Linda Harvey Claims That Conversion Therapy Ban Will Increase Cases Of HIV Among Youth

Linda_harvey_aTowleroad readers are no stranger to conservative-wingnut radio show host Linda Harvey and her outrageous and commonly-false statements about LGBT people and their rights. Thus, one could certainly predict that she would react negatively to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's recent decision to sign a statewide ban of gay-to-straight conversion therapy for minors. Her recent column for WMD did not disappoint.

In it, she claims that Christie is a pawn to “the gay-stapo” and “fascist left-wing schemes” that are “keeping some adolescents locked into homosexuality,” which she claims is the "byproduct of early sexual exposure or molestation." She also uses the false correlation between homosexuality and HIV to make a ridiculous prediction for the future of New Jersey: 

"So now Christie favors teens being denied the opportunity to overcome homosexual desires, which are not inborn but often the byproduct of early sexual exposure or molestation. No science has found a gay gene, but Christie said he believes people are born this way and that it’s not a sin.

"There are only a few reasons why an alleged “conservative” politician supports such fascist left-wing schemes. Perhaps Christie doesn’t really have much of a heart for kids. If 12-year-olds are indoctrinated at school into thinking they are homosexual and end up the victims of advances by HIV-infected predators, maybe the governor is not too concerned. If New Jersey HIV incidence relating to homosexual practices continues to rise among youth, perhaps he can point to some other factor. Not his fault.

"Another possibility is Christie really believes all this and is a woefully ignorant product of East Coast group-think. But he could also be running in fear of the “gay” lobby. Yes, they are vicious. Yes, they may try to ruin your life. Yes, they distort the facts, scream over imagined slights and use outright lies to further the cause."

TestimonyLet's take a look at the many fallacies of logic that Harvey commits in this passage. First, this so-called science that Harvey holds so dear has yet to find any correlation between a person's sexuality and a history of childhood sexual assault. She also neglects to mention the fact that virtually the entire scientific and mental health community agrees that conversion therapy does nothing to change a person's actual sexual orientation, and can even cause serious harm to its patients. Thankfully, Christie did make mention of that fact. Harvey also fails to produce any evidence of "HIV-infected predators", or any sort of evidence that HIV is a disease that stems from of primarily affects the LGBT community. Finally, she fails to support her statement that "vicious" members of the "gay lobby" are trying to "ruin your life", or that they "distort the facts", "scream over imagined slights and use outright lies to further the cause."

Ironically, all of those last accusations are more appropriately directed at Harvey and company. 


  1. ajax2828 says

    She’s laugh-out-loud funny. My favorite part is where she says that members of the gay lobby complain of “imagined slights” right after she accuses us of being vicious, distorting facts, lying, screaming, and wanting to “ruin your life.”

  2. bkmn says

    Falling donations are making Linder nervous. Where will his next paycheck come from, if not scared Xtians?

    Will Linder need to start dressing for success?

  3. andrew says

    Christie’s signing of the statewide ban on gay to straight conversion therapy for minors is GREAT. It was the morally responsible thing to do and it makes it even more difficult for Christie, the only Republican with a chance of winning the Presidency in 2016, to get his extremist Republican Party’s nomination.

  4. JMC says

    I’d actually imagine “ex-“gays would be much more likely than a well adjusted, openly gay man to participate in the kind of spontaneous unsafe sex fostered out of shame and a need for discretion that was such a big part of why AIDs claimed so many gay lives.

  5. bkmn says

    Where are all the published and scientific peer reviewed articles about how effective conversion therapy is?

    Don’t have any evidence, STFU.

  6. bkmn says

    To add insult to injury, Linder has more pant suits than Hillary Clinton.

    What does that say about her/him?

  7. Sean says

    No it won’t and stop thinking of and obsessing over children having sex, Linda Harpy you perverted pedophile Nazi whore.

  8. Bill says

    The only way conversion therapy can reduce the HIV transmission rate (on a short-term basis) is if they keep their victims – I mean patients (to avoid offending them) – in isolation cells or only let them go out in public while wearing male chastity belts.

    On a more serious note, as a follow on to the comment about extreme closet cases that others have made, the people going into this “therapy” most likely typically suffer from the same sort of problems, so all the “therapy” does is to keep high-risk people off the street for a while.

    BTW, if anyone wants to have anonymous/pick-up sex, there’s a simple rule to use that can reduce the risks. Don’t just be “religious” about using a condom, but make sure your partner du jour also insists that all his partners use a condom. Then your condom will be filtering out the virus from people who have the advantage of the same sort of filtering and are thus less likely to get infected than people who are less “paranoid”.

    Basically, the more condoms between you and an infected individual, the better. An “air gap” is even safer!

  9. Jack M says

    Why are all these middle-aged and older straight women making all these proclamations about gay men? They don’t know the first thing about us.

  10. dean says

    There is this, Hagerella;

    No Science has ever discovered a ‘STRAIGHT GENE’ either.

    So, yes, you Fail.