Wheelchair-Bound Man Arrested for Vandalizing Pro-Gay Minnesota Church Four Times: VIDEO


Lonny Lloyd Roseland has been arrested in Maple Grove, Minnesota for vandalizing the gay-friendly Pilgrims United Church of Christ four times since May, CBS Minneapolis reports:

Around June 2, eggs had been thrown at the building, and the words “Church of Sodom” and “Church of Gomorrah Lev 18:2″ were written on each side of the entrance to the church in black marker. The church pastor said the bible verses were meant to be against homosexuals.

Another bible verse was written on the church on June 8, and on June 30, “Gay Pride? No! Shameful Sodomites! Jude 7. Love cult! Matt 7:21-23″ was scrawled in black crayon on each side of the doorway. Handcuffs also locked the entry way door, and egg yolk was dripping on the entry way glass and sidewalk.

On July 26, authorities placed a camera on the outside of the church, and on July 28, the establishment was egged and vandalized again.

After examining videotape, police questioned Roseland, who is wheelchair-bound, about the incidents. Roseland confessed to the crimes. The station says he told police that “any church that recognizes gays can be married in the eyes of God is not a church but a cult" and that's why he did it.


  1. IJelly says

    Bound to a wheelchair? Really? When did we start binding people to wheelchairs? I hope they untie him when he needs to use the bathroom.

  2. says

    “Someone needs to flatten one of his wheels.”

    Or maybe switch out his front wheels with some from a Walmart shopping cart (clack, clack, clack, clack). At least people would hear him coming.

  3. MaryM says

    His behaviour is typically christian.

    Bigotry, hatred, intolerance are the hallmarks of most religions.

    Sad considering ‘god’ does not exist.

  4. Onnyjay says

    What a sad commentary on the torture and warping of a human spirit. Clearly this man has chugged the fundamentalist Kool-Aid as a way to escape his personal confinement, and is now so twisted that he has to lash out at those who have broken free of biblical literalism. Lobotomies for all religious fundies. Oh, wait, they’ve already done that to themselves. Never mind.

  5. reality says

    Pretty sad when someone feels they need to attack a church in order to feel more christian. I hope he has a heavy fine to pay.

  6. MaryM says

    In princuple I am in favour of attacking churches.

    Religious belief is a mental illness (regardless of how gay friendly a religion is) and should not be encouraged.

    There is no ‘god’ so enjoy life on earth as that’s all there is.

  7. Belthazar says

    “”Someone needs to flatten one of his wheels.”

    Or maybe switch out his front wheels with some from a Walmart shopping cart (clack, clack, clack, clack). At least people would hear him coming.”

    LOL!Not adding much to the discussion but thought it was funny.

  8. TampaZeke says

    He may need to read his Bible more closely. Right in there with the “abominations” of homa-sek-shality are verses calling the handicapped “unclean” and unworthy of entering the temple.

  9. jamal49 says

    Sorry, Lonny Lloyd, but I just got off the phone with Jesus and you’ve definitely been x’ed off His miracle list.

  10. mike/ says

    might help him if he read & quoted his own magic book correctly. it’s in Genesis not Leviticus.

    btw, incorrectly citing that nullifies his reference to Mat 7:21-23 because it makes him a ‘false disciple’.

    the definition of ‘idiot’ is someone too stupid to know s/he is ignorant…

  11. db says

    Wow, you would think God would have healed someone this pious. Why doesn’t God want him to walk?

  12. says

    Leviyicus 21:18 is very clear as to which people should be allowed to enter a church:

    “For whatsoever man he be that hath a blemish, he shall not approach: a blind man, or a lame, or he that hath a flat nose, or any thing superfluous.”

    Mr. Roseland, if he were to follow the Bible as he purports, can never enter a church.

  13. denizo says

    Someone needs to explain to overweight bigots that being fat is a HEINOUS sin in the eyes of the bible and is mentioned at least a dozen times.

    Seriously though, all these idiots have to go by is Leviticus, which I can guarantee that none of them are respecting in full anyway.

  14. StevyD says

    Unfortunately or not, mental disease does not discriminate against the physically dissabled and is also well known to be prevalent in the so called faithful.

  15. greggo says

    Rolling out of your home in a pair of micro hot pants on your way to vandalize a church for its pro-gay stance.
    What’s wrong with this picture?

  16. d3clark says

    He seems to be able to get around pretty well. Shouldn’t Lonnie Lloyd be WORKING instead of on the dole and breaking laws?

  17. Jonna the Woodswoman says

    Looks like his god has already judged him. Where is the miracle to get him out of his chair and walk? He needs to go and see Benny Hinn, Now!!

  18. Merv says

    Even though he’s a nutbag, he’s right that Christianity is an anti-gay religion. Hopefully, the members of this so-called church will come to their senses and reject their hate-filled religion.

  19. Jay says

    I hope the bastard gets serious jail time. You know they would throw the book at a gay person vandalizing an anti-gay church.

  20. andrew says

    Someone should print LEV. 21: 16-24 on that bible thumpers wheelchair. That is where Yahweh,”Our Heavenly Father” (LOL) tells Moses not to allow anyone with physical disabilities (the lame and crippled are a few of the many singled out) to approach the altar to offer up the food to his God. “Our Heavenly Father” says that their defects would profane these offerings. He probably wasn’t taught in Sunday School that his God discriminates against the disabled. This is just one of the many horrible teachings of the ancient Israelite tribal god.

  21. Mary says

    Where in the Bible does it say to deface a church you disagree with? And where in the conservative “law and order” tradition does it say you are entitled to write on property you don’t own?

    But I can see why he used crayon to write his message. It’s such a sign of maturity, after all!/s

  22. anon says

    At least he’s not bored. In most states vandalism requires a material or costly repair not part of normal maintenance. He’ll probably plead down to a behavioral crime of some sort. I wonder if ‘hooliganism’ is still on the books in MN.

  23. Geoff says

    Religion is always ugly, violent and virtuous. Their kind of mental-illness is okay, though. Tax-free sickos.

  24. Mary says

    “In princuple I am in favour of attacking churches.

    Religious belief is a mental illness (regardless of how gay friendly a religion is) and should not be encouraged”

    MaryM, from one Mary to another – please reconsider posting statements like this on a gay website. The opposition is certainly watching and will use comments like this to suppress equality. You are entitled to your view that religion is silly and/or dangerous, but your statements here make it sound as if you want religion banned. And please be careful what you call “mental illness.” It’s a scary thing to hear because behind it lies the insinuation that it’s adherents need to be locked up for their own good.

  25. BabyCakes says

    Mmmmm, I understand how hurt a lot of people have been by religion, but we DO have a LOT of religious people who have sacrificed for, and supported us…

    And I thank them from the bottom of my heart, even if I don’t necessarily agree with them, I respect that they have worked so hard to convince people that they need to judge not, least they be judged…

    Being religious doesn’t automatically preclude someone from being an ally any more than being gay means that you’re a pedo, mmm kaye.

  26. warner says

    Arn’t homophobic conservatives the ones who are always going on about how God disables people as punishment? I bet they would rush to change their tune to uphold and celebrate and worship this criminal.

  27. Zipper666 says

    This must be one of those lazy, shiftless good for nothings living off “our taxes” that The Right is always bleating about.
    Clearly his faith is not sufficient for a miracle to raise him out of that wheelchair.

    Wonder if he realizes the number of gay nurses, doctors and technicians that have kept him alive over the years?

  28. says

    He should stayed at home. I don’t understand why he must make his life complicated. And besides, there is nothing he can do as today there are already a lot of churches that are pro gay. So whether he like it or not, that is already decided.