Senator Bill Sharer Calls Gays Who Want To Get Married, ‘Things': AUDIO

Bill Sharer

Just yesterday we told you about Senator Bill Sharer (R – Farmington) calling gay men "whores" who should follow the example of renowned pederast Alexander the Great settle down with a woman. Today we present you with an audio clip from the Janet Mefford Show of the good Senator saying that marriage equality bills allow "any two things" to get married. 

Jeremy Hooper at Good As You provides a blistering retort to the Senator's callous bigotry, pointing out the two rather important facts: gays are not "things" and "no state senator has pushed for marriage between a man and his toaster!"

While hateful attitudes like these are galling, they are also something to be somewhat greatful for. Much like the antics of Westboro, people like Sharer unmask the ugliness behind anti-gay bigotry, and the uglier they are the more they drive people, particularly younger people, away from their cruel ideologies. This is why we will win in the end.


  1. Bernie says

    this is another way for Mr. Sharer to dehumanize, deny, depersonalize and minimize us as humans……….the only thing it does is to make him look exactly like he is ………..a narrow and hateful bigot

  2. gregorybrown says

    As noted several times, these guys have at least one physical feature in common–pursy little mouths. See J. Falwell and J. Helms, for example. Is that a predictor of hate-fullnessor a consequence?

  3. woodroad34d says


    It’s probably because these “things” are afraid of getting something in their mouths that they really want, but can’t allows themselves to have. Denial of emotions makes one sick.

  4. Art says

    One of these “things”, “thing”ks Christians can just go and die already and take their hate and lack of any semblance of compassion to their fake heaven (i.e. Hell).

    None of them seem to even know any of the Words that Jesus said. He died to get RID of the old Jewish covenant, based on judgement and condemnation, and replace it with a new covenant based on forgiveness grace and love! Not base Christianity on it.

    “For GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten SON, that W H O S O E V E R believes in HIM shall NOT perish, but have everlasting life”.

    Get over it you Anti-Christians. Take your Satan worship somewhere else! i.e. “Get thee behind me Satan”.
    Get rusty-erected already so we might have world peace, and take the nasty right wing Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc. with you! You are all alike!

  5. El says


    I like your analytic closing sentences — and even if they’re sometimes pointing out the (should-be-)obvious, it’s often with much needed clarity.

    I wish other contributors did that more often!

  6. Tony says

    Sadly, I’m from Farmington NM, the area he represents in the NM Senate. I’m gay, and serving in the US Navy. I’ve served (and deployed) for 10 years. I wonder what he’d say to me in uniform? Maybe I’ll think about that for my visit home this November.

  7. says

    Huh ?
    Alexander the Great settling down with a woman ? ( Roxanne ?)
    That would certainly come as news to Alexander’s all life lover, Hephaistion, without whom Alexander lived only months after his death.
    I don’t know who this prick, Sharer, is but he sure wouldn’t survive in a modern democratic society where calling people “things” would get the backlash it deserves.
    I assume he is just another nobody looking for his 15 minutes.

  8. retropian says

    Attempting to dehumanize another by calling them a thing is what a bigot does. what they never grasp is they only succeed in dehumanizing themselves. N**ger’s, wetbacks, etc. are also “things”, not people. therefore it becomes ok, even morally imperative to discriminate against them, even eliminate them.

  9. Bill says

    @Twitdude: my guess is that the guy laughing in the background at the very end is either his unacknowledged boyfriend, a gay staffer who thinks his boss is a loony, or a gay cameraman who got stuck with the job of filming this bozo. Whatever.

  10. jamal49 says

    Dismiss Miss Thing all you want. Just remember this: until we have completely eradicated the influence of the extremist Republican Party at the local, state and federal level, we will always be one or two election cycles away from regressing in our advance toward full civil equality.

  11. NVTodd says

    As Brian In Texas has pointed out, this is a State Senator.

    That having been made clear, these kind of people see the writing on the wall, and exist just to get the hate votes, of which there will always be many.

    They also hope that their inflammatory crap will send someone that’s not quite all there off the deep end, so that they can point at how dangerous we are.

    What’s really cool is in this modern age, they’ll never be able to hide from the really truly evil sh*t they’ve said. It’s there *forever*.

    One way or another, all these freaks will pay.

  12. Buckie says

    Tony, thank you for your service.

    I’d wait to tell him until he’s shaking your hand, and make sure you have a lot of back up, because creeps like this guys surround themselves with creeps.

    But yeah, you should let the prick know, to his face, that this thing serves proudly and that he can go f*ck himself.

  13. says

    “. . . follow the example of renowned pederast Alexander the Great [and] settle down with a woman.”

    Just a note to Sen. Sharer: Alexander married three different women, but we have no evidence that he ever settled down.

  14. Jerry6 says

    It is obvious the the man knows nothing about Alexander The Great. Alexander went off to war when he was barely 20 yeas old, to concur most of the known world at that time. He married on the fly and sent his pregnant wife back to Greese. He NEVER “settled down” with a woman. He was repulsed by India and died on the way back home. His male lover from his youth died on the way home and his funeral cost (In today’s dollars) several million.

  15. millerbeach says

    What’s that ugly “thing” on his cheek? A “gay” mark? LOL The only “thing” is the deformation on your face. Oh, I am sure you are just as ugly inside as you are outside. Jesus would not like you, either. Try to be the good Christian and NOT be so judgmental? Hard task for your kind, but things like you can learn…or so I have been told.

  16. Tina Long says

    Law breakers in New Mexico:
    NM law states “one man AND one woman” to be married. The law also states to be legally married ” marriage license signed and filed within 90 days”. New Mexico Judges rule based on opinion and not laws. The only thing that matters to judges is that a ceremony takes place- they dont consider the word AND in a law.
    Pierson v. Long DM 2012 002781 currently in Appeal 32688.
    This Case is based on a fraud marriage with no intent, no marriage license filed, and forgery of a marriage license ( of a relationship of three months) .Judge ignored the law and granted a divorce allowing the party (Pierson) who creating a fraud and forgery to have person who was conned (Long’s) separate and personal property including her income. Long appealed due to many errors in court including Judge continued with ruling even when Long objected that Pierson did not provide full discovery. Unless this case is overturned same sex marriage is legal since judges’ don’t rule on the word AND in a law- they rule by a ceremony taken place to make a marriage legal. A marriage license does not filed and or forged does not matter to NM Courts. Also who gets married –does not matter –of man or woman since the word AND is involved.
    Rivera v Rivera is what Courts rule by not the law.
    Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible.” ― Maya Angelou

  17. rob says

    No bigot should ever be permitted to hold any government office, or position of power or influence. Bill Sharer needs to be removed from office immediately BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

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