1. David says

    I’m wondering what Ratbastard has to say about this. Weir has bigger balls than he does.

  2. Brian says

    Weir is a goose. We don’t care about you, Weir. In fact, I’d encourage the Russian authorities to arrest you on account of having an ugly face.

    Selfish athletes take note: we don’t care about your medals or your egos. If you don’t boycott Sochi, you will be a party to the killing of Russia’s gay youth .

  3. Jaysonn says

    You must lead and ugly life. Why attack someone who is trying to make a difference?

  4. Paul B. says

    Of course Johnny is a brave soul…no doubt…and I’m grateful that he uses his celebrity in any way he can to help the cause.
    Brian…take a cold shower today!

  5. Zeta says

    He look like Loki! in a lot of makeup! No wonder all the females love Hiddleston. Hiddleston and Weir could be twins. Except Hiddleston has never worn heels.

    And at least Weir is honest. Even Jesse Owens went to the Berlin games, and look how that turned out. Instead of boycotts (especially after Beijing), be like the Allies in Berlin.

  6. Brian says

    Johnny Weir is a loser who doesn’t want to boycott the Sochi Olympics. He’s protecting Sochi. What about the murder and bashing of gay activists? Weir is akin to a sh!t streak.

  7. says

    I feel sorry for the all the athletes who are caught in the crosshairs of this ugly mess. I think they should go and compete, do what they have dedicated there lives too (especially the skaters, what a grueling regimen!)
    I like this guy, he has guts, but I would respect him even more if he DID kiss his husband at his olympic performance. If you are for LGBT rights and you are a visitor or athlete in Sochi, you have to represent. Dare them to arrest you.

  8. Bob says

    The boycott is a stupid idea would be of little significance but going and demonstrating would cause a big fuss

  9. Chris says

    @Bob Demonstrating and being arrested vs. Boycotting their multi-billion dollar Olympics that has the world watching? Obviously boycotting would be better.

    I think Johnny is selfish for only thinking about his career and not about the millions of LGBT Russians that are at risk.

    For some reason his husband is unable to accompany him to the Olympics, wonder if it’s because of this law? Johnny is an uncle tom.

  10. says

    I’ve said this before and I will say it again … boycotting the Olympics will hurt no one but the athletes. The IOC has already received their licensing fees from every country and company involved. The only way it would work is if several countries completely pulled out .. but, they’ve already invested their money too. And spectators? Most of them won’t be trying to get refunds from airlines and hotels etc.

    It’s like the vodka boycott. C’mon.

    The BEST solution is what I have said and what Andrew advises go there and get arrested en masse. Can you see the hullaballoo when Weir makes some especially outlandish queer statement on the ice and the Russian police rush out onto the ice to arrest him? And not just Weir but every LGBT athlete and dozens upon dozens of spectators?

    THAT would make a statement. THAT would hurt Russia badly because the sheep’s clothing would be ripped right off and expose Russia for what it is … a backwards, stodgy, unimaginative, conformist, fear-based country.

  11. Mitch says

    I’m constantly surprised that we are so willing to eat our own when our own do something that doesn’t meet our approval.

    Mr Weir is an incredible athlete. Skating is his job. Who among us walk off the job when our employers donate to conservative causes, don’t provide partner benefits, or are lacking in non-discrimination policies.

    While I wish that the IOC would take a strong stance against the horrendous anti-gay legislation and pull out of Russia, thus far they haven’t. I wish Weir safety and success in Sochi and hope that his presence affords some visibility to the gay issues there.

  12. Robert says

    “For some reason his husband is unable to accompany him to the Olympics, wonder if it’s because of this law? Johnny is an uncle tom.”

    I…don’t think you know what an Uncle Tom is. First, his husband’s last name is Woronov – Russian name. Second, they were just IN Russia together. His husband is a lawyer who’s busy as hell and can’t go to the Olympics.

  13. Will says

    Again, this is not up to the athletes to stand up. It is the athletes job to compete and win. If they do stand up … fantastic, but this must be done on a larger stage.

    This is the sole responsibility of the IOC and Putin. A 2 week hold on this law (if you believe that) is not acceptable!

    The Cossacks (ie: citizen police from the orthodox church,) are already volunteering (1200 so far added) to help the “official” police force, and arrest ANY defiance of this barbaric law, subjective or not. This issue will be handled in the streets, not on the podium.

