1. Jack Ford says

    This is f-cking hilarious! I just went to her YouTube channel and watched the video about what a Christian marriage is. Amazing. Is Deven Green who plays her a man? I would never have guessed if so. Obviously that’s a wig but she reminds me so much of Wendie Malick when she speaks. I know I’m late to the party but I heart Betty!

  2. will says

    I tried to like this — but this woman doesn’t have very good comedy timing. Joke. Pause. Joke. Slight eye roll. Pause. It’s not that the jokes are bad, but somebody else should be delivering them; somebody with more snap and flair.

  3. Macguffin54 says

    I’ll admit it’s not her best video, but you do realize she is pausing because she is talking (Skyping?) with someone else, supposedly Vladamir Putin? His voice his low but it’s there. Any other pauses are for sarcastic affect.

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