1. sundayboy says

    They’re a 1950’s style faux squeaky clean contrivance (with just a hint of sulfur underneath). I’d rather listen to a band (any band) that makes its own music.

  2. Christopher says

    It looks like they need a lot of concentration to lip-sync. Maybe they used up most of their energy coordinating the “jeans and t-shirt” look.

  3. Richie says

    Um, how is this news?

    I get it if the guys were shirtless. Or made a pro-gay statement in their performance. Or played at a gay event. But it’s just a boyband at an awards show.

  4. Jimi says

    I don’t know why everybody is so hard on boy band pop. When I was a kid we had the New Kids, and then when I was in my early 20s, we had ‘Nsync and Back Street Boys. It has it’s place. I still love all the boy band music I grew up with. Unfortunately, now I know how my parents must have felt having to listen to pointless boy band pop music ad nauseum. Luckily I don’t have a teenage girl. lol

    Either way – They are cute kinda talented singers. Every teenaged girlgay deserves teen heart throbs just as much as we did. :)

  5. JY says

    Okay, I get it. Once Andy Cohen called them “twinks.” Other than that, these guys have absolutely nothing at all to do with LGBT rights, the LGBT movement, or LGBT people in general aside from answering interviewers that they are not gay. Why do we get “news” about their new videos, their performances, their magazine covers, etc? Does Towleroad have a cross promo deal with Tiger Beat magazine or something?

  6. Andrew K says

    good performance. they were completely live, no lip syncing! while the rest of you hate on these guys, they are openly supportive of things lgbt and adorable. i’m not ashamed to say i have a crush on several of them.

    some of you guys are old bitter jerks.

  7. Dean says

    N’SYNC…now THAT’S a boy band (with some really great songs during their time)

    and they were pretty awesome live too.

    These new boy bands have nothing on 90s boy bands.

  8. Audi-owner says

    Maybe those of you who are wagging your finger at the rest of us still don’t get it because you are living under a rock. The fact is,this not a teen girl’s website. This “news” doesn’t belong here. It belongs on a kid’s tumblr page. Besides,unless 1,2,or 3 of them come out of the closet as *GAY* and make no apologies for it,this is not “news” grown adult gay *MEN* would be interested in. So why bother posting it? Lastly,they are just like all the other pop rubbish that is out there,none of them have any real talent. Everything is simply lip-synced and auto-tuned. Get a grip on yourselves. This is a fact! Period!

  9. Audi-owner says

    However,in the defense of One Direction: As for Andy Cohen and the rest of you bitter middle-aged queens: This just in…not every young guy on this planet cares to be labeled as “twink”. The only reason why you all throw that label around so much is because most of you are bitter and are full of yourselves. The label is mostly used in a derogatory and condescending matter. Own up to it and cut the crap!

  10. AriesMatt says

    Not sure what constitutes lip-syncing, but if they were, the vocals would at least be on key, which they definitely were not. Maybe the chorus was sung over a prerecorded track, but the solo parts were definitely sung live. And badly at that. Still a fun performance. One of them seemed completely lost during the middle of the song. Kind of funny.

  11. Hablame says

    Why can’t y’all be more supportive? Do a little research (google them). Harry and Louis are gay, in a long term relationship, and are being heavily closeted against their will by their handlers. Their management thinks gay boys won’t sell despite the fact that they have a very vocal fanbase that knows and is supportive. In the early days of 1D, Harry and Louis were quite open about living together and being crazy about each other. So maybe THAT’S why Andy posted this. Support these gaybies. They are going through it right now.

  12. Kevin says

    Not that there needs to be an explanation or “reason” for them to be featured here, but this band has continually spoken out about LGB rights (intentionally leaving out the T because I don’t know if that is true). They also represent the changing attitudes of today’s youth. These boys are unapologetically sexual with each other in public- from crotch grabs to cheeky jokes to kisses. It may be just play for the cameras and attention, but to me, it also shows that youth today are less concerned with asserting masculinity and avoiding “gay” behavior. Boy bands in the past were always strictly told not to ruin the fantasy for girls by being anything other than a straight boy. If I put on my cynical cap, I would say that they are exploiting gays with this behavior, but I’ll just look at it at face value and say, “good for them, glad they’re breaking the mold.”

    For the rest of you cynical queens: if you don’t care for the content, skip that blog update and move on to the next. It must take a lot of energy to watch a video and complain about it in the comments if you don’t care about the content.

  13. Maria says

    I’ve seen the actual video, so yes, I think they were lip syncing. Sounds just like the single. What kind of performance was this? Five apathetic guys aimlessly wandering around the stage. They need to work on at least pretending like they are enjoying themselves.

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