    If this isn’t a recipe for conflict, I don’t know what is.

    The IOC and the Russian Govt. will have blood on there hands if one single LBGT supporter, visitor or athlete is affected, arrested, fined or killed. Is this the legacy that the IOC wants?

    Each and every board member will be held accountable.

    Cancel the venue, and move the event to another host country or suffer the consequences.

  14. Mike Ryan says

    Olympic athletes are willing to cut the throats of their own kind as long as they can parade in the Olympics. They are self-serving and don’t give a damn about their gay brothers and sisters who are NOT athletes. They should put their foot down and tell the IOC “we won’t participate as long as the Olympics are held in Russia..”

    But will they do that? Not on your life. Fame and glory is more important than any old anti-gay laws. The hatred for the Olympic athlete grows wider and stronger every time they step forward and say they can’t wait to participate in the Russian Olympics.

  15. Rafael says

    Johnny is very brave. I know Russia will try to censure everything that goes down at the Olympics. But the world will be watching.

  16. says

    How NOT AFRAID is he?

    I for one will be SURE to tune in to see his performance. Though I may find any costume short short of a rainbow tutu disappointing.

    Rock on Johnny Weir!

  17. Joseph Singer says

    Brian, it’s easy for you to make statements against Johnny Weir in the comfort of your chair in front of your computer. I’d like to see you put your words to work instead of just hot air.

  18. wheelie81 says

    Frankly, I am really glad to hear more and more intelligent people are speaking out against all this childish talk about boycotts, civil disobedience, etc. It’s no secret that there is a certain population within the LGBT community that just likes drama…in any form. And I think all this crazy garbage about boycotts and such is a manifestation of that. These athletes have dedicated their entire lives to making it to the Olympics. Boycotting the very thing they’ve trained for would accomplish absolutely nothing except dash those dreams like a self inflicted gunshot. I’m glad Johnny and others have ignored all the crazy talk. As he said, if he gets arrested, it will have been worth it. Good for him!

  19. Brian says

    Yes, Johnny Weir is so brave to fly into Russia for two weeks and then fly out again. The waiting at the airport will be so oppressive of him.

  20. swingingbling says

    I guess he’s safe as long as he doesn’t say or do anything pro-gay in public, which I think he said in an earlier tv interview, something along to way of him being there to skate not anything else….

    loll @ Brian

  21. Frank says

    Andrew Sullivan is not guaranteeing your safety. Russia has already warned you that their laws apply to you. You may be the only one arrested and detained and it may not be an international issue. Don’t assume you will just be deported. You may be deported after you’re held and made an example of, in a year or two. You may feel like a young rebel fighting for justice on the flight over but you may be feeling differently when you realize your new cellmates do not like people of your kind. Protest in your own country and demand your own government pressure Russia to change. You are unaware of how to protest in other countries, don’t assume anything.

  22. says

    I just finished watching Season 1 of Orange is the New Black. That’s a minimum security prison. I wonder what they would put you in if you were arrested in Russia. I’d rather not find out. I will have great respect and admiration for anyone risking arrest in Russia during the games but I can’t ask them to do it and I certainly won’t pressure them to do it. If Sullivan thinks it’s a good idea he should fly to Russia and join them. Otherwise it’s unfair for him to ask them to take on that risk.

  23. Barnie says

    Got to give Johnny credit for being a “real queer” Not one of the thousands of fem haters.

  24. bravo says

    I suspected he was gay last Olympics, but I am thrilled to hear that he is out and got balls the size of Siberia! Love him!!! Totally love him!!!

  25. says

    I’ll be rooting for Johnny now more than any other athlete. Winning a medal and standing loud and proud on the podium will be a big slap in the face to the scum who are spreading their hatred.

  26. KC says

    If Johnny Weir thinks he will make a difference in Sochi, arrested or not, he needs to look no further than Jesse Owens in 1936. Did Owens’ gold medal performance in front of Hitler change anything in Nazi Germany? Nope. I commend Owens for being a real stand-up guy, and for how well he did in the ’36 games, especially considering the circumstances, but if anyone thinks GLBT athletes in the Sochi games will make a difference in Russia, I believe they’re sadly mistaken. I’d love to be proved wrong, and also would love to think at least a few within the IOC are sweating like whores in church right now.

  27. Reality says

    news stations need to also cover the fact that there is anti-gay abuse and murder of teens that the police and government refuse to do anything about. (Specifically the online anti-gay predators) That’s one of THE sickest things happening in russia now.

  28. says

    No one has mentioned judging….it brings to thought, for example, Johnny Weir is gay, judges will know he is gay, the Russian judge intuitively/politically could mark him low no matter how good he is because he is gay. This could happen elsewhere too, but with the spotlight on Russia’s human rights, will their judging be impartial?

  29. louis says

    Time to move the Olympics.

    Would we even be diecussing this if it was ANY other minority group?

    Only gays and lesbians are abused by the IOC and USOC in this manner.

    Time to speak up for ALL in the LGBT including those in Russia.

  30. andrew says

    Go get em Johnny. A few of my friends met Johnny at an LGBT Out skating party and said what a great guy he is. He stayed for the entire event and it was never too much trouble to sign endless autographs and have his picture taken with almost everyone.

  31. Matte says

    I appreciate his courage and his commitment, but I think its putting too much unnecessary pressure on gay athletes to hold the games in Sochi.

    Move the games!

  32. Molc says

    I wonder how many funerals Weir plans to attend while he is over there? Just more gibberish to try and mask the fact-that the only interest these athletes have is getting to Russia as quickly as possible, leaving as quickly as possible and winning as many medals as they can thereby increasing their bank accounts. Beside which NBC has made it very clear it will not be addressing the issue of lgbt persecution in Russia. More camoflauge.


  33. Rafael says


    I’m baffled at how Russians justify their flawed law as a protection for “immature sexuality”. Where is the law that protects gay teens from heterosexual propaganda?

  34. Brian says

    Imagine if there was an anti-Jew law in Russia. Would Johnny Weir still want to compete there?

    This Russian situation is developing into the gay version of Krystallnacht. Any person who competes at Sochi is a party to Krystallnacht.

  35. Book says

    But, Johnny, you may not need to kiss your spouse after a great performance, but you may WANT to, and you should be able to just like anyone else without being arrested!
    What’s the difference between how you’d be hiding and how, say, a Jew in Nazi Germany would tuck his star of David necklace inside his shirt (or not wear it) so as not to advertise his religion?

  36. Marc says

    This interview increased my confidence in Johnny. His interview last week with Blake left me wanting more defiance and protest. It sounds like he’s taking a stronger stance now and I give him props.

  37. MaryM says

    Johnny Weir has stated quite clearly that he is not going to protest while at Sochi.

    He pretends that his presence in Russia is sufficient protest.

    That makes him an Uncle Tom scumbag who will happily collaborate with fascist oppression of LGBT people in his greed for a medal.

    He is a vile, hateful, pathetic excuse for a human being.

  38. MaryM says

    Johnny Weir has stated quite clearly that he is not going to protest while at Sochi.

    He pretends that his presence in Russia is sufficient protest.

    That makes him an Uncle Tom scumbag who will happily collaborate with fascist oppression of LGBT people in his greed for a medal.

    He is a vile, hateful, pathetic excuse for a human being.

  39. ratbastard says

    Die sockpuppet,die!

    Die troll, die!

    There, I got that out of my system.



    Why would I condemn or ridicule Weir for the stance he took?

  40. Cd in Dc says

    i hope he will reconsider his propensity to wear Russian propaganda on his back. does he really support what they are and what they are doing? presumably not so why wear Russian gear, particularly after crackdown?

  41. EJC says

    There is no guarantee that Weir will be on the US Olympic team, he has to place in the National championships in January, The USFSA has total control over who will represent this country.There also is politics involved with their judging system, it might be easier to select alternate athletes for the men’s team, one less problem for the USOC not to have to deal with, there are other skaters in the top positions to be considered.

  42. Fox says

    Good for Johnny … But while he may be attending the games, I don’t think he’ll be competing in them. … Aren’t there only two (maybe three) spots open for men’s figure skating? I’m guessing Max Aaron and Ross Miner will be competing for team USA.

  43. Hagatha says

    I don’t remember anyone demanding that we not go to China, and their laws are hardly limited in their harshness to gay people. The Russians would love for us to stay home. Seems to me that the better move would be to go and dare them to do anything about it.

    PS- The Chinese wouldn’t even let Taiwan compete under their national name and flag, and would not allow the English athletes to fly the St George’s Cross.