. And you will become VAIN. Very, very VAIN and weirdly introverted, in a shallow, anti-intellectual kind of a way.

  28. MikeInQueens says

    @CHAZ So where are you with all this today? I mean, respectfully, this sounds like luxury problems. Give yourself credit for being so disciplined. That’s an admirable thing.

  29. Chaz says

    I’m a fit, wiry 170 again. Nothing to be ashamed of and I get to read books and have the occasional night out. You don’t realize: that kind of muscle needs to eat seven times a day and get to bed by 9.00 every night.

  30. Chaz says

    If you feel terrible and you’re not an ectomorph. Go veggie. There is no such thing as a fat vegetarian. I only ate all that meat to bulk up. Jesus I must have eaten four pounds of dead animal a day. I’m more of a free-runner’s shape now.

  31. American Dreamer says

    As a gay man I find the obsession with youth and appearance in certain segments of gay society to be troubling

    It is superficial in the sense that youth and beauty are ephemeral and inevitably pass with time

    I was a fixture in the gay scene in New York in the nineties and was recognized for my own youth and beauty but I was ready to leave it behind and move on to the next stage of my life with the rewards of parenthood and advancing in my career as the next stage of my life.

    What worries me is men who never give up chasing an impossible ideal because they are inevitably crushed.

    I think the founder of this site falls in that category because of his bizarre obsession with youth and beauty which is unflinching.

  32. Tom says

    I’m so glad men today are willing to objectify themselves and save me the trouble of doing it myself. Besides, eye candy has no calories, so I can have all I want.

  33. gomez says

    eye candy, what’s not to like? but as jack mentioned upthread, it’s kindness that’s the sexiest.

    which rodiney santiago has, i think that’s him top left. seen him a couple times here in venice. he exudes sweet hot kindness.

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