Most Young Single Men Have Filthy Beds: Study

A new study released by the UK mattress company Ergoflex recently revealed, after documenting the linen habits of over 2,000 British men and women, that young, single men change their sheets the least often, reportedly only doing so once every three months on average. Most also report only owning one set of bed sheets, as opposed to women who reported owning an average of three different sheet sets. 

WeekendTime helped summarize some of the results of the study based on certain demographics:

"Single women reported swapping linens every two and a half weeks, while couples claimed to change sheets every two weeks. Of those couples, the study found 81% of those washing the sheets were women. Of the 2,004 interviewed, on average men admitted to owning only one set of sheets while women estimated around three selections.

"Though it’s clear that females are cleaner overall, the results found that age is a factor as well. For those who answered once every three months, 55% were ages 18 to 25 with men accounting for 71%, while those who claimed to wash sheets once a week were in the 35 to 50 age range. Of the weekly washers, 62% were female. Indeed, 17% of single men participating in the study admitted that partners found their unhygienic practices unnerving compared to just 2% of women."

DustmiteYoung mens' unclean bedroom habits can lead to a buildup of dead skin, dander, body secretions and bacteria, according to experts. Such a buildup can potentially lead to respiratory problems. According to Time, those same experts recommend that people change and/or wash their bed sheets once a week for that very same reason. “One person can perspire as much as a liter in a night—even more if you have a lot of covers,” said Philip M. Tierno Jr., director of clinical microbiology and immunology at New York University’s Langone Medical Center, to the Wall Street Journal. He also explained how fungal mold, fungal spores, lint, fibers, pollen, soil and cosmetics can all accumulate in the fibers of bed sheets. Those, along with other bodily residues, can potentially serve as food to microscopic mites, which can nest in your sheets and leave their feces behind.

Jed MacEwan, a spokesman for Ergoflex, told the UK's The Daily Mail how he was absolutely taken aback by the results. “We were quite alarmed at the apparent lack of basic hygiene from some respondents,” he said. The shade…


  1. Sam says

    As a gay man, I was my sheets every week. This must be those pesky straights who would rather turn their underwear inside-out rather than wash them.

  2. Billy says

    lol i’m one of those young stinky gay men. i probably change my sheets once a month, sometimes every few months. i also have a boyfriend. he has never noticed lol. i guess when i’m out of college i’ll care more.

  3. TomTallis says

    This gay married couple (one older, one younger) changes the bedsheets every week. If we could afford the help, I’d change them every day. I looooooove clean sheets.

  4. Dave says

    Wouldn’t that start to smell? I grew up on a damned farm and even my mom changed our sheets every couple of weeks.

  5. cdubois says

    I just had a convo about this! My friend was saying that washing sheets once a month is fine and I was appalled! I change mine every weekend, 4 sheet sets to cycle through. He also mentiined he showers in the morning so I just know his sheets are funktastic! I never understood people getting home from a long days work, getting undressed and slipping under the covers without washing the day’s filth away! I won’t let anyone into my sheets without a before-bed shower!

  6. Moz's says

    since the study only dealt with UK men

    UK single men have messy beds

    no assumption can be made about all single men world wide till they increase the scope of the study

    anyway; bet my bed is cleaner than a girls cooter

  7. Hagatha says

    I don’t know why, perhaps it’s the old movies, but I think of all British and European guys as being less clean than Americans. I think it has to do with the fact that in the 1980’s the foreigners were doing the messy hair thing before the Americans were.

  8. Onnyjay says

    Oh for God’s sake, guys, you change socks and underwear every day, so changing the sheets every week isn’t a big chore, right? What? Socks every… week? Underwear every… Ewww. Kooties won’t even talk to you and the bedbugs are flying south. Shoo, get away, I need a shower.

  9. GB says

    The bedding section of Horchow and Bloomingdales is an online hobby. I’m always changing sheets, comforters, duvets just to change the mood. My guilty pleasure is Sferra. I don’t like the bed looking all puffy like a big girls.

  10. Wirrrn says

    Sorry, but as a Gay entomologist I can tell you that there are thousands of Dust Mites in your bed at all times anyway, regardless of whether you clean or not. They’re harmless unless you’re allergic.

  11. johnny says

    As an older gay male, (over 50) I can tell you younger boys one thing: Change those damn sheets even MORE often when you are over 45, because a man’s bed gets that “funky” smell even more quickly the older you are.

    There’s nothing more unsexy than walking into a guy’s bedroom and smelling something akin to a nursing home or a homeless shelter.

    I change our sheets weekly, without fail. Otherwise it’s Funk City. And using anything like Fabreeze is just being plain lazy.

  12. says

    Yeah, so the study found that sheets can be dirty for months with no ill effects. So this is showing us we don’t need to clean our sheets.

  13. ratbastard says

    Young men aren’t the cleanest and most tidy people in the world. This is not news. But once every 3 months? WTF, I wash mine once a week, but when I was in my early mid 20s sometimes once evry other week…but 3 effing months?!

  14. anon says

    Once per week is about right unless you are dirty or sweaty. However, studies have shown that dirty bachelor pads are better for your immune system than a sterile environment. The problem is that it’s very anti-social. You can buy sheets on sale for about $20. Get at least three sets.

  15. BobN says

    I guess I’m going to be the only one to admit it. I like old sheets. I like they way the feel. I like the way they smell. I’m not sure why humans should pretend to be above other mammals and not appreciate scent marking (if that’s what it is). I’m not talking rank or filthy, of course, and it’s not like I don’t appreciate slipping into a crisp, cool, freshly laundered bed, but washing every week? Too much.

  16. Donald says

    How lazy are guys who don’t wash/change their sheets at least once a week? Apparently their parents didn’t teach them well.

  17. Robert says

    I’m off to call my sister. She gave me SUCH crap for only changing my sheets once every 2 or 3 weeks. I am WAY ahead of the curve!

  18. Mikey DallasM says

    My partner had the most disgusting sheets the first time I went to his place I almost dumped him on the spot. I instead said, “uh, no, let’s go to my place”. Twenty years later, he has to have them washed at least every two weeks.

  19. pitluver says

    this grosses me out. i wash my sheets every week and change my pillowcase in the middle of the week. i also add a bit of bleach to each wash load to kill all those nasty germs that might have built up on my things.

  20. JT says

    Kudos to all the gay men who change their bed sheets weekly or more! Over the years, I have encountered so many men who do not do this. Who wants to get into someone’s bed to have sex on used sheets? Not me. I want sheets that are clean to start out with and I can live with whatever else happens afterward, practically, thank you!
    This is not a hard chore. It’s not like we have to beat the sheets against rocks to launder them. And really, in the gay world, who doesn’t have more than a couple or few other sheets sets for when you really don’t want to take the time to launder them immediately? If you don’t have more than one set, go out and buy them! They’re not any more expensive than a good pair of jeans or a nice shirt, and we all do that!
    Bleach for colors is a good thing! OK, I have to go do some laundry now.