Russian Gay Rights Activist Nikolai Alexeyev Has Twitter Meltdown, Threatens Assassination

Alexeyev Tweet

A few weeks ago we told you about prominent Russian gay rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev posting bizarre status updates on his Facebook account accusing friends of being pedophiles, lambasting gays who fled Russia, and equating the West with Putin's regime. Yesterday writer Michael Lucas composed an opinion piece accusing Alexeyev of being the Kremlin's "pocket gay," that is to say a mouthpiece the Kremlin can use to try to convince the populace that everything is fine because look, a gay man is saying so. Lewis draws the direct comparison to the "pocket Jews" of the Anti-Zionist Committee of the Soviet Republic from the 70s and 80s and figures that it's the same thing happening all over again.

Then again, just yesterday we told you of Alexeyev being the victim of a raid by the Russian police on his home, and someone facing such retribution from the government itself could be coerced into subservience to spare themselves from worse punitive actions in the future.

Alexeyev, or at least whomever is in control of his social media accounts if the accusations of hacking and abduction are to be believed, saw Lucas' article and had a veritable meltdown on Twitter. He accused Lucas of slandering him, said he would now leave LGBT activism as a result, and, nonsensically, hire a hitman if Alexeyev's mother died because of the article. Alexeyev even sent Lucas an email that read [sic]:

You are just another Jewish debile who will answer to all!

While they cannot verify for certain that it is indeed Alexeyev writing them, has screenshots of Alexeyev's tweets.


  1. Michael Barber says

    This is what happens to people when they are under the thumb of fascist regimes using religion as a cover for unethical and criminal behavior. Same thing happened in Germany circa 1933.

  2. Michael Barber says

    furthermore, the only people who use the term “mum” and not mom are Australians, Brits, and South Africans. Something is seriously wrong there.

  3. denizo says

    I swear, reading these people try to use the English language (whoever this is/they are) is the equivalent of watching nails scratching a blackboard.


    It’s been known for years that the guy is a mental case, that is part of his big bravado AND the regime knows it and KEEPS him as an example of “what’s gays really are”, that is why they sting him to react to make him crazier in the hopes that he makes the gay right movement seem worse. He is helpful to the regime –unintentionally-, he is a sick guy, a tool. Now, the west would do right to look for other gay activist as legitimate examples. The problem being that this guy, being crazy, is the one who is able to go fearlessly to extremes to show off.

  5. John says

    None of us live in Russia so we can’t say for certain what the actual conditions are like, but it is clear that conditions are getting worse. And it sounds like Nikolai has been saying to the West, “Stop, you’re making it worse.” The extremely loud outcry from the West plays into Russia’s strong anti-Western attitudes and nationalism. It gives the Russian government the opportunity to show Russians that the West isn’t going to tell it what to do.

    Being dismissive of the extreme danger that Nikolai clearly is in completely ignores all of that. When one of the leaders of the movement makes an about face like that, that means things are getting worse. We should rethink our strategy rather than double down on it. These boycotts are doing absolutely nothing to help people and are only making things worse. If the goal is to make things better for LGBT people, then we must consider other solutions. We’re putting the principle of equality above the actual lives of the people we are concerned about.

    Equality won’t come overnight, as our own discriminatory laws here in the US demonstrate, so we have to live with the fact that it won’t be perfect right away. As I’ve said from the start of these boycotts, we should focus on traditionally diplomacy to pressure Russia and increase humanitarian efforts, by providing resources for safety and other social needs. We should also pressure our own government to provide asylum or visas to LGBT Russians who can leave, and if the government does, we should also provide assistance for those wishing to escape.

    But what we shouldn’t do is continue down the road we are going now and boycotting for the sake of awareness. Mere awareness never saved anyone, and in this case, it is resulting in harsher treatment. It’s unconscionable to continue at this point, particularly when there are more tangible ways to provide help.

    Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Perfect doesn’t really exist. We should always strive for the ideal of equality, but we have to accept that inequality will always exist. It’s easy for us here to demand no less than total repeal of these laws and full tolerance of LGBT people in Russia when we are thousands of miles away. But for those being beaten and killed in Russia now, their immediate need is more basic than that. They just want it to stop.

  6. Jonna the Woodswoman says

    #SAYTHETRUTH- I think you hit the nail on the head. Alekseyev is a raging anti-semite and he is a nut. It’s very likely you’re absolutely right.

  7. gabi taylor says

    If ANYTHING caused Nikolai’s mother’s death, it would NOT be Lucas’ little article but, rather, the Russian government’s RAID on Nikolai and his mother’s apartment – while she was at home! Give us a break.

    Nikolai has been in the spotlight and harassed by Putin for many months. This stress can affect a person.

    Nikolai suffered a mild “meltdown” last week as well, when he hysterically called for “Western reporters” to interview him, while at the same time, denigrating & blaming the “Western Media” for most ills of the world.

  8. says

    Alexeyev has been controversial in Russia for a long time now (including among LGBT activists) and has been making anti-West, anti-Semitic statements since long before talk of Olympic boycotts. While his statements have been more extreme lately, especially after the Lucas provocation, they are not an about face or wildly out of character, as some keep insisting (mostly people unfamiliar with his history). He’s also been in a different position than most LGBT Russians, because he has the resources to leave the country and has often.

  9. MaryM says

    Why is Michael Lucas regarded as any sort of expert on gay life in Russia any more?

    He left Russia when he was in his mid 30’s about 20 years ago?

    I have no problem with Lucas’ chosen career as a prostitute, but he is such a racist, attention seek seeker that his opinions on any topic are irrelevant.

  10. Zeta says

    furthermore, the only people who use the term “mum” and not mom are Australians, Brits, and South Africans. Something is seriously wrong there.

    @Michael Barber, you’re saying someone is trolling as him, but forgot to do so in complete character?

  11. David R. says

    For all those who are so sure “mum” and “debile” mean it’s a hoax, let me let you in on a little secret: English is his second language. So, 1. many people around the world learn English from non-US sources (really? America’s not the only country from which to learn English?); and 2. the Russian letter for the “v” sound is a B (and doncha’ know, “b” and “v” have often interchanged in Indoeuropean languages anyway).

    I don’t think this was an account hack. The guy may well be bi-polar and yes, the regime may be allowing him to continue being public to make all gays look bad.

    @JOHN: while the Russian public may well see the west as “meddling”, the government needs to be able to play on the world stage. So just as with S. Africa a few decades ago, publicity (boycotts and protests) will probably be helpful.

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