1. Craig says

    Kind of the way “the gays” made us lose Viet Nam. Oh wait… She’s just prepping for an “I told you so” moment.

  2. northalabama says

    yes, we all know that following orders, physical tasks, and teamwork on a naval ship that launches missiles can only be accomplished by straight males.

    and the military has already warned us repeatedly how they’ve had to lower readiness standards to accommodate gays and women in the service.

    oh, wait, that was only in her imagination! and i thought she had actual facts to back up her claims, silly me…

  3. says

    She went home that night and said to her husband, “Hey honey! You’ll be so proud of me! I said things about how women are inferior again today! Do you think you can not beat me tonight?”

    and then he punched her in the face, chained her to the oven, and made her cook him dinner whilst fellating him.

    you gotta love conservative women.

  4. says

    Don’t worry dear, according to Bryan Fischer, your fellow loon, all the gays are Nazi brutish thugs… with the “homosexual take over” the navy will no doubt be very effective.

  5. Geoff says

    Clearly, they replaced any brains she ever had with Botox or something made by Monsanto.
    She looks like she smells like the inside of a new car.

  6. TampaZeke says

    How she longs for the days when our precious women were kept safe in their kitchens and our gays were kept safely in their closets and only straight, able bodied men and boys were sent off to be cannon fodder.

  7. Onnyjay says

    Cute idea, nice try missy, but you’ll never top Sara, Ann and the other miraculously stupid conservatard women running their mouths these days.

  8. Ryan says

    Her husband should keep her home like the subservient woman that she is. That’s what she wants, right? Let’s go back to the 50s, the “good old days” that all these white, conservative Christians keep pining for.

  9. Fox says

    @Ryan – I was wondering the same thing? Why is she out working or a spokesperson for anything? Aren’t woment supposed to be silent? And shouldn’t she be at home taking care of the house, raising the children, and making sure her husband has a good meal when he gets home? And what’s with the make-up and jewelry and seductive collars pointing toward her cleavage? Is she trying to look like a whore?

  10. woodroad34 says

    Is that a dingleberry on her teeth? ‘Cause it sounds like she’s talking out of her a**.

    So little knowledge in all that hair.

  11. Bravo says

    If women like this want the female role to be played in the traditional sense then she should probably shut up and get back to cleaning and popping out babies.

  12. nick says

    Sandy dear-shut your pie hole-
    your duty is to be seen and not heard-
    get down on your knees-no not to the naughty thing to your hubby-that’s why he has a rentboy or a prostitute to do that for him-
    and PRAY away the nasty gays-

    what-that’s not working for you?
    Nothing fails like prayer Sandy-just ask your fellow evil doers- Bryan, Pat, Anita, Ted, and cast of thousands…. (kinda like the old epics you enjoy -you know The Bible, Ten Commandments, and other fairy tales).

  13. Joe in Ct says

    As much as I’m against intervening in Syria, this is one hell of an unpatriotic slam on the military. She’s even managed to offend the conservative war hawks who would otherwise tend to agree with her bigoted views on gays and “appropriate” women’s roles.

  14. GIJoe says

    She hasn’t factored in how many may die. From my earliest gay childhood memories, I just know all the young gay boys just couldn’t wait to fight in a war. — NOT. If you want to go, be my guest.

  15. Chris says

    Ms Rios is particularly ignorant here. The last American battleships, the four Iowa class, were decommissioned in the early 90’s. The Iowa and the Wisconsin were maintained so they could be recommissioned until 2006 but even that is no more. Not a single battleship sailed to the coast of Syria. I wonder how much else she got wrong.

  16. Mmike1969 says

    If she is all into her false religion, why is she talking and not in the kitchen making food for us men?

    Secondly, the last time I checked, two guys having sex with each other does NOT result in someone getting pregnant.

  17. DannyEastVillage says

    Obviously a military and sociological genius who’s brilliance and insight are desperately needed at the Pentagon. She and Pam Geller are two putrid peas in a pod

  18. thom says

    This is desperate!…tragic….this woman is delusional and uniformed…but wait wait!…so are the minions that listen to her drivel!…They must be getting dizzy channel surfing back and forth trying to listen to Sarah and Ann babble on at the same time. Whew…Exhausting it must be,idiots.These women are pawns and puppets of the extreme right. Get a clue people. Shoo, Be gone!

  19. jim says

    Sandy ought to check out the PBS documentary series “Carrier,” to see how women are actually functioning quite well in their positions on the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier. Oh wait, never mind, that’s reality.

  20. Michaelandfred says

    We could be clever, snarky, witty, angry, factual, condescending….but the sad fact is the woman is just so stupid it really wouldn’t even be fare.

    Just pity her and move on. There are enough people mocking her already. The Miley Cyrus of stupid comments.

  21. johnny says

    Homosexual takeover of the military? Really?

    Someone should alert the Pentagon. And also those idiots in TX and Mississippi that won’t give gay military families benefits. If we’ve taken over, we’ve done a poor job of it.

  22. ThomT says

    Is this woman naive or stupid? Doesn’t she realize that there have always been, and will always be, gay people in the military. I served during Viet Nam and was just as much gay then as I am right now. I served along side many gay men.

    Before the draft was abolished if you admitted to being gay you were given a 4F classification – this not only kept you from serving in the military it also eliminated any possible chance at a government job, working for a company with government contracts, and in many states receiving any type of license to do business … so, most gay men lied and did their service time hoping not be get discovered and receive a dishonorable discharge.

    That 4F classification was a HUGE red flag to prospective employers and in the 1960s, and before you, just didn’t want that if you expected to have any type of success in life.

    The point is – the military had probably a disproportionate number of gay men for many many years (and might still) and it never had a negative impact on readiness or ability to perform successfully.