NOM Blasts IRS Policy Giving Federal Tax Recognition to Gay Married Couples Regardless of State Laws

Brian BrownYesterday, we reported on the U.S. Department of Treasury's decision to recognize gay married couples for tax purposes regardless of the state laws regarding marriage in which they reside. Prompted by the recent SCOTUS ruling on DOMA, this new policy will provide tax filing uniformity for all legally married same-sex couples nationwide.

As if on cue, National Organization for Marriage president Brian Brown issued a statement denouncing the change in policy, claiming it is yet another government attempt to force gay marriage on an "unwilling public."

"The Treasury Department is grossly overstepping its authority," said Brown. "This is a nation of laws. Only Congress has the authority to change the law….[the] Obama administration is intent on forcing same-sex 'marriage' on an unwilling public."



  1. AggieCowboy says

    “This is a nation of laws”.

    Yes, Dumbass, it is. That means the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT must follow FEDERAL LAWS…which means it must recognize ALL LEGAL civil marriages for FEDERAL tax purposes.

  2. says

    BWAHA-HAH! Everyone knows the radical right has always wanted to impoverish the middle class through the destruction of Social Security, Medicare and voting rights for African-Americans, seniors, students and all suspected Democrats. The TrEAsonbagger GOP is sore because they wanted to start three new wars SIX years ago and bankrupt the economy again. Now their old wedge issues, gay hatred, race hate and abortion, are anchors around their necks, and they can’t reboot themselves to cover up decades of demonizing America;s emerging majority. See this all on AlJazeeraAmerica, the new voice in American Journalism! #TellItLikeItIs

  3. DannyEastVillage says

    Just exactly does this clown think is being “forced” on whom? How is my collecting Social Security benefits forcing something on somebody else?

  4. sundayboy says

    This is finally becoming entertaining. Before, when he could still effectively affect change, his bigotry was harder to take.

    Now he’s yesterday’s man crying because he’s been left behind by the nation.

    NOW it’s actually funny. Thank goodness Barack Obama is president.

  5. Eric Payne says

    Mr. Brown,

    This is a nation of laws, funded by the taxpayer.

    Based on the new IRS ruling, my husband loaded TurboTax, and amecded our federal tax return(s) for 2010, 2011 and 2012 last night.

    DOMA personally cost us (on average) $3,131 a year. For the three years for which the IRS is allowing amended returns, we will be receiving just over &9,400 as refunds. But for the 16 years prior to that? Well, I guess we’ll just have to consider that $50,000 as a donation to the government — a donation used, in part, to compensate for your 501(c) organization. Isn’t that a kick?

  6. NVTodd says

    I love how we’ve been supporting hetro couples for decades by paying more than our share of taxes, how we’ll never be compensated for the discrimination, and how we’ll also never even be merely thanked for our disproportionate contributions.

    My advice: find really good lawyers and accountants and do everything possible to squeeze out every single deduction and get very smart with your money, because over years it really adds up, and when you are not fastidious with your finances, you are basically just giving people that hate us money to persecute us.

  7. Jim says

    The IRS ruling is big news with big ramifications for national gay marriage. The frustrated squeak of a NOM mouse is not news at all. NOM doesn’t matter. Why do you serve as an unpaid NOM PR outlet and keep reporting NOM BS as if it were news?

  8. jamal49 says

    Poor Brian! Must be tough for that fat little bigot right now as marriage and civil equality advances across America like a tidal wave. I couldn’t be more happy that Brian the Whale is so unhappy.

  9. TomTallis says

    When my father was a sprout, the Congress in the law it passed authorizing the IRS, specifically said that the IRS could make its own rules which is precisely what the IRS just did.

  10. kenneth Cole says

    Mr. Brown is nothing but a blow-hard. It is OBVIOUS that Marriage Equality is going to happen whether Mr. Brown likes it or not. He needs to stop pretending that he is trying to save “traditional marriage” and tell the truth… he is a homophobic bigot that is only concerned with his own agenda. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

  11. says

    folks, he HAS to say this. he has EIGHT children. he knows at least one of them is a burgeoning gay. he needs to keep this hate going so that his presently-closeted-and-terrified gay child never comes out.

    gross. sad. ugly. and true.

  12. Rexford says

    Right, and how many gay men and women have been paying into this federal tax system for centuries and not been able to pass the accumulated wealth of “this nation of laws” on to their survivors through things like Social Security and Veterans benefits, etc.

  13. says

    I am convinced that NOM does not even care their arguments are insane. After watching NOM for a while, I have concluded that actual changes to marriage policy are not their goal.

    NOM’s real goal is funneling secret money into political campaigns, and then stoking the hate of the extreme right-win base to turn out that vote. To NOM, I believe, it is all about elections and nothing to do with policy. That is also why they don’t care that they sound like freaking lunatics.

    More on that here:

  14. Michaelandfred says

    Nobody is forcing it on you Brian. Don’t marry a man, it’s very simple. The Court knocked down DOMA so Treasury has to now conform their policies to the reality of America. Agencies don’t need Congress for that.

    Go away you big loser. The war is over, it’s just mopping up the little battles. Know when to quit.

  15. Randy says

    “Only Congress has the authority to change the law”

    That’s of course not true, and should not be true. Congress is already inept. It can’t possibly be responsible for keeping laws up to date.

    Congress writes legislation.
    But the courts write case law.
    And regulations get written by … someone.
    The executive writes laws, and presidents have even gotten away with “signing statements” on already-passed legislation.

  16. Princely says

    Its a good (and interesting) sign that the ONLY place I see news about NOM is here. I guess that means the mainstream press really doesn’t consider it worthy of publicizing. GOOD!

  17. Sean says

    They are not over stepping anything. The marriage of gay couples is legally recognized federally nationwide. LGBT couples married in NY but living in TX pay federal taxes therefore the federal government is required BY LAW to issue the federal marriage tax benefit to every single gay couple who has a marriage license anywhere in this country. It the lawless criminals at NOM who are demanding the IRS violate federal law and continue to illegally force gay married couples to pay more federal taxes than heterosexual married couples to appease the selfish, fascist, slave driving, blood thirsty terrorists at NOM and the rest of the grotesque parasites that are Anti-gay Inc. They want our money and they want to control us, filthy slave driving thieves.

  18. MAP says

    Brian if you and Maggie want to do something useful that WILL change lives go to all those African American communities NOM persued to vote against SSM and fight against the voter suppression laws that are now taking away their right to vote…on anything !

  19. Bob says



    I am disappointed to see so many people taking the bait. I suggest you go out and have a nice gay day. Brown will be gone as soon as the two religious old farts who give him money croak

  20. Onnyjay says

    NOM Watcher is right on target: their business is raising money, they don’t really give a rat’s rear bumper about marriage or anything else except how many dollars they can con the gullible out of, all for their clandestine efforts to advance a right-wing takeover and corporate fascism.

  21. JMC says

    lol how is tax policy forcing anything on anyone though? like does he think groups of same sex couples are going to flood his house with their tax returns like the Hogwarts letter scene of Harry Potter?

  22. RonCharles says

    Even when he affects the Fierce Drag Queen Glare, Brian Brown still does not come acrss as straight any more than do Ralph Reed, Tony Perkins, Marcus Bachmann, or that bitter old queen Gary Bauer.

  23. Bill says

    Brian Brown is apparently too stupid to understand that, when the Supreme Court declared Section III of DOMA to be unconstitutional, some things might actually change.

  24. wayne says

    Once again, NOM spreads its’ lies. Congress is not the only source of Federal “Laws”. The President can make law through executive order and federal departments can make regulations. Brown is aptly named after what he is full of!

